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Corrugated Homebuilder Signs

Yard signs ready for delivery!

Baessler Homes is an established and successful property developer located in Greeley, Colorado. They have been building high-quality homes in the Northern Colorado area since 1968. Building a house or any large permanent structure is an important job that needs to be taken very seriously and these guys are one of the best! Baessler Homes contacted us to print some of their homebuilder signs not too long ago. Our flatbed printer was perfect for these flat and simple signs that also needed to be completed quickly as well as in high quantities.

Homebuilder site sign

4’x 8′ Post & Panel Sign

The order process is easy! We receive files through email or a file sharing site that allows large files to be sent to us, and our team of designers ensure that the design is correct by sending a design proof that specifies all the important information. Once the design is final, the files are sent to the flatbed printer! This machine is extremely useful. If we were to print the designs on digitally printable vinyl (like vehicle wraps), we would also have to laminate them and then lay the vinyl on the panel. There’s more steps than that, but with the flatbed printer we’re able to cut the sign panel down to size, and hit “print”, and that’s it! For local companies like Baessler Homes, we offer delivery as well.

Homebuilder Sign

Model Home Sign

Rigid signs can come in a variety of materials because sometimes you need a sign to be temporary, but still be able to withstand the elements. Metal signs usually come in aluminum so that they’re not too heavy. Corrugated plastic signs are made from coroplast and are easy to carry for easy transportation. Sometimes vinyl banners are the best signage choice for builders because they’re easily attached to perimeter fencing. To allow for airflow, mesh banners are the best choice for fence banner signage. If you’re ready to place your order for homebuilder signs, give us a call or fill out this form and get your signs ordered today!

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Outdoor Flags & Mesh Fence Banners for Construction Sites

In these busy times, new buildings are going up faster than most of us realize and before we know it, there’s a new mall full of shops or a new neighborhood full of houses. These property development sites need signage just like any other business. People want to know what new businesses are being established and when projects will be completed. When done correctly, these signs will not only inform your audience. They will help grow your business through effective signage! 


Site signage includes, but is not limited to: post and panel signs, flags, mesh fence banners, trailer graphics, vehicle graphics, etc. Most construction sites require some safety signs along the perimeter of the area being developed. Safety signs need to have clear lettering and must be displayed along all entrances. Sometimes they need to be reflective to stand out even more at night.  Read more about construction site safety signs.

construction site outdoor signs and flags

One stand-out star in site signage is mesh fence banners and outdoor flags. Outdoor flags are a different product that are usually installed on tall vertical posts. Since they blow and will spin in the wind (because they’re made of fabric), you will want to avoid having any contact information on them. A one-color logo and bold, bright colors in the background are the way to go! These allow for a unique and creative way to show your brand. Mesh fence banners are made from a synthetic mesh material that allows for more airflow when installed on a fence. They may seem too thin and transparent when viewed from close-up, but from far away they look solid. Mesh fence banners also provide the privacy that most construction sites require.

Having clear and highly visible signs can be a tricky thing to manage. On one hand, you must abide by the rules and regulations of the city and on the other hand you must stand out as much as possible. Local governments make it easy enough to understand the sign code, but having a reliable and informed signage partner who can navigate and acquire all the signatures and permits will make the process so much easier for you.

Connecting Signs is proud to be that reliable signage partner for you and your business. Being a small business, we know how hard and daunting a simple task can be. Our experienced sign experts are here to answer any and all questions you may have about getting your signs up and working for you. Give us a call or request a quote here to connect with us!

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Contractor Signs – Fort Collins

Have you ever had a custom home built?  If so, you know all the people that must be involved to get the job done.  The process involves a lot of different people.  If you are the general contractor or one of the many subcontractors, you will want to get your information and brand noticed.  How […]

Site Signs, Safety Signs and Mesh Fence Banners – Denver, Colorado


Signs play such an important role in the communication of our society. On construction sites, it is very important that the signage placed around the site is clear and easy to read. Safety signs help remind workers to wear hard-hats and other proper protective equipment. Site signs displayed on the outside of these construction sites inform the public to stay out as well as information about the work being done. There have been hundreds of recorded accidents in the past, so it’s important to the company to remind workers and the public of the rules and regulations.

Mesh fence banner and site signs in Denver


Construction sites usually have a fenced perimeter. Mesh fence banners are a great way to compliment the perimeter with additional information or to give some privacy to the workers. Mesh banners also provide some privacy and wind protection. These banners are similar to vinyl banners, but allow for more air to pass through the material. This, however, does affect how the final print looks. Colors will not be as opaque as digitally printed vinyl banners, but from a distance it doesn’t really matter.

Fence and site signs in Denver Colorado


Here at Connecting Signs, we utilize a flat-bed printer that allows us to print directly onto the sign panel. This enables us to print, cut the panel to size and add finishing touches a lot faster! The printer also uses UV ink. UV ink does not need to have lamination to protect it, it is fade and weather resistant all on its own. The prints that come out of this printer last just as long, if not longer, as the prints that come off the latex inkjet printer. Depending on the variables of the job, we’ll work with you to go through your best options.

Do you need signs or banners for your job site? Give us a call or click here to request a quote and we’ll get the right signs made for you!

Fort Collins traffic signs

Traffic Signs and The Significance of Color

one way sign - Connecting Signs

The significance behind the Colors of Traffic Signs

Have you ever wondered why handicapped parking places are always marked with blue placards or blue paint? And why do construction sites always have warning signs, barricades, and pylons in orange? As early as 1899, owners of “horseless carriages” met to form an automobile club. The main topic of conversation was “We need traffic signs.”  As many as 11 directional signs were sometimes found at one intersection and the group hoped to establish guidelines to minimize the confusion.

Following the conference, traffic signs were still erected haphazardly with no real plan or design. In the 1920s, efforts to standardize signs by color began. Originally, the color red for stop signs was rejected as being too difficult to see at night. Pursuant to a survey and recommendations of users of both urban and rural roads, it was finally agreed that the stop sign would have red letters on a yellow background.

stop sign - Connecting Signs

Moving Towards Sign Standardization

In 1935, a Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) was issued in order to standardize signs nationwide. Through the years, the manual has been updated, supplemented, and amended several times. Following WW II, major changes were made, including changing the stop sign to white letters on a red background.  The goal was to be sure that traffic signs, parking lot signs were the same as the signs in other states.

Companies that sell traffic signs should understand that today, there are seven colors that are used for broad categories to cover the need for signs ranging from those that guide travelers to their destinations to those that warn of dangers. Traffic sign companies must comply with these standardized colors for each category of sign they produce.

  • Red:  Tells motorists to stop and remain stopped until it is safe to proceed.
  • Green:   Acts as a guide. It gives highway directions and tells how far it is from one place to another.
  • Yellow:  Gives a general warning such as, “Slow. Children at play” or “Slow. School zone” or “Deer Crossing.”  Railroad crossings are marked with yellow signs. The color acts as an advisory of road conditions that are coming up.
  • Black and white: Warns drivers of enforceable regulations and laws. “One Way Street” and “Dead End Road” are two examples.
  • Blue:  Informs motorists of available services such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, gasoline, rest areas, campgrounds, and picnic areas. Handicapped parking spaces fall into this category because they provide a service.
  • Orange: The color for construction signs that alert drivers to upcoming road construction or maintenance.
  • Brown: Directs drivers to areas of historical or cultural significance, including scenic sites or national parks.
The purpose of traffic signs

The Purpose of Traffic Signs

If you commute regularly, there’s no doubt that you experience construction signs regularly along your route. Traffic signs are utilized as a method of warning and guiding drivers, helping to regulate the flow of traffic among vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles and others who travel the streets, highways and other roadways.

one way sign - Connecting Signs

Simple Messaging with Traffic Signs

All road traffic signs, construction signs, and parking lot signs are intended to convey a clear, yet simple message. The signs should always be prominent enough to command attention and placed in a manner that gives drivers adequate time to respond to the command.

Before traffic signs are placed, municipalities will commission an engineering study to gauge its necessity and usefulness in a particular location. After all, no one would want to travel roadways where signs are placed haphazardly and without just cause. Doing so would eventually cause some drivers to fail to respect the traffic signs, possibly causing traffic incidents instead of preventing them.

stop sign - Connecting Signs

Traffic Signs Consistency

Traffic signs are consistent from one municipality to another – the reason is simple. Let’s say, for example, that a driver is traveling across several states. Construction signs in Texas conform to the same design as construction signs in Colorado (or any other state, for that matter), so that the messaging is not confusing when a driver is operating in unfamiliar regions.

Going back to their overall purpose for a moment, road traffic signs in Colorado are placed for the purpose of warning drivers and maintaining steady traffic flow. Inconsistent messaging would make that difficult (if not entirely impossible) in a highly mobile society with motor vehicle operators traveling unfamiliar regions every single day.

The following are just a few of the types of traffic signs currently utilized:

  • Regulatory Signs: An example of regulatory signs are speed limit, No U-Turn, One-Way, No Parking, and Road Closed signs. They regulate the speed and flow of traffic and parking.
  • Warning Signs: Warning signs are bright yellow and serve to warn drivers of such things as merging traffic, railroad and bicycle crossings and traffic signals ahead.
  • School Signs: School signs warn drivers that a school is nearby, directing them to drop their speeds and to watch for children and pedestrians.

When construction companies, cities, HOA’s, and other groups in Colorado need traffic signs and custom parking lot signs, Connecting Signs offers a wide range of sign solutions. Our team will be happy to provide you with consulting services, should you need them, as well as a full line of standard and one-of-a-kind custom traffic and parking lot signs for your project. Click here to request a free estimate on custom traffic signs.

Colorado Construction Signs

Windy roads and snow covered highways make driving in Colorado treacherous for even the most experienced drivers.  However, when normal traffic conditions are combined with road construction, safety becomes even more important.  For construction companies, proper signage warning of the upcoming obstacle or work being done is crucial.  Not only do construction traffic signs prepare motorists to drive cautiously, but also they help keep workers safe.

Importance of Construction Signs Colorado:

Given that roadside construction sites are home to numerous heavy machines, areas of debris and many workers it is important to have roadside signs warning motorists of work being done. Signs should be placed close enough to the construction work so that drivers have time to slow down, but not so far away that motorists continue to drive too fast.  In addition to signs, construction barricades can be utilized to warn drivers that a lane change is needed. Whether it is a sign, barricade or cone these items are usually a bright orange and have text that alert drivers of “men at work” or “construction zone ahead.”

The Function of Roadside Construction Signs:

Roadside construction signs give important information to drivers.  These signs serve to warn drivers of construction zones, upcoming hazards and other pertinent information.  Here are some of the functions that these signs provide motorists:

  • Warn drivers to decrease speed
  • Alert motorists to any lane closures or detours
  • Signify the presence of a work zone to motorists
  • Prepare drivers for any road defects and driving hazards
Work Zone Safety Statistics:

In 2010, the Department of Transportation reported that there were 87,606 crashes in work zones.  Although the majority of these accidents do not result in fatalities, many motorists and construction workers are injured on a yearly basis.  Given that nearly 50% of the accidents were rear-end collisions, this implies that drivers either do not have adequate notice of an upcoming construction site or fail to pay attention to the vehicle in front of them. Regardless of the cause of the accident, these incidents only further the importance of having adequate placement of roadside construction signs.

Colorado Floods of 2013:

The catastrophic flooding along Colorado’s Front Range has resulted in a lot of road construction.  Signs needed for the road repairs are crucial to motorists and the safety of construction workers as this work goes on for the next several months.  Call us at Connecting Signs for any type of construction traffic signs for Colorado road work.

Choose from any of our types of construction site signs.

Construction Site Signs in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado

Construction companies, commercial real estate agencies, municipalities, and businesses all benefit from commercial real estate signs and construction site signs. These signs are typically used to identify a property/land that is for sale, or a future business that will soon be occupying that space. Whatever the case may be it is always important to generate community awareness and create interest for your project with on-site signage. There are several types of site signs that are used in conjunction with a construction site:

  • Construction Site Banners – These temporary site signs can be quickly added and moved around strategic locations on the site. Many times the construction company will proudly display their logo on banners that can be reused over and over. The entire community will recognize your construction company’s name and logo… and remember that other developers are driving around looking at every construction site in the area.
  • Construction Site Directional Signs – Signs that direct visitors and construction vehicles and equipment are key elements for and construction site sign project.
  • Mesh Banners – These are unmatched for possibly blocking off areas, or displaying your company’s graphics in windy areas – which we have plenty here in Northern Colorado.
  • Scaffolding Graphics – People tend to look up as building begin to take shape – what better way to show your company’s logo!
  • Large Format Graphics – These are especially effective in urban areas where barricades and partitions are set up next to sidewalks and walkways. It’s a great opportunity for all parties involved in the project i.e. construction company, developer, and the future business to display large format graphics that indicate the partnership in the project and create anticipation in the public’s minds as they walk past them.
  • Post or Fence Mounted Sign Boards – These are typically large format color prints attached to either MDO plywood or Dibond aluminum that are placed in strategic spots to provide information about the project and the future business moving in. These are most effective when large photos or artist renderings are included.

 Site signs in Northern Colorado help you:

  • Get brand awareness for your business.
  • Sell or lease space.
  • Announce the building project.
  • Show off your property before or after construction.
  • Direct construction traffic.
  • Display to the public what the final product will look like.
  • Direct customers to your sales office.

 Was your company awarded the large construction job, one that you are very proud of? Have the Connecting Signs team partner with your to stake your claim! It’s why the leading commercial real estate firms, general contractors, and property management companies all around Fort Collins and Northern Colorado rely on Connecting Signs! We will provide consultation, site surveys, and deliver quick turnaround and installation services in Northern Colorado. The team at Connecting Signs shares the belief that effective, high-quality construction site signage and commercial real estate signage is integral to visual identity, brand, and message.