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All About Indoor Acrylic Signs

Custom braille room signs

Interior-grade acrylic is one of the most common and affordable sign substrates available and is the perfect medium for indoor signs. Acrylic comes in different grades and thicknesses depending on what it will be used for and can easily be routed out into any shape or font. Acrylic has a nice smooth finish which makes it ideal for flatbed printing. Indoor acrylic signs can come in the form of way-finding directional signs, lobby area signs, reception desk signs, room identification signs and restroom signs.




Acrylic signs stand out as a preferred choice thanks in part to the material’s versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Being available in lots of different colors and finishes allows for total control and customization! Acrylic is also stronger than glass, but half the weight. In the unfortunate event of a break, acrylic does not fracture like glass – acrylic fractures into big, dull-edged fragments. Maintaining and cleaning acrylic signs is very simple, although there is one rule: Never use abrasive liquids (like isopropyl alcohol) or ammonia-based detergents to clean acrylic signs. The best way to clean acrylic signs is to use a micro-fiber cloth and a mild detergent mixed with water.

Clear Acrylic Lobby Sign

Clear Acrylic Lobby Sign

Acrylic ADA Restroom Signs

Acrylic ADA Restroom Signs

While there is a lot of room for creativity in designing indoor acrylic signs, there’s also some rules that you might want to be aware of. Regulatory identification signs, like accessible restroom signs and room identification signs require a specific letter height/thickness, lettering color, background color, elevation, sign size, as well as grade II braille. These rules may seem restricting, but they’re intended to make public spaces more inclusive and accessible. On the plus side, simple and to-the-point is how to ensure that your message is seen and understood by the audience.





Getting your indoor acrylic signs started is simple from here! Follow this link to request a free quote, call Connecting Signs at 970-493-0133 for assistance in placing your sign order, or if you’re a Fort Collins local just stop by our showroom anytime!

ADA Sign Installation

The new U.S. Army Reserve Readiness and Training Center is located in Windsor, Colorado just a few miles from Connecting Signs.  Last spring the construction was completed on the facility that will be used for a base for part-time soldiers’ once-a-month drills and two-week-long annual training.  The sign company that was hired to create the indoor and outdoor signs for the building is located in Pelham, Georgia.  Installing the signs was not an option for the Georgia sign company because of the distance.  When they called us to see if we would be interested in doing the install, we accepted because it gives us more installation experience for indoor and outdoor signs and gets our name out there – more exposure!

Even though we are just doing the installation part of the project, it is still a lot of coordination and work to get on board of a complex project like this one for the US Army.

Involvement and project management included coordination with the general contractor, the sign company that produced all the signs, and finally the end customer – Army core of engineers.   The interior signs for the building were mostly ADA.  Read about the Americans with Disability Act.  When ADA signs are used for the interior of a building, not only are they made according to the ADA standards but they must be installed following the standards.  To be compliant with installation, standards must be followed for the height and location of signs.

The following interior signs were installed:

  • 112 total indoor ADA sign panels
  • Room signs, restroom, directional, exit, room identification, LEED
  • Directory cabinet
  • Rail mounted dimensional letters

The following exterior signs were installed:

  • Two sets – dimensional letters
  • LEED

It is very important to make sure our employees are safe when installing signs inside or outside buildings and especially if we are doing work for a government agency like this one.  Our employees are trained and certified by Osha – 10 which is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration 10 hour Construction Industry Outreach Training Program.  It is intended to provide an entry level construction worker’s general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards on a construction site.  Our team also attended safety meetings at the site which covered specific safety concerns; mainly common sense be used.

If you’re needing installation of signs, this is another service that Connecting Signs provides.  As you have read, it takes a lot of knowledge, good team work and communication because of the all the people and jobs involved.  Give us a call 970-493-0133 and let’s talk about this additional service we offer – installation.


Northern Colorado interiors signs

Interior ADA Signs for New School


Creede, Colorado is a small town located in southwest Colorado about 315 miles from our shop in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The 2015 school year began with a lot of excitement in this little town because of a new school that was all ready for the students and staff to begin learning and teaching!  Connecting Signs was just as excited as the town of Creede to be able to work with The Neenan Company in Fort Collins, CO as they designed and constructed the new building.  We were very proud to provide all the interior signs for the school identifying classrooms, offices, special rooms and the division of the middle and high school with the elementary side.   Also, we made and installed the outdoor parking lot signs providing directions and information for the busy mornings and afternoons of a school parking lot.

There were a number of different styles:


  • Our CNC router/engraver cuts the raised lettering then the excess material is removed leaving the letters and any images.
  • The machine drills the holes for braille rasters (beads). With the raster braille insertion tool, we quickly and easily insert rasters on to the braille sign conforming to ADA rules.
  • After the signs are routed/engraved, we assembled the signs in a layered look.
  • Adding a brushed, aluminum detail trim piece to most of the signs giving them a unique look.
  • The classroom and office signs had a dark wood grain piece added with a clear window allowing for information to be added or changed easily.

Double sided restroom flag sign

Distinctive indoor dimensional letters

  • Brushed aluminum
  • Flush mounted

Outdoor parking lot signs

  • All with reflective finishes

Summer construction turns into fall learning!

Need ADA signs?  Do all the laws and regulations confuse you?  Take the worry out of the design and construction of your interior ADA signs and let Connecting Signs do the work.  We know the sizes, spacing, height and placement of ADA signs and we have the right equipment.  Call us 970-493-0133 for your project that requires ADA signage!

an example of ada signs that is compliant

Compliant ADA Signs- Just The Facts

ADA signage is everywhere now; a very common part of our lives.  Which means a lot of us don’t really give the ADA much thought.  We know what it is and what it is for and that’s about it.  There are 3 types of people in our society that know a lot and think about the ADA everyday:  1) the disabled, 2) business owners and 3) sign makers

The history of the ADA did not begin on July 26, 1990 at the signing ceremony at the White House. It did not begin in 1988 when the first ADA was introduced in Congress. The ADA story began a long time ago in cities and towns throughout the United States when people with disabilities began to challenge situations that excluded them from their communities. It began with the establishment of local groups to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. These groups started the independent living movement which provided services for people with disabilities to live and work in the community.

ADA is sometimes misunderstood, as some people think it is the same thing as braille signs. Signs with braille and raised characters are the most visible display of the law requiring access to the built environment, but the sign standards in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, or ADAAG, require much more than just braille and raised characters on some ADA signs.

Almost every sign that would be considered an “architectural” sign must comply with one or another of the ADA Guidelines. In other words, if a sign identifies a permanent room or space of a facility, including exits, directs or informs about functional spaces of the facility, or identifies, directs to, or informs about accessible features of the facility, it must comply.

Because of the rules requiring Braille on some signs, the signage section is looked upon as benefiting persons who are blind and visually impaired.  The guidelines also has guidelines that benefit persons with mobility impairments or hearing impairments.

Listed are areas of the ADA signs law that have requirements (dimensions, etc.); although, not describe in detail:

  • All ADA signs must have non-glare backgrounds and characters.
  • All ADA signs that contain visual characters must have a contrast between characters and their background.
  • All ADA signs must have “easy to read” lettering.
  • Directional and informational signs can use upper and lower case letters (recommended by many experts for visual readability); but I’ve also read characters should be uppercase. Use the sans serf font and do not use italic, oblique, script, or decorative type of characters.
  • Character height should be 5/8 inch minimum and 2 inch maximum.
  • Character spacing or kerning is required so that characters can be traced with fingers
  • ADA signs that identify rooms and spaces are to be located adjacent to the door they identify so they can be located by persons who are functionally blind. For the most part, one sign is used by both tactile and visual readers, so there are compromises to assist tactile readers. However, it is possible to use two separate signs with the same information.
  • Braille must accompany the characters (below the characters) and must be Contracted Braille (formerly called Grade 2 Braille). Look into the dimensions of the dot and location of the braille.
  • There is a standard for mounting requirements for ADA signs. Find out more about the latest codes.

There are four symbols:

  • The “wheelchair symbol” is used generally to show that persons with mobility impairments can access entrances, restrooms, or pathways.
  • The “ear” symbol is the International Symbol of Access for Hearing Loss, and is used to show the availability of an assistive listening system.
  • The “keyboard” symbol stands for a TTY or text telephone.
  • The “phone” symbol with sound waves stands for the availability of a volume controlled phone.

Check out these articles that I think are very helpful and go into more detail:

1) ADA Homepage

2) Reasons for not being ADA compliant

So, why talk about all this and all the details that go along with being ADA compliant?  Because you can be fined for not complying:

The U.S. Department of Justice said it will increase the maximum civil penalty to $75,000 for violations of ADA provisions requiring restaurants, movie theaters, schools and other businesses open to the public to be accessible and accommodate people with disabilities.  For any subsequent offenses, the fine will jump to $150,000 from a prior cap of $110,000, federal officials said.

Here’s the good thing – just call us!  We not only design, make and install signs but we understand the requirements with a lot of signage.  Especially ADA.  Here’s another good thing – we love making ADA signs.  Our router and engraver produces beautiful signage for your indoor office, lobby and throughout your entire building.  970-493-0133



Routed & engraved signs can be made from many materials such as wood, metal, plastics, acrylic and sign foam

Routed & Engraved Signs

One way to get routed signs is by using a hand held router.  Although, a hand held router produces beautiful signs using wood, metal and other hard materials, they can be slow.  In this fast-paced world of business and competition, you need your sign or signs fast.  For a sign company like Connecting Signs, we want equipment that produces fast and high quality results to meet our customers’ needs.  A CNC router will do just that.  These type of routers are controlled by a computer, which uploads all the design information in the machine.  A CNC router typically produces consistent, high quality work – improving productivity.  For production that is repeated over and over, a CNC router is the only way to go.  Automation and precision are the key benefits!   The same thing applies to engraved signs.  Routed & Engraved signs can be made accurate, repeatable, and cost effective in considerable less time than doing by hand.

Types of signs:

  • Routed out signs (indoor or outdoor)
  • Engraved (creates a hand chiseled look)
  • Engraved tags
  • Cutout letters and graphics
  • Intricate logos
  • Plaques
  • 3D letters
  • Custom ADA compliant signs meeting government regulations

            Complying with the ADA
The Americans with Disabilities Act 
(ADA) requires all commercial facilities (which include any building open to the public) to accommodate the special needs of individuals with disabilities by removing physical and communication barriers. This means that buildings such as hospitals, government buildings, public and private schools, transportation terminals, hotels, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities must meet ADA requirements in terms of signage design and installation.

There are companies familiar with the ADA and that can help your firm conform to the regulations. Keep in mind that while there are costs involved with ADA compliance, the government also provides ADA-specific tax refunds for businesses.

Materials that can be routed and engraved:

  • Metal (stainless steel and aluminum)
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Sign foam
  • Plastics


  • Routing is a high speed process of cutting, trimming, and shaping wood, metal, plastic, and a variety of other materials.
  • Sign engraving is the process of removing material from a substrate, leaving indentations that form letters or graphics.

We want to be your choice for all your indoor and outdoor routed or engraved signs.  Give us a call and let’s team up to make sure you get the best sign for your business – Get in the “groove” with your next sign!  970-493-0133

Indoor Business Signs – How to be compliant with ADA regulations

ADA Signs, Braille regulatory signs, Indoor Business Signs all use standard symbols, pictograms, and text to mark areas specially adapted for use by disabled persons.

Why do you need to comply? According to the US Department of Justice website, the Americans with Disabilities Act was established for “ensuring equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, State and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation”.There are a number of features on these signs, such as raised text, raised graphics, background finish, color, and Braille, all of which help in the accessibility of your business. Placement is another aspect that needs to be taken into account.

There are several ADA guideline documents available with simple internet searches. It’s a fact that well-designed and attractive indoor building signs and interior business signs make your company more successful. The customers visiting your building most likely won’t be consciously looking at the signage as a reflection of your business; however effective indoor directional signage will guide them to where they’re trying to get. Visitors will be able to find their way around without getting frustrated and having to ask for directions.However if you’d like, Connecting Signs will make conforming to ADA requirements a breeze – let us do the legwork! We understand the guidelines and can consult your team in design of all your interior regulatory sign panels.

As a business owner, you know that you need ADA signs to be in compliance. The team of professionals here at Connecting Signs will help you with all your indoor building signs, and we fully understand that your business can actually become more successful with the right interior regulatory ADA signs.

ADA Signs fort collins co

Interior building signs create a positive initial impression

Make a first impression on your customers with great looking interior signs. There are many options from wood, acrylic, veneers, and much more. Interior building signs serve a very important purpose to any business and facility. When clients and customers walk into your business you want to be sure that they can easily find their way around. Not having to ask for directions, but rather be simply “pointed” in the right direction, makes visiting your business pleasant and comfortable – not to mention avoiding time wasted by your employees having to answer the same questions over and over for directions to a visitor center, or restrooms…

Interior building signs need to clearly designate exits, restrooms, conference rooms, stairs, and other important areas in your building. This makes visiting your building more convenient, and it improves the overall safety of your customers and employees. In an emergency, clearly defined exits will make evacuating the building easier and could even save lives.

Interior signs include ADA-compliant sign panels and are a key component to any successful business. Interior signs make your place of business look professional can be customized to match the décor of your building and will enhance the overall appearance of your facility.

Contact Connecting Signs for all of your interior building signage projects – our team will partner with you, conducting site surveys, designing a custom look, and what ever else your project calls for.

Interior Building Signs

// // Interior Building Signs//

I’m sure you’ve seen it – someone walking around an office building or maybe a medical center, and they look lost, or maybe there’s no doubt they’re lost because they are saying things to themselves (out-loud) like “where is it…”, or “i wonder if I am on the right floor…”. Think of the time wasted and the needless energy spent. If only the building had clearer interior signage! We’ve had several clients whose company is in shared office building space, and they have us design a popup banner display for the single purpose of displaying it outside their office door to prevent maybe a few of the countless “lost” visitors walking in and asking directions. Until you sit at the front desk at such a place having to stop what you’re doing to give directions, you may not have an appreciation for effective interior building signage.


There’s a better way(finding) For the folks traveling the halls of a building everyday, knowing the route from one place to another seems all to obvious. Not so. Nothing is more frustrating that being late for an appointment simply because the lack of wayfinding signs and interior building signs. These are the types of signs that get no respect! They do their job quietly, working 24/7 – showing people which may have never been in a building before, where to go, and where important places like restrooms, exits, and stairways are.


Dress it up


We can help you make these unsung hero’s of the sign world work double-duty… Creating attractive interior business wayfinding signage can also improve a company’s brand through use of color and design. Maybe even integrating your company’s logo into all the interior signs, which would further solidify your brand in the customers mind.


Change with the times 

When it comes to choosing techniques for creating and reproducing wayfinding signage, there will come a time when there’s a need to change certain elements – business names, employee’s names, etc. We have some very attractive front-loading interior building sign systems that feature curved and flat lenses that lend themselves to quick updates. One such system is our SignPro frames, which are designed to accommodate a variety of substrates, from simple digital prints combined with a clear lens, to ADA faces, engraved plastics, metal and more.


One-of-a-kind Interior office building signage doesn’t have to be boring, nor look like any other office that you’ve ever been in. So whether you are looking for relatively simple engraved nameplates, routed directory signs, or a large office complex full of interior wayfinding signs, we will work directly with you to consult, design, and fabricate the perfect solution for your business.















































Indoor Business Signs – ADA Signs

// // // // // // Indoor Business Signs – ADA Signs// //

ada resized 600

Here on our website you can see all the different types of signage that we are able to design and manufacture. There’s banners, window graphics, vehicle wraps, etc.… The one type of sign that we get a lot of questions on in regards to indoor business signs is ADA signage. What does ADA stand for? What does an ADA sign amount to? When are ADA signs needed? Well, here are the some answers to your questions. PLUS, why you or your business may need these signs.

ADA stands for: Americans with Disabilities Act

Most people tend to think that these are restroom signs with braille and raised letters on them. Although that is one of the specifications in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (or ADAAG), there’s much more to be learned and followed from these specifications.

brailedot resized 600

Generally, almost any sign that is directing or identifying a permanent room (like a meeting room) or informs about accessible features of the building must comply with ADAAG standards.  For interior building signs, take into consideration who will be going through your facility. If you had a hearing or visual impairment you would want to be able to navigate your surroundings without having to ask another person.

You do not need to follow the guidelines if your sign is advertising or marketing a product or service. An example of that would be a temporary sign like a banner.

If you have a need of indoor business signs that would fall under an ADA “type” of sign then here are the guidelines that you need to follow:

  • All signs must have non-glare backgrounds and characters. There is an exception for reflective parking and other types of traffic signs. Glare can be a major hindrance to the visually impaired and the elderly.
  • All signs that have visual characters (words on a sign) must have a highlight to dark or vise-versa contrast between characters and their background. It’s not about color it’s about light to dark contrast. So an example of bad light to dark visibility would be a black sign with red letters on it.
  • All signs must have legible fonts or typefaces. Directional and informational signs can use upper and lowercase letters (which is recommended by many experts for visual readability).

ADA examples2

Here at Connecting Signs we know how hard and sometimes overwhelming signage requirements like these can be. We are more than willing to help you through the process of identifying the signs that you need, and the requirements that come with them. Feel free to send us an email with your questions. We’ll answer them honestly and thoroughly.