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Everything to Know About Directional and Wayfinding Signs

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Triangular Pylon Wayfinding Sign

The thing about directional signs, also known as “wayfinding” signs, is that they are often the last thing on your mind. This is until you’re lost and need some direction! The beautiful thing about directional signage is that they’re supposed to be noticed by those who need to find important facilities, but they should easily blend in with the surrounding architecture and interior design layout. A successful directional sign plan takes time, patience, and organization. In these next few paragraphs, we’ll go over some tips and options for organizing a comprehensive directional sign plan.







Make Sure Your Directional Signs are Useful

church wayfinding sign - Connecting Signs

Outdoor Directional Sign

The best way to begin your directional sign plan is to put yourself if the shoes of your guests who will need to know where the exits are, where the restrooms are, and other important areas. Following suggestions from your local building inspector is a good place to start as well but take some time to walk through the space to understand the directional signage needs. Map out the important and heavy-traffic areas where directional signs will need to be located. Consider a high-contrasting color scheme to help the text stand out if the directional signs have size restrictions.

Keep the Message (Stupidly) Simple

When people are rushing to get somewhere and suddenly, they need to know where a restroom is, they will depend on directional signs that are clear, specific, and simple to guide them to the nearest restroom. Think about the last time you were in an airport and realize that an environment like that can be really distracting and overwhelming. Airport signs are a perfect example of when it’s necessary to place signage in the best place so that they can be seen and read at the right time by the right people!

Adapt and Revise as Needed

Once your directional signs are up and functioning, notice how people interact with them and adapt to ensure that they are functioning as intended. Keep directional signs clean and free of obstructions. It’s also a good idea to double-check that illuminated directional signs are fully functioning and to replace and fix them the minute a sign goes dark. Not everyone always gets directional signs right the first time, so allow yourself some grace to change things up. Maybe that directional wall-mounted sign is not being seen as it should, so consider a ceiling mount system for that sign. There are always different options and sometimes you’ve got to go through them all to find the right option for you!

indoor directional sign

Indoor Directional Sign

Customize Directional Signs to Keep People Happy

Directional signs can be tricky to plan out, especially if your building has several tenants and even more so if your tenants are open to the public. Your tenants’ customers will need to easily find their locations by using these, and if they are not correct, those customers will not be very happy. The way to get around this issue is to utilize directional signage that has changeable tenant panels. Custom directional signs are more expensive but will have a long and useful life directing customers and other people around your building.

If you’re looking to get started on your directional sign project, request a free quote here. Let us help you elevate your and wayfinding signs to their fullest potential. Connecting Signs guarantees all of our work to ensure that your signs are designed, manufactured, and installed in a timely and efficient manner.

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All About Indoor Acrylic Signs

Custom braille room signs

Interior-grade acrylic is one of the most common and affordable sign substrates available and is the perfect medium for indoor signs. Acrylic comes in different grades and thicknesses depending on what it will be used for and can easily be routed out into any shape or font. Acrylic has a nice smooth finish which makes it ideal for flatbed printing. Indoor acrylic signs can come in the form of way-finding directional signs, lobby area signs, reception desk signs, room identification signs and restroom signs.




Acrylic signs stand out as a preferred choice thanks in part to the material’s versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Being available in lots of different colors and finishes allows for total control and customization! Acrylic is also stronger than glass, but half the weight. In the unfortunate event of a break, acrylic does not fracture like glass – acrylic fractures into big, dull-edged fragments. Maintaining and cleaning acrylic signs is very simple, although there is one rule: Never use abrasive liquids (like isopropyl alcohol) or ammonia-based detergents to clean acrylic signs. The best way to clean acrylic signs is to use a micro-fiber cloth and a mild detergent mixed with water.

Clear Acrylic Lobby Sign

Clear Acrylic Lobby Sign

Acrylic ADA Restroom Signs

Acrylic ADA Restroom Signs

While there is a lot of room for creativity in designing indoor acrylic signs, there’s also some rules that you might want to be aware of. Regulatory identification signs, like accessible restroom signs and room identification signs require a specific letter height/thickness, lettering color, background color, elevation, sign size, as well as grade II braille. These rules may seem restricting, but they’re intended to make public spaces more inclusive and accessible. On the plus side, simple and to-the-point is how to ensure that your message is seen and understood by the audience.





Getting your indoor acrylic signs started is simple from here! Follow this link to request a free quote, call Connecting Signs at 970-493-0133 for assistance in placing your sign order, or if you’re a Fort Collins local just stop by our showroom anytime!

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Effective Indoor and Outdoor Directional Signs

You might not realize how important clear and readable signage is until you find yourself lost in an unfamiliar location. Directional signs are so useful and important because they tell us where to go and how to get there! Effective directional signs are ones that have large clear text in a color contrasting against its background. Any other necessary information like arrows or worded directions also are very visible and easy to read. Directional signs also need to be installed so that the customers can easily find them. As you can see, there are rules that should be followed for directional signs. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t look good. An effective directional sign is also designed so that it looks like it belongs as well as helping people navigate.

Outdoor Fort Collins directional signs in the form of traffic signs or road signs on the highway are purely functional. They don’t need busy designs with lots of contrasting colors, just two colors: any dark-colored background and white letters. There’s a reason interstate road signs look the same, because white letters on top of a dark green background is one of the best color combinations. The white letters stand out so well against that background.

Indoor directional signs (also) mainly serve the purpose of guiding foot traffic so they also need to be simple and readable from far away. If you ever find yourself in a busy international airport with thousands of other people trying to find their gate or rushing to make their flight, you will notice that directional signs are everywhere! They all look the same, with clear lettering and symbols and contrasting colors.

Signs help people in many ways. It’s very important to make your signs work for you! Directional signage is just one of the many kinds of signs that are necessary for modern times. With innovations in the sign industry and new buildings being built all over, there is a big demand for directional signs that not only look good, but also serve a purpose.

Outdoor Directional Signs Fort Collins, CO

Redeemer Outdoor Directional Signs Directional and wayfinding signs are a must for many types of businesses and public buildings.  When you enter a new building, you want clear, understandable directions for where you need to go.  Just as important, are the exterior or outdoor directions of the building assisting where you need to enter.  This […]

Directional Signage

Directional Signs for Schools and Colleges


Have you ever been to an airport, that you’ve never been to before, and made a wrong turn or got lost? If you’re in a huge rush trying to catch a connecting flight, that scenario right there is a frequent traveler’s worst nightmare! You do not realize how important good way-finding signage is until your family vacation depends on it. Directional signage doesn’t just make your customer’s lives easier, it allows your staff to focus on their work instead of guiding lost visitors to the restrooms. With so many options out there for directional signs, the task of organizing, designing and manufacturing these informational signs can seem daunting. That’s when you give us a call!

Colorado State University recently came to us to help them with their directional signage needs. The Lory Student Center is an ever-changing hub of students and staff. The place is more like an airport than anything else! There’s a food court, multiple levels with multiple offices, computer shops, clothing shops, a bank, study rooms and much more. Come Fall semester and that place will be a hive of new students and visitors trying to find their way around the building. Indoor Directional Signs for Schools and Colleges need to be clear, and simple, which is exactly what CSU needed.


We helped guide them through the many options of designs and types of signs. They ended up going with large (and easy to read) tower signs. They’re 3-sided, triangular and completely custom to ensure functionality and visibility. Each side has a clear acrylic protector to go over the posters that they will print and insert themselves. We printed these initial inserts for them on non-glossy poster material. The finished signs ended up being seven feet tall, and each side is almost two feet wide. They will showcase informational posters for events, classes and other collegiate activities. We also fabricated a nice way to showcase the Lory Student Center brand; a brushed aluminum panel with their logo applied directly to the panel.


These signs will be vitally important to incoming students and visitors of the Lory Student Center. It was also very important to us that they were easy for the client to understand how they work. There are many ways to direct your visitors with signs. Let us show you how to get started. We’ll answer any question you might have and work with you to help you accomplish your directional signage needs. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor signs, we do it all! Request a quote here, or give us a call!

Interior Signs – Lory Student Center

When you need interior signs, there are a lot of things to consider. The type of signs, how many signs, where signs are needed, matching existing signs, using good colors, ADA compliant needs, easy to read and understand, and more reasons depending on the type of business. Colleges are a type of business where interior signs are used everywhere to direct and guide students (new and old) around huge buildings.

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Without Directional and Wayfinding Signs, You’re Lost!

It’s easy to take wayfinding signs for granted, especially when you’re familiar with your surroundings. They seem to be just about everywhere. However, just because there are a lot of them, it doesn’t decrease the importance or impact of each.

Let’s take a light-hearted look at signs that starts with an imaginary flight landing in a city you’ve never been to, renting a car, and checking into your hotel room. On our imaginary trip, we will be going to Fort Collins, Colorado!

Wayfinding Signs On the Plane

We begin as you arrive at the Denver Airport. The first wayfinding signs you’ll probably notice will be to fasten your seat belt that will dim as the plane taxies to a stop. Next, you will be locating the exit sign.

Navigating Through the Airport

In the airport, you look for wayfinding signs that will tell you where to pick up your luggage, probably where the restroom is and where to get your rent-a-car. Even at the rent-a-car area there will be business signs with logos of multiple car companies and signs instructing you where to stand in line and where to get your car.

Directional Highway Signs

Once you receive your rent-a-car, you will locate the parking lot exit and the right way to Fort Collins signs. On the road, your eyes will be focused on wayfinding signs to Fort Collins. There will also be signs for restaurants, places to stay, and event banners promoting things to do in Ft. Collins. You’ll likely scan signs promoting sales in the area, and maybe even the time and temperature.

Wayfinding in the Hotel

Signs will direct you into the hotel parking lot and registration area. You will most likely find ADA signs along with a lobby sign. After checking in, you will locate the elevator or staircase sign, perhaps while you pass the sign for the pool and gym. Then there’s the sign directing you toward your room and finally the room number sign! Each sign connecting you from plane to car, to hotel.

Now imagine this same trip from the airport to the hotel, without signs.

There are a lot of sign companies out there. Connecting Signs Fort Collins is a Colorado sign company that can help you determine the best signage for your company. Let us help connect your business and improve your bottom line!




Indoor Business Signs – How to be compliant with ADA regulations

What are ADA Signs?

ADA Signs, Braille regulatory signs, Indoor Business Signs all use standard symbols, pictograms, and text to mark areas specially adapted for use by disabled persons.

Why do you need to comply? According to the US Department of Justice website, the Americans with Disabilities Act was established for “ensuring equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, State and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation”. There are a number of features on these signs, such as raised text, raised graphics, background finish, color, and Braille, all of which help in the accessibility of your business. Placement is another aspect that needs to be taken into account.

ada room signs

Custom braille room signs

ADA Guidelines to Know About

There are several ADA guideline documents available with simple internet searches. It’s a fact that well-designed and attractive indoor building signs and interior business signs make your company more successful. The customers visiting your building most likely won’t be consciously looking at the signage as a reflection of your business; however effective indoor directional signage will guide them to where they’re trying to get. Visitors will be able to find their way around without getting frustrated and having to ask for directions. However if you’d like, Connecting Signs will make conforming to ADA requirements a breeze – let us do the legwork! We understand the guidelines and can consult your team in design of all your interior regulatory sign panels.


As a business owner, you know that you need ADA signs to be in compliance. The team of professionals here at Connecting Signs will help you with all your indoor building signs, and we fully understand that your business can actually become more successful with the right interior regulatory ADA signs. Give us a call today at 970-493-0133 or request a quote here.

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Interior Signs Create a Positive First Impression

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Purposeful Interior Signage

Make a lasting positive first impression on your customers with great looking interior signage. Interior building signs range from ADA room identification signs to reception area and lobby signs. There are many options from wood, acrylic, veneers, and much more. Interior building signs serve a very important purpose to any business and facility. When clients and customers walk into your business you want to be sure that they can easily find their way around. Not having to ask for directions, but rather be simply “pointed” in the right direction, makes visiting your business pleasant and comfortable – not to mention avoiding time wasted by your employees having to answer the same questions over and over for directions to a visitor center, or restrooms.

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Designate Important Areas

Interior signage must clearly designate exits, restrooms, conference rooms, stairs, and other important areas in your building. This makes visiting your building more convenient, and it improves the overall safety of your customers and employees. In an emergency, clearly defined exits will make evacuating the building easier and could even save lives.

Interior signs include ADA-compliant sign panels and are a key component to any successful business. Interior signs make your place of business look professional can be customized to match the décor of your building and will enhance the overall appearance of your facility.

Contact Connecting Signs for all of your interior building signage projects – our team will partner with you, conducting site surveys, designing a custom look, and whatever else your project calls for.