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Endless Possibilities with Wall Wraps

The concept of wrapping a vehicle can be applied to virtually almost any flat surface. An advantage of wrapping versus painting is that it is not a long-term commitment. As long as your wrap is taken care of, you can look forward to about ten years of effective advertising (less if your wrap is exposed to the weather or sun). Wall wraps offer a unique opportunity to advertise your brand or message. Premium wrap film technology allows for us to wrap over textured surfaces like CMU or brick walls. Wall wraps can add interest to a boring space or they can inform your audience.

Wall wraps can be laid on any textured surface

Wall mural project

Modern vinyl manufacturing has progressed so far and quickly from where it began. Textured vinyl film is a very classy and elegant example of what is possible today. Architectural films are made purely for interior design purposes. With finishes like: marble, brushed metal, wood, carbon fiber, dry-erase, stone, silk, leather, and much more, you’re sure to find the perfect wall wrap vinyl for your project. Seriously, these are simple and amazing alternatives to expensive materials that might not fit within your budget. It’s shocking how well these architectural films can transform a space!

Digital printing technology allows for virtually anything to be displayed on your walls, desks, or windows. It’s important to work with a graphic designer who knows how to create good vector art. A professional photographer can also be a vital resource to your wall wrap design if you’re interested in displaying photographs or photo-realistic illustrations. The other element to a successful wall wrap is to partner with a professional installer. There’s nothing more frustrating then having yards and yards of vinyl ready to install and then an unforeseen issue arises at the last second! All in all, it’s best to always have a good team to work with.

Wall Wraps from Connecting Signs in Fort Collins, CO

Meeting room wall mural

If you’re stuck looking for a professional and experienced partner to help get your project off the ground, then look no further! Connecting Signs is equipped to help guide you through all of your wall wrap needs. Give us a call today or click here to get started!

school flag from coneecting signs in fort collins

School Flag Fort Collins

Schools will usually have a mascot that represents the school in the community and at events.  The mascot is displayed in lots of different ways – murals, banners, and a school flag.

Sign Design – Raster vs. Vector Art & Resolution

Have you ever tried designing something on the computer? It’s not as easy as you would think! Graphic designing has come so far from hand-drawn thumbnail sketches. Sketching out your ideas on a piece of paper is simple and un-constricting. However, if you want to transfer than design to the computer so you can further manipulate the artwork, you must understand the program you’re working in. The most basic way to get your design on the computer is to simply scan it or take a picture with your phone (smart phone) and upload onto your computer. Modern sign design is like this, except the graphic designer needs to be able to edit and manipulate every element of the design. Customers who already have artwork (for example: photos, logos, text) can send these files to the designer who can then use their skills and knowledge to adjust your artwork and design your sign or vehicle wrap.


Understanding Vector and Raster Artwork

Consider the size of a business card. Now think about the size of a billboard. There is a huge difference in size between those two products. The artwork (size) for the business card cannot possibly work for the billboard. That has everything to do with the format the artwork in the file. Vector artwork (a term known very well by graphic designers) is the best to work with in large-scale printing because it can it be used for small-scale printing and large-scale printing. Vector artwork is created using special software programs. Vector art is made of points and lines; elements that scale to any size without losing clarity. Vector artwork is ideal and necessary for large-format printing. On the other hand, Raster artwork is made of tiny squares called pixels. Any image you look at on a screen (your phone, television or computer monitor) is a raster graphic. Raster graphics can absolutely work for large-format printing, but the image must be high resolution. Here’s a graphic to help understand vector vs. raster artwork:


Vector vs. Raster Graphics

Vector vs. Raster Graphics

Understanding Resolution

Raster artwork is made of tiny squares called pixels. Pixels are like puzzle pieces, that, when arranged correctly and put together make a picture. You can see individual pixels if you zoom in as close as possible in an image. Resolution is the term used to explain how many pixels make up an image. Low resolution means that the image you’re looking at has less pixels per square inch. High resolution means that the image has more pixels per inch. It’s important to know, however, that you can’t simply convert a low-resolution image to a high-resolution image. Only high-resolution can be converted to low-resolution, not low to high. Low resolution images are ideal for designing for a screen (like a website) or small-format printing (like business cards). High resolution images mean a larger file, but they are necessary for large-format printing.

Vector vs. Raster

Image Zoomed in to show pixels

Interior Wall Graphics for Sporting Arena


School is officially back in session! We’ve worked with some great schools; from Elementary schools to Collegiate institutions. Colorado State University is one that we’ve established a great relationship with. We were really excited to help them with the new wall and window graphics in the Moby Arena. This arena is where CSU holds their indoor sporting events. It’s also a hub of activity in the Summer. Plenty of eyes are on the athletes, but the walls needed a refreshment of eye-catching graphics!


Digitally printed wall graphics have become more popular over the years, as well as a less expensive alternative to hand-painted murals. The freedom to print whatever you want is also an advantage of digitally printed graphics. The possibilities are endless, but we still have to be aware of the issues involved with wall graphics. The wall itself being one major variables in the process.

When you apply vinyl to painted surfaces, you need to know that some paint dries and cures differently across the spectrum of finishes and brands. Some finishes are not ideal to apply vinyl to, while some assist in the adhesion of the graphic to the surface. Drywall also comes in a variety of textures. If the wall has any texture (an example of this is the “orange peel” finish that is a feature of most indoor walls), then premium vinyl is the only option for ensuring longevity. But, even then, the painted surface below the vinyl needs to have been out-gassed and fully cured. Enamel paint is the best kind of paint for wall graphics, while latex paint needs a lot of time to fully cure. These are the problems that we must always consider when we’re contacted for wall graphics.


There’s also many finishing options for the actual vinyl. The best and most popular finish for wall graphics, is matte or non-gloss. You can apply glossy graphics to an interior wall, but you will have a major glare problem. Unless you specifically request a gloss finish, your graphics will have a matte finish. For a unique look, you can mix the vinyl finishes! There’s so many different options that are available for wall graphics. Contact us today to get your walls customized!


Gun Safe Wraps 1

Gun Safe Wraps

We can customize your gun safe in 5 easy steps:

  • Contact us and let us know the make and model of your gun safe. If you don’t know, just provide us with dimensions of the surface you want covered. Sending us a straight-on picture of the surface you want covered is very helpful as well.
  • Do online searches for gun safe wraps and let us know what you have in mind. We can customize images to get you the exact look you’re looking for.
  • One of our designers will send you a proof/mock-up to help you see what it’s going to look like.
  • We use the highest quality 3M materials and laminates, printed on our HP latex printers to create a vibrant, colorful wrap.
  • Our installers will finish the job and make sure everything is installed correctly.

Firearms are your prized possessions that must be protected and kept safe, which is why you lock them in a secure gun safe. We help you customize your safe – maybe you want a camo wrap, or a wildlife scene, …one of the more popular themes is one that displays your patriotism.

Have an item you’d like to personalize or make unique with your own graphic design? Whether you have a design all ready to go, or you need help creating one from an idea buried in the depths of your imagination, we can help! Our award-winning design team has created many custom designs. Using the process below, we have perfected the art of creative custom designs for almost any situation.

Give the experts at Connecting Signs a call today at 970.493.0133 to discuss your custom gun safe wrap project.

Bus wraps fort collins

Vehicle Graphics for Water Valley’s Limo Bus in Windsor, Colorado

Connecting Signs worked with Miles BrandDNA to create a great eye-catching bus wrap for Water Valley in Windsor, Colorado.

  • Miles BrandDNA’s singular focus is on creating differentiation by identifying and communicating our client’s Brand DNA has produced an unprecedented history of success for many of the leading real estate brands in the world.
  • Water Valley holds the distinction of being Northern Colorado’s premier resort-style lake front/golf course development.

We specialize in vehicle graphics, and as far as we’re concerned, the bigger the better! One of the challenges of this bus wrap was keeping the graphics flowing across the large windows on the sides of the bus. We used perforated window film to keep the graphics looking great over the windows, while allowing the folks inside the bus to see out. For the body of the bus, we used highly conformable 3M premium wrap vinyl to make sure our customer gets a beautiful looking graphic, with the longest life possible.

This newly wrapped bus with flashy graphics, not only provides the lucky riders with loads of fun while they safely enjoy their special event, but the bus is also providing a huge rolling billboard for Water Valley! Bottom line is that bus wraps really can’t help but get noticed, and they will drive brand awareness more effectively than nearly every other type of advertising.

If you have vehicle (even a bus!) that needs to be advertising your brand, give us a call at 970.493.0133 and we’ll help create a rolling billboard for your company’s brand!

Commercial truck wraps fort collins

Truck Graphics for The Generous Farmer in Loveland, Colorado

We partnered with The Generous Farmer and The Great American Food Pantry to design, print, and install a custom truck wrap for one of their farm trucks. These two organizations located in Loveland, Colorado are committed to helping feed deserving folks in need of a helping hand.

  • The Great American Food Pantry was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Ever since this organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest.
  • The Generous Farmer is a reputable Food Broker that has been created to act as a conduit between Charitable Individuals, Farmers and Food Assistance Programs all over the Country in order to help feed our nations less fortunate by providing food in the form of quality farm-fresh fruits and vegetables at a lower cost than purchasing direct from traditional providers.

They approached us to see if we could take their specific and detailed design ideas, and incorporate them into a custom designed truck wrap. Our team specializes in vehicle wrap design in every situation – even the trickier ones such as what this project entailed. We decided on using contour cut graphics in order to show the great base color of the vehicle. The design includes shafts of wheat to accent the various sponsor logos and other features of the Ford E350 truck.

Using premium 3M wrap vinyl we printed and cut the Loveland truck graphics, and our 3M preferred installation rounded out the project flawlessly! When you have a truck wrap, or vehicle wrap that requires that extra-special design element, give us a call at 970.493.0133. We’ll take your ideas and transform your work truck, van, or car into something that represents your company in best of ways!

Food truck wraps

Food Truck graphics for Rocky Mountain Sausage Grill in Fort Collins

Food trucks are more and more popular in Fort Collins, Denver, and up and down the Colorado Front Range. They rely on hungry customers in downtown area, business parks, construction sites, and all other urban areas. They also rely on brand recognition and eye-catching graphics – which is where we come in!

Our team here at Connecting Signs specializes in creating spectacular Food Truck graphics, and we partner with you to create the brand awareness your business needs. We recently partnered with Rocky Mountain Sausage Grill in Fort Collins to create a mobile kitchen that undoubtedly will gather hungry patrons no matter where it’s parked. Their specialty will feature homemade and local products, including sauerkraut, sausage sandwiches, and much more!

We’ll make sure your business truck will get a top quality graphics to match the food you’re serving.

  • We offer one-on-one professional graphic design to make your logo and services stand out.
  • We use 3M and Avery vinyl for long lasting, and value-driven wraps.
  • 3M Preferred installers will make sure your graphics are installed with utmost care.

When you are looking for graphics for your food truck, mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, roach coach, gut truck, or catering truck you’ve got to give us a call at 970.493.0133. We love helping businesses be successful, and connecting them with customers looking for their products and services!

Van Graphics for Vern’s Toffee House in Fort Collins

The vehicle wrap experts at Connecting Signs are proud to have produced and installed this graphic wrap for a passenger van for Vern’s Toffee House, a Fort Collins family-owned-and operated business that hand-crafts butter almond toffee the old-fashioned way from their original toffee recipe. They have shipped their toffee all over the globe since 1976!

Full wraps on standard passenger vans are a great way to tranform a vehicle that may serve both as a company and a personal vehicle. It doesnt matter if the van is delivering a box of goodies across Northern Colorado, or taking a load of soccer players to their game, the “rolling billboard” is working to promote the companies brand all long the way!

Vern’s Toffee knows the great value in advertising with vehicle graphics. The number of impressions they get from a simple drive to Old Town Fort Collins for lunch will far surpass that yellow pages ad that probably nobody finds anyway. Parking this baby next to a busy street while you’re at lunch will probably pay for the cost of the food, and more!

If you are researching van wraps, you will want to make sure that the company you work with is printing the van graphics on premium material. Premium 3M IJ180 will do the trick on all the curved surfaces and grooves found on these type of vans. Also make sure your installers are3M Preferred installation experts to ensure you get the longest life for your money. Sure, premium 3M vinyl material costs a bit more, but over time it is worth it.

Interested in a Passenger Van wrap? Give the experts at Connecting Signs a call today at 970.493.0133

Trade Show Displays and Booths-Make it Count

Participating in a trade show is a great way to get noticed in front of a lot of current customers and potential customers.  Most trade shows last a day or two; that’s a lot of visitors!  Here’s what a trade show display can do for you:

  • Show your product
  • Describe your product or service
  • Creates first impressions
  • Specific to your type of product
  • Helps get your foot in the door
  • Can have up to 200 visitors at your booth

You can spend a lot of money on a trade show, so make it a good return on your investment:

  • Let your current customers know-send out mailings
  • Why are you there (new company, introducing a new product)
  • Set your goals (what do you want to get out of the show)
  • Staff who will be at the show must be prepared and knowledgeable
  • Invest in good signage

As mentioned above,first impressions mean a lot when attracting a potential customer.  Having thebest signage will be a huge advantage.  It’s not easy; your space is probably going to be about 10 feet wide and the average person will walk by in 8-10 seconds.

  • Signs should be visible and legible from the aisle of the showroom
  • Up-to-date (invest in something new)
  • Use logo, name of company, and your tag line
  • Tell what your company does (which field, what industry, what you can solve or do for the customer
  • Ask someone not in your industry if they can explain what your booth  is about just by looking at the sign(s)

Obviously these trade show display booths should be done a little better:

Here are some very good trade show display ideas:

These types of exhibits are easy to assemble and look impressive

Table coverings are also a nice booth display

Retractable banner stands are easy to use and transport

Up-to-date, modern display with room for a table and chair

Nice, bright color and good lighting

These are just a sample of the many different types of displays that are available for the trade show scene.  A lot of these displays can also be used again and again at future trade shows.  Or set them up in your own showroom or business.  Connecting Signs can help you pick out the best exhibit for your next trade show specific to your needs. Check out our trade show display catalog and give us a call and we’ll help you through the process.  Stand out from the regular trade show crowd with awesome signage!!