Best Type of Sign for a Storefront Business

If you could pick the best type of sign for your storefront business, what would it be? One of the most popular, important, and useful signs for so many businesses is an illuminated sign. Businesses that have a storefront use an entryway located on the street level and signs on the building or on a window are used to get noticed and to attract customers. It’s like an invitation that says, “come in”, “we’re open”, and we are excited you are here. Whether you are a grocery, specialty, or restaurant you will need a well-lit sign especially for after hours.

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Which illuminated sign is right for your location during the day or night?

  • Lightbox or cabinet signs – The lights (fluorescent or LED) are inside the structure and shine through a clear, see-through panel. The business name and logo are printed on the panel.
  • Channel or dimensional letters – Front-lit channel letters use lights to illuminate the translucent face of the acrylic letters or graphics. The letters use LED lighting.
  • Backlit, reverse-lit, or halo-lit channel letters – All three descriptions are the same type of sign and is a very classy, modern look. Every single letter or graphic has an illuminated background. Halo-lit signs create a glow around the lettering and graphics. LED lights are arranged so that the light shines from the back.

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More information regarding popular mounting methods:

  • Raceway Mount – A metal box that houses all the electrical wiring and power supply for the individual letters. This reduces the amount of drilling into the building. The raceway is painted to match the building.
  • Direct Mount – Letters are attached directly to the building with non-corrosive fasteners. Reverse channel letters are attached to the building using standoffs. Direct mounting power source and wiring are stored behind the wall.
  • Backer Mount – Similar to the raceway, but instead of a metal box, the letters are attached to a metal cabinet or panel. The wiring can be stored inside the cabinet or behind the wall. The cabinet is larger than the lettering and logo design.

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Getting Your Storefront Sign Made

The biggest hurdle to get over in the process of getting your storefront sign made is to have good artwork. Vector art is necessary to produce most large-format signs, so the logo you use on your website will not work! The next step in the process is teaming up with a trusted sign company to handle the artwork drawings, manufacturing, and installation. If your business is new and will be using illuminated signage or your current lit sign is needing a new look, contact us! We have experience with designing the different types and our installation crew is experienced in installing the different methods. GET NOTICED, DAY AND NIGHT!

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Business Signs – The Right Sign For Your Business

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Signs are so familiar to us that we hardly notice them anymore and we start to forget their importance regarding the representation of your business out in public.

If you are a business owner, you should know that the right signage is vitally important to the success of your company. Whether it’s indoor signs (e.g. lobby signs, interior building signs, ADA signs, etc) or exterior signs like channel letters or cabinet signs, people need to know where you are and what your business offers. Having the right kind of sign or signs depends on so many different variables and your unique needs may mean that you need a custom sign solution.

Are Your Signs Seen and Understood?

Different businesses require different types of signage. As a business owner, you have to know who your demographic is. Your sign company can help you design the most effective sign for your business.

Example: A novelty gift shop needs to boldly and clearly tell their customers that they are “there”, and “this” is what they sell. With a business like that, you can and should get really creative with the types and amount of signage in your storefront. Window graphics are a great way to compliment window displays.

How Do You Most Effectively Advertise Your Business?

An effective sign attracts new customers, brands in the mind of the consumer, create impulse sales, aids traffic safety, and enhances the look of a community. All of these points can be accomplished with signage. Again, you need to really think about your targeted audience when considering your signs. It all needs to complement and enhance your business. This starts WAY before the signs.  As a business owner, you need to map out your marketing strategy and keep all the graphical elements relating to one another. Give them a purpose. At the same time, you need to be careful to not overwhelm your customers. You want to be inviting and friendly, not SCREAMING IN THEIR FACE.

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acrylic lobby sign with standoffs

Select The Right Kinds of Signs

There are already so many different types of signage out there, as well as many different types of businesses. A business’s signs need to complement and enhance the message that they are putting out there for potential customers. There are so many different types of materials, printing methods, and applications that the possibilities are endless. Do some research if you are unsure of what would work for your business.

Example: Vehicle wraps are arguably the best way to advertise any business. Let’s say that you make toy soldiers in your spare time and you only sell them online. A wrapped vehicle with your logo, domain name, and a picture of your beautiful toy soldiers would be the way to get people who don’t go online that much to know where to buy handmade toy soldiers.

Here at Connecting Signs, we want to make sure that you get the most out of what we can offer for your business. We will not only make your signage ideas a reality, we will help you every step of the way. Our expert sign designers and sign makers know exactly what goes into a successful sign. In fact, one of them wrote this very blog. If you need a sign or some consultation on a sign there’s no better place in (but not limited to) Northern Colorado.

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Partial Car Wrap Information

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Partial Wraps within Your Budget

Vehicle graphics are an incredibly effective way to get your business noticed. However, we’ve had clients come in excited about getting a full wrap on their van, then suffer from “sticker shock” when they hear the price range for a full wrap. Many times the first reaction is to ratchet back to just getting a vehicle magnet or “just some lettering on the doors”.

An economical solution to the higher cost of a full wrap is a partial wrap to get the look and feel without completely covering every square inch. It’s a great compromise and at a fraction of the cost can be just as impactful as a full wrap. The marketing message you are conveying will be incorporated by our design professionals using the color of your vehicle along with spot graphics or decals strategically placed to finalize your design. With a partial car wrap, anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of the vehicle is wrapped.

Decide on Car Wrap Coverage

So how do you decide how much of your vehicle to wrap? Many times, cars and smaller vehicles are better suited for full wraps. However, on large work vans and trucks, partial car wraps are very easy and look great. One example of a partial car wrap is a ‘back wrap’ on a cargo van which works well since there’s a lot of surface area, and you can do a cool visual effect like walking into a showroom.

Another idea is to just get the back window wrapped with window perf. Just think, every stoplight you’re at the person behind you is “stuck” reading your marketing message about your company. There’s no way to do that with the old-fashioned Fort Collins yellow pages ad!

Lastly, unless the wrap is going to be temporary (like for a one-time promotional event), make sure the highest quality vehicle wrap materials are used. Any trade-offs made here will certainly lead to disappointment later! If you’re looking for a professional sign company to work with to design, print, and install your vehicle wrap, give Connecting Signs in Fort Collins, CO a call at 970-493-0133 or request a quote here. We would love to work with you!

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