Radio Station Custom Vehicle Wrap

Recently, a local radio station in Northern Colorado came to us to help them re-design their 2015 Nissan Pathfinder to reflect their new branded logo. We were lucky enough to work with them on their first wrap. They changed their logo quite a bit to reflect their new sound. We wanted to help them keep to their budget as well, so this new wrap needed to be a custom partial vehicle wrap.


Tri 102.5 full vehicle wrap

The color scheme to be used in the wrap was changed to a simple blue, and red based design. We decided to design this with the logo in mind. It’s highlighted by the angled lines with the blue and red sampled from the darkest blues and darkest reds. The website address and corporate logos also needed to be clearly shown on the wrap. We also installed perforated window vinyl on the side and rear windows for additional coverage. But, the best part about perforated vinyl is that you can see out of it from inside the vehicle.

Previous logo design and full vehicle wrap

Previous logo design and wrap

Even custom partial vehicle wraps can be versatile and can increase your visibility to your audience. You can also think of vehicle wraps as a moving billboard! If you are on the road, driving your company van or truck around, you can take all those views you’re getting on the highway or parked as a way to engage potential customers. Small businesses can benefit greatly from vehicle wraps, especially if your business is new in town. The cost saved by shifting your marketing budget to include a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics (like side door decals, or rear window graphics) is great after you look at the cost of an actual billboard.

Are you interested in a vehicle wrap? Do you want to see the difference between a quarter, half or full vehicle wrap? Give us a call today or click here to request a quote!

Gun Safe Wraps 1

Gun Safe Wraps

Custom Designed Full Wrap on Gun Safes

We can customize your gun safe in 5 easy steps:

  • Contact us and let us know the make and model of your gun safe. If you don’t know, just provide us with dimensions of the surface you want covered. Sending us a straight-on picture of the surface you want covered is very helpful as well.
  • Do online searches for gun safe wraps and let us know what you have in mind. We can customize images to get you the exact look you’re looking for.
  • One of our designers will send you a proof/mock-up to help you see what it’s going to look like.
  • We use the highest quality 3M materials and laminates, printed on our HP latex printers to create a vibrant, colorful wrap.
  • Our installers will finish the job and make sure everything is installed correctly.

Firearms are your prized possessions that must be protected and kept safe, which is why you lock them in a secure gun safe. We help you customize your safe – maybe you want a camo wrap, or a wildlife scene, …one of the more popular themes is one that displays your patriotism.

Have an item you’d like to personalize or make unique with your own graphic design? Whether you have a design all ready to go, or you need help creating one from an idea buried in the depths of your imagination, we can help! Our award-winning design team has created many custom designs. Using the process below, we have perfected the art of creating custom designs for almost any situation.

Give the experts at Connecting Signs a call today at 970.493.0133 or request a free quote here to discuss your custom gun safe wrap project.

Coors Light Grain Silo Wrap

Here’s a project we just finished that might turn a few heads! Our talented team of designers and installers transformed a plain grain silo at the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado into a Coors Light Silver Bullet. The brewery is always looking for new and unique ways to market their best-selling brew, and this 38’ tall silo should pretty much do the trick. And unless someone proves us wrong – we just created the world’s largest can of beer!!!

Every single vinyl graphics job is unique, from vehicle wraps and having to design and install around and over body contours and complex shapes, to walls and windows graphics and making sure the layout matches the size and environment. But with a vinyl coverage area of nearly 2000 square foot, and the silo being 70’ from the ground to the top, we knew we’d have to dig down deep in our bag of tricks to get the grain silo wrap completed on time and without error!

Like nearly all of our client’s projects, we utilize our years of project management experience to create a clear path to follow from beginning to end. Essential steps for a successful wrap project are:

  • Consultation
  • Design and Layout
  • Proofs and Approval
  • Printing
  • Installation

Ok, back to the grain silo… After a couple road trips from Fort Collins to Golden to make absolute certain we had accurate measurements, we started the design and layout. We used artwork from MillerCoors for different sizes of cans and determined that the 16oz “Tall Boy” was the perfect match for this scaled up version – in fact, we ended up with only about 5” extra in the overall height of the graphics in keeping with the can’s exact proportion.  Our graphic designer had this to say about the project…”The graphic design work was a challenge because it was hard to envision what the completed graphics would look like as well as organizing the different pieces to ensure an easy installation…”  Our vehicle wraps are done right here in our shop which is nice because if there is a problem or question, the designer is right there to address the issue.  This project was many miles from our designer so everything had to be done right the first time – we think she did a pretty good job!  Here is an example of how she tiled the design for our installers:

There were 24 pieces each 17′ long and 52″ wide.

After three solid days of printing and laminating, we packed everything up and headed to Golden for the install. Installations as complex as this never go exactly as-planned, but everyone was able to brave the heat, wind, rain sprinkles, long days, and white-knuckles on the lift equipment, and complete the installation in only three days!

Along with all the pictures we took to capture the install, we also did a video you have to watch!

Nothing bonds a hard working team together than successfully completing projects like his. One word – AWESOME! We all had a blast working with awesome folks at the Coors Brewery, and look forward to making that Fort Collins to Golden trip a few more times!  CHEERS!

Fleet Vehicle Graphics

When The Feet calls for installation of vehicle decals, it’s never just one vehicle – it’s many!  Recently we got a call to help out with installation of their company graphics on 10 Ford Transits.  The back of our shop has a great parking lot that is perfect for the 10 vehicles.

We like to do things fast here at Connecting Signs, so we tried to get in as many vehicles that the inside of our shop would hold to do the installation.

The vehicle graphics used for The Feet are cut vinyl decals that are applied to the vehicles.  When we do work for The Feet, everyone in the shop helps out because of the amount vehicles they bring in at one time and the process used to create the decal.  Their logo is cut out of 3M premium vinyl royal purple and sunflower yellow and applied by layering the logo on top of each other.  When the purple graphics is laid on top of the yellow, it makes the finished logo as seen below:

The layered logo and text is then applied by using transfer tape.

Their fleet is made up of multiple vehicle types depending on the delivery – getting the work done more efficiently for their customers.  We have installed graphics to Ford Transits, Toyota Corollas and Tacoma, Ford E250s, Ford Focus, Ford Ranger, and a Nissan!

Does your business need a company vehicle for making deliveries like The Feet or do you need multiple vehicles for salespeople, carrying equipment or traveling to construction sites?  If you do decide that fleets will be a value to your business, there are many things to keep in mind like what type of vehicle (van, passenger car), to lease or buy.  Read more here to find out about lots of information for leasing.  Of course, don’t forget about identifying your fleet with a full vehicle wrap, partial vehicle wrap or vehicle decals.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be consistent with your design (wording, graphics, color) on all vehicles
  • Keep it simple
  • State what you do and how you can be contacted (website, phone number)
  • Add your tagline
  • If you add a new vehicle, schedule it for installation of decals or wrap as soon as possible

The Feet’s fleet vehicle graphics does all of these things with their vehicle decals.  Give them a call for delivery service from Casper, Wyoming to Castle Rock, Colorado.  Connecting Signs uses them for many of our deliveries of banners, posters and other signage.  It’s a great partnership!  Give us a call 970-493-0133.  We would love to partner with you and park your fleet in our huge parking lot!




Use vehicle wrap design to drive the message home - Connecting Signs

Effective Vehicle Wrap Design

The vehicle wrap design on this Kia Soul really stand out and get noticed! You certainly can’t miss the bright colors and the message driving by it on the highway or in town.  The custom printed graphics and colors are nothing like the factory paint job – in fact, can you imagine how difficult it would be to create this using paints?!

Any time you can start with a vehicle that already gets noticed because of its size and shape and enhance it with an effective design, you end up with a true marketing machine that literally drives your message home. The key components of effective vehicle wrap design are showcased in this wrap for iPoint Technologies’ Kia Soul, which can be seen driving all over Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Those design components include:

1. A Simple Vehicle Wrap Design: Sure, crazy abstract images will certainly get someone’s attention, but they might not help the viewer retain any messaging you are trying to convey. A complicated, confusing design will probably leave the viewer with an impression that they saw something, but won’t be able to remember specifics. Simple vehicle wrap designs will help with message retention and keeping continuity in the theme of the marketing campaign.

2. Limited Text: When it’s moving, the viewer only has a couple seconds at most to take in the message, definitely more when stopped at lights or at a stop sign. In most cases the viewer of the graphics won’t have time to read through a long list of your company’s important products or services. Save the detailed information for your website, and think of your vehicle wrap as a tool to drive potential clients to your website. A good practice is to pick out 2 or 3 key services that immediately inform the viewer what you offer, a tag-line or catch phrase that differentiates you from your competition is a great idea as well. Finish it off with your company name, logo, and web address. Any and all pictures and graphics should be complementary to your messaging.

3. Complementary Themes and Colors: The colors and themes of the wrap design need to be complimentary with each other, and not clash. The potential client may notice the clashing colors more than your important products and services! It’s best to stay away from dozens of colors and limit them to just two with a possible accent color.

Give the experts at Connecting Signs a call today at 970.493.0133 to get started your custom vehicle graphics design, and putting together an effective mobile marketing campaign today!

truck graphics from Conneting Signs in Fort Collins

Snap-on Tools Truck Graphics Fort Collins

We just finished installing graphics on the back lift gate of a local Fort Collins Snap-on Tools truck operated by Jon Kunz. We got the call from him in the morning, and they needed it installed that same day for the Snap-On Tools Championship Night at Colorado National Speedway the very next day. As you can see, the graphics really grab the attention and help promote the Snap-On brand!

Vehicle Graphics and Truck Graphics are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your company’s brand and create a rolling billboard for your services. They are not governed by city sign codes, so you dont need to worry about how big the sign is. Eye-catching vehicle graphics are seen by more people than any other form of advertising on the road today – they really do get your phones ringing!

If you need the best tools around Fort Collins – contact Jon and he’ll get you setup with tools that will last a lifetime. And if you’re looking for installation, design, or advice on turning your company vehicle in to an advertising machine, give Connecting Signs Vehicle Graphics a call at 970.493.0133. We are your choice for vehicle graphics in Northern Colorado!

Vehicle Wrap Fort Collins - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

New Vehicle Graphics for our company truck in Fort Collins

As the age-old adage goes – “Practice What You Preach”! Our graphic designer was asked to create a new and effective wrap design for our Chevy Colorado work truck, and really knocked it out of the park! The new truck wrap took our plain white pickup and transformed it into an advertising machine that has already generated several phone calls and leads even after a short 2-3 weeks on the road.

Car Wraps and Vehicle Graphics are one of the most effective forms of advertisement, and this design really helps showcase the effectiveness. Along with the complimentary color scheme, the design features a clear message of our company’s products and services, along with a plaid background that enhances the wrap design without distracting from the message.

Research shows that:

  • A single Vehicle Wrap will have from 30,000 to 70,000 views/impressions per day.
  • Greater than 95% of Americans are reached by media that targets drivers and passengers.
  • Vehicle Wraps reach all ages, income levels, and professions.
  • A Vehicle Wrap works full-time for your business 24/7, 365 days a year.

Just think about it, every traffic jam represents a marketing opportunity… maybe we should also claim the health benefits from the relief you get knowing the marketing benefits while waiting for the traffic jam to clear! …Okay, I won’t go that far!

Bottom line is that every business, large or small, having a single vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles should look into this highly effective advertising form of wrapping entire vehicles with your branding, products, and services message! After you figure what it costs your business to run a yellow pages ad, send out direct mailers, TV and radio ads, or advertising on a bus stop bench, you might be wise to look closer at the number of impressions you can generate per dollar with an effective-designed vehicle wrap!

At Connecting Signs, we specialize in Vehicle Wraps in the Fort Collins, Denver, and Cheyenne area. Our team of professionals is trained to step you through the process of utilizing your existing logo, taglines, colors, etc. to create a rolling billboard for your company. There’s Full Vehicle Wraps, Partial Wraps, and many other options to fit your budget. So, give us a call at 970.493.0133 to get your companies brand noticed!

Commercial truck wraps fort collins - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Truck Graphics for The Generous Farmer in Loveland, Colorado

We partnered with The Generous Farmer and The Great American Food Pantry to design, print, and install a custom truck wrap for one of their farm trucks. These two organizations located in Loveland, Colorado are committed to helping feed deserving folks in need of a helping hand.

  • The Great American Food Pantry was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Ever since this organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest.
  • The Generous Farmer is a reputable Food Broker that has been created to act as a conduit between Charitable Individuals, Farmers and Food Assistance Programs all over the Country in order to help feed our nations less fortunate by providing food in the form of quality farm-fresh fruits and vegetables at a lower cost than purchasing direct from traditional providers.

They approached us to see if we could take their specific and detailed design ideas, and incorporate them into a custom designed truck wrap. Our team specializes in vehicle wrap design in every situation – even the trickier ones such as what this project entailed. We decided on using contour cut graphics in order to show the great base color of the vehicle. The design includes shafts of wheat to accent the various sponsor logos and other features of the Ford E350 truck.

Using premium 3M wrap vinyl we printed and cut the Loveland truck graphics, and our 3M preferred installation rounded out the project flawlessly! When you have a truck wrap, or vehicle wrap that requires that extra-special design element, give us a call at 970.493.0133. We’ll take your ideas and transform your work truck, van, or car into something that represents your company in best of ways!

Food truck wraps - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Food Truck graphics for Rocky Mountain Sausage Grill in Fort Collins

Food trucks are more and more popular in Fort Collins, Denver, and up and down the Colorado Front Range. They rely on hungry customers in downtown area, business parks, construction sites, and all other urban areas. They also rely on brand recognition and eye-catching graphics – which is where we come in!

Our team here at Connecting Signs specializes in creating spectacular Food Truck graphics, and we partner with you to create the brand awareness your business needs. We recently partnered with Rocky Mountain Sausage Grill in Fort Collins to create a mobile kitchen that undoubtedly will gather hungry patrons no matter where it’s parked. Their specialty will feature homemade and local products, including sauerkraut, sausage sandwiches, and much more!

We’ll make sure your business truck will get a top quality graphics to match the food you’re serving.

  • We offer one-on-one professional graphic design to make your logo and services stand out.
  • We use 3M and Avery vinyl for long lasting, and value-driven wraps.
  • 3M Preferred installers will make sure your graphics are installed with utmost care.

When you are looking for graphics for your food truck, mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, roach coach, gut truck, or catering truck you’ve got to give us a call at 970.493.0133. We love helping businesses be successful, and connecting them with customers looking for their products and services!

Vehicle Car Wraps - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Van Graphics for Vern’s Toffee House in Fort Collins

The vehicle wrap experts at Connecting Signs are proud to have produced and installed this graphic wrap for a passenger van for Vern’s Toffee House, a Fort Collins family-owned-and operated business that hand-crafts butter almond toffee the old-fashioned way from their original toffee recipe. They have shipped their toffee all over the globe since 1976!

Full wraps on standard passenger vans are a great way to tranform a vehicle that may serve both as a company and a personal vehicle. It doesnt matter if the van is delivering a box of goodies across Northern Colorado, or taking a load of soccer players to their game, the “rolling billboard” is working to promote the companies brand all long the way!

Vern’s Toffee knows the great value in advertising with vehicle graphics. The number of impressions they get from a simple drive to Old Town Fort Collins for lunch will far surpass that yellow pages ad that probably nobody finds anyway. Parking this baby next to a busy street while you’re at lunch will probably pay for the cost of the food, and more!

If you are researching van wraps, you will want to make sure that the company you work with is printing the van graphics on premium material. Premium 3M IJ180 will do the trick on all the curved surfaces and grooves found on these type of vans. Also make sure your installers are3M Preferred installation experts to ensure you get the longest life for your money. Sure, premium 3M vinyl material costs a bit more, but over time it is worth it.

Interested in a Passenger Van wrap? Give the experts at Connecting Signs a call today at 970.493.0133