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School Wall Graphics for Colorado State University

Wall Graphics, Large Banners and Logo

vinyl banner

Large indoor banners featuring athletes

Colorado State University has a great indoor practice facility that was built in 2009, and they called on us to spruce it up with large format school wall graphics, hanging sports banners, and other custom signage. Schools, colleges, and universities are always looking for ways to show their school spirit, and with the latest technology large format printers they can do it in ways never before possible. Whether it’s impressing prospective student-athletes or making the current students proud to be a part of the school, vibrant wall graphics are great way to go!

oversize banner

UV printed banners in production

Things to consider for a school, college, or university that’s thinking about adding graphics:

  • Budget – It’s very important to have a budget planned out for a project like this. The two main cost components will be the type of graphics (e.g. vinyl wall graphics, window graphics, dimensional letters/logos, and other things such as donor walls, etc.) and the size and type of coverage areas.
  • Placement – High traffic areas are a great place to start, but you might want to make sure certain elements such as vinyl wall graphics aren’t susceptible to damage from prying and picking fingers! Large blank wall spaces in the should be looked at for adding large school logos, which can be accomplished with large oversize banners, vinyl wall graphics,, or dimensional materials.
  • Future updates – Do you want to be able to update school records, victories, or championships? There are many ways to accomplish this with changeable banners, low-tack vinyl patches, or replacement panels.
  • Graphics company – Choosing the right graphics company to partner with is the most important thing to consider before undertaking a large project like this. Here at Connecting Signs, we’ve successfully completed numerous projects for schools and universities, and would be willing to show you examples of everything we’ve done.


    Oversize vinyl banners

It’s always a good time to show your school spirit with large format graphics, whether its the inside of  your school’s gymnasium, atrium, classroom, or a main hallway an existing building – give Connecting Signs a call at 970.481.6175 for a free on-site consultation.  Our staff of graphic designers and project managers are willing to help you every step of the way!

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Fort Collins signs – What makes a good one?

How many different signs does a person see in one day?  The American Association of Advertising Agencies has a summary of actual research on this question and the answers vary from about 76 per day to about 305 or even up to 1,518. The best number, from 2007, is probably about 600 “exposures” even though the ad may not be noticed!  I think the key word here is “noticed”.  The amount of people walking and driving around a busy city looking at hundreds of outdoor business signs a day-what an opportunity to get your business NOTICED!  As a business owner you want your sign to be noticed above all the thousands of other Fort Collins signs.  Not an easy thing to do.

There are so many different types of signs; these are just a few of the type of signs seen outdoors in a busy city.

          • billboards



        • vehicle wraps, graphics, decals and lettering



        • 3 dimensional lettering



        • graphics only



        • road signs



        • directional signs



        • LED



        • Neon


        Whatever sign you use, make sure it does the job and GETS NOTICED! There are so many things that can go wrong with a sign

          • misspellings



        • too many words



        • wrong fonts



        • font too little



        • location



        • wrongs colors


        Example of a bad sign:

Enough about bad signs!

What makes a good sign?  Using the keyword NOTICE, here are a few ideas on what a good sign consists of:

N=new. Keep your sign looking new.

O=Original.  You want your sign to be remembered and talked about.

T=Target.  Target your audience; this sign would be perfect in a college town.

I=Imaginative.  Use graphics.

C=Clear.  Make your message unquestionable. E=Effective.  Don’t be too wordy; your sign should be immediately understood.

Get your message out there in a new, original, targeted, imaginative, clear, effective way!

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Signs of a Successful Company

Today, a sign is not just a sign. It has a lot to say about your company and you only get one chance to make that everlasting first impression. From the colors that are chosen to the size of the sign, signs can make or break your image.

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Dimensional Letters


Your outdoor corporate signs should show the logo of your company as well as your company name and address. The corporate sign should also reflect the style and class of your company have as well as being able to invite the public into your business. The outdoor corporate signs should be made of durable materials to withstand any type of weather the state of Colorado can dish out to keep your image looking better longer. Going with some illuminated channel letters for your exterior sign is a great choice if you want to ensure that your audience can see your business location clearly. If your outdoor corporate sign is looking a little weathered or worn, maybe it is time to replace it so your image can stay crisp and inviting.

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Dimensional Logo and Letters


The signs in the reception area or lobby are the front line of your business and should reflect your company’s personality. Reception area signs should be warm, inviting, and be able to make the customer, client, or business professional feel comfortable in your office. Lobby signs can let the public know how creative and savvy your company is. When you update your office décor, you should think about updating your reception area signs as well as your lobby signs. They should be simple, clean, and offer distinct directions.

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Maintaining the signs that you have in the best condition possible should be an image priority and we are here to help. Colors, fonts, and sizes are chosen for your corporate, lobby area and reception area signs create an unspoken impression of your company. Contact us to make sure you are creating an image to be proud of.




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Using POP displays and in-store signage

There are many types of store signs that you can use to advertise your store. Here are some examples of the different types of POP signs that are used by successful companies.

  • Banners are great for drawing attention to a specific area of you store.
  • Countertop POP displays keep people reading when they are checking out or waiting for someone to help them.
  • Floor graphics and wall graphics help direct people to the sales and promotions you are trying to show them.

Floor Gaphics

  • Magnets put your store front in the homes of people.
  • Video displays inform people as they pass by telling them about the advantages of a certain product.
  • Everyone loves a good poster. These can help draw attention to deals or select merchandise that you want to sell.
  • Businesses should use promotional window graphics and wall graphics on blank space inside their store. Customers eyes are always drawn to creatively designed graphics.



Wall Graphics
POP signs are used by companies to promote the deals of the day or the specials of the week. The signs can also be used to direct peoples attention to the top sales that expire by the end of the week. If you want to attract people while they are in your store and make it easy for them to shop, then you will want to use POP signage as a way to direct your customers.




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7 Ways Signs Will Improve Your Fort Collins Business

Your business deserves only the best when it comes to advertisement. After all, you put everything you have into growing your business so why not promote it effectively. Here are seven ways that corporate signs can help advertise your company to new customers every day.

7 Key Ways that Signs Can Help Your Business

1 – Take the time to update your signs to message center signs. Signs that have the ability to display current information are great for advertising deals of the day and extra savings that might attract people.

2 – Keep all your signs and logos similar in design. Your signs should be consistent and display your logo. If your signs and advertisement pieces have different designs, then you may confuse potential customers into shopping at your competitor’s shops.

3 – Use wayfinding signs to direct your customers and to make it easy to get around your business property.

overhead wayfinding sign - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

4 – Update your reception area with a professional, clean-looking lobby sign. First impressions are everything… Think of your potential customer that just left your competitor’s business location in which they have a banner over the receptionist’s desk, and now they see your professional-looking lobby sign that truly shows your company means business! A great lobby sign also gives your employees a sense of unity and pride in where they work.

Brushed Metal Lobby Desk Sign - Connecting Signs

5 – Use your company vehicle as a means to advertise your company. Vehicle graphics promote your company everywhere you drive and park!

Vehicle graphics fort collins company - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

6 – Get old and outdated signs upgraded to more current and attractive designs. People love to shop at new and clean businesses. If your signs are old and outdated, then people may get the wrong message and not want to come into your store.

7 – Use LED signs to attract people to read and look past all the other signs that surround your company. Lights attract people’s attention. The more people that take notice of your shop the more people will come into your shop.




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Jumpstart your new business with a great sign!

If you’re starting a new business in Fort Collins, and have been thinking, “I need a sign,” you really should get on it right away. Business signs are among the simplest, most effective and cheapest forms of advertising that you can do, from monument signs to channel letters, having company signs created and displayed are essential to your company’s future. They offer unobtrusive advertising for your business, day-in and day-out. Best of all, the sign will last for years to come.

Once you’ve found your business a home of its own, the first thing you need to do–even before you open your doors–is to place advertisement signs outside to alert Fort Collins residents of your presence. You can add an “opening soon” banner to your permanent company sign, to let people know when you’ll open, and to build anticipation.

Tips for Designing Your Business Signs

Let your presence be known to the Fort Collins community with these tips for designing your company sign:

  • Keep the Design Simple- You want to draw people in, not turn them off. A sign that’s too busy or cluttered will reflect poorly on your business. Limit your business signs to your company’s name, tag line, hours of business, phone number and website address.
  • Use Color Wisely- Try to limit your signs–even your lobby signs and reception area signs–to just two or three colors. Using high contrast, yet complementary colors will make them look professional and still allow people to read them from afar. Some colors to consider using are white and blue; yellow and black; and black and white.
  • Keep the Fonts Simple- Keep the letters large and bold so that they can be easily read from a distance. Limit your business signs to just one or two fonts that are legible to those driving past. Script and decorative fonts are generally not a good choice for outdoor company signs.

We know you’re a busy professional, working hard to get your business up and on its feet, so let us help you with your advertisement signs. In addition to signs for the outside of your business, we can do interior lobby signs and reception area signs for your Fort Collins business as well.




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The Psychology of Color in Business Signs

// // // // // // The Psychology of Color in Business Signs// //

To help get your message across you must consider many things. Who are you talking to? What do you want them to do? There are many other questions to consider, but basically you want to convey your message, service, or product in the most effective way.  Graphic design has many rules and guidelines to go by. A graphic designer will help you to effectively do just that. One of the most important aspects of a design is color.

Color has more of an influence on our everyday lives than you would ever think. Restaurants paint their walls a certain hue to evoke their customer’s appetites. Hospitals and prisons even use color to influence the actions of their residents.  Subconsciously, our brains tell us to feel and react to certain colors. There have been many studies about the psychology of color and it’s effect on the inner workings of our brains. Here are some facts from those studies about colors and how they affect us:

Black: The color of authority and power. Black is very popular in fashion because it gives a slimming effect. Black clothing can also be overpowering, or make the wearer seem evil or unfriendly.


White: The color of innocence and purity. White reflects light and is considered a summer color. Doctors and nurses wear white to imply sterility.


Red: The most emotionally intense color. Red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. Restaurants will paint the interior of their dining room red, because it makes the viewer hungry. Red is the first color your eye sees.


Pink: The most romantic color, pink, is tranquilizing. Prisons, sometimes, will paint the inside of their cell walls pink because it drains energy.


Blue: One of the most popular colors, blue, causes the opposite reaction of red. Blue is a peaceful color and causes the human body to produce calming chemicals. People are more productive in blue rooms. Studies show that weightlifters are able to handle heavier weights in blue gyms. A fun fact about blue: The least appetizing color. Blue food is very rarely found in nature, and when humans searched for food they learned to avoid toxic or spoiled objects, which were often blue, black, or purple.


Green: The easiest color on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming, refreshing color. People waiting to appear on a TV show sit in “green rooms” to relax. Hospitals paint the inside of their rooms green to relax patients. Brides in the middle ages wore green because it symbolized fertility. Dark green is masculine, conservative, and implies wealth.


Yellow: While it is considered an optimistic color, people often lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms and it makes babies cry. It is the most difficult color for the eye to take in, so it can be overpowering if overused.  Yellow also implies caution, which is why most road work signs are bright yellow or orange.


Purple: The color of royalty, purple connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. However, since purple is rare in nature, it can appear artificial.


Here at Connecting Signs we are more than able to help you make the best decisions regarding colors and design. Our graphic designers have years of experience and take their job very seriously. If you want us to work with you on your sign or design or both, email us at or call us at 970 493 0133.




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Business Signs – The Right Sign For Your Business

salon business monument sign - Connecting Signs

Signs are so familiar to us that we hardly notice them anymore and we start to forget their importance regarding the representation of your business out in public.

If you are a business owner, you should know that the right signage is vitally important to the success of your company. Whether it’s indoor signs (e.g. lobby signs, interior building signs, ADA signs, etc) or exterior signs like channel letters or cabinet signs, people need to know where you are and what your business offers. Having the right kind of sign or signs depends on so many different variables and your unique needs may mean that you need a custom sign solution.

Are Your Signs Seen and Understood?

Different businesses require different types of signage. As a business owner, you have to know who your demographic is. Your sign company can help you design the most effective sign for your business.

Example: A novelty gift shop needs to boldly and clearly tell their customers that they are “there”, and “this” is what they sell. With a business like that, you can and should get really creative with the types and amount of signage in your storefront. Window graphics are a great way to compliment window displays.

How Do You Most Effectively Advertise Your Business?

An effective sign attracts new customers, brands in the mind of the consumer, create impulse sales, aids traffic safety, and enhances the look of a community. All of these points can be accomplished with signage. Again, you need to really think about your targeted audience when considering your signs. It all needs to complement and enhance your business. This starts WAY before the signs.  As a business owner, you need to map out your marketing strategy and keep all the graphical elements relating to one another. Give them a purpose. At the same time, you need to be careful to not overwhelm your customers. You want to be inviting and friendly, not SCREAMING IN THEIR FACE.

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acrylic lobby sign with standoffs

Select The Right Kinds of Signs

There are already so many different types of signage out there, as well as many different types of businesses. A business’s signs need to complement and enhance the message that they are putting out there for potential customers. There are so many different types of materials, printing methods, and applications that the possibilities are endless. Do some research if you are unsure of what would work for your business.

Example: Vehicle wraps are arguably the best way to advertise any business. Let’s say that you make toy soldiers in your spare time and you only sell them online. A wrapped vehicle with your logo, domain name, and a picture of your beautiful toy soldiers would be the way to get people who don’t go online that much to know where to buy handmade toy soldiers.

Here at Connecting Signs, we want to make sure that you get the most out of what we can offer for your business. We will not only make your signage ideas a reality, we will help you every step of the way. Our expert sign designers and sign makers know exactly what goes into a successful sign. In fact, one of them wrote this very blog. If you need a sign or some consultation on a sign there’s no better place in (but not limited to) Northern Colorado.