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All About Event Signs & Banners

Do you want your business to stand out at your next event?

Trade shows and expos continue to prove their value. Events like these help exhibitors and businesses raise awareness of their brands in a big way! However, standing out in a sea of competition is not easy. The best way to visually make a good first impression is with effective event signs and banners. So then what kinds of event signs and banners will work best for you? There’s lots of different options, so the following list is just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re still lost after reading this article, contact us by clicking here or give us a call at 970-493-0133 to get your event signs and banners started today.


Retractable banners

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are the perfect type of event sign because of how professional they look and how travel-friendly they are. Another benefit is how cost-effective they are. Have a budget you need to stay within? No problem! There are also many kinds of retractable banners. Some are made specifically for outdoor events while others are made for indoor events. Some can be made with a telescoping pole that reaches over 12 feet tall and some are made for table tops and are 12 inches tall. Retractable banners are easily broken down which makes it easy to travel to your next event. Another nice feature that retractable banners have is that they are made so that you can change out the banner graphics when you want to change up your message.





Fabric backwall display

Back wall Banners

Back wall banners provide a backdrop to your booth display and gives your booth a more complete “look” with your logo and brand repeated throughout your display. Back wall banners can also be used as step-and-repeat banners for a fun photo backdrop. A simple vinyl banner with grommets will be the most cost-effective option, while a high-quality fabric banner installed in a collapsible frame will give you the most visual impact. Back wall banner displays are perfect for expos and trade shows because, like retractable banners, these items are also easy to break down and put up for when you need to exhibit at multiple shows.






trade show display

Complete Trade Show Expo Display

Table Throws

Usually (but not always) you will have a table or podium display in your booth exhibit where you might place brochures, business cards or other kinds of swag to give away to people passing by. Digitally printed fabric table throws can be another effective opportunity to showcase your brand. Fabric table throws are very versatile and can be made to custom-fit your needs whether you have a six-foot-long table or an eight-foot-long table, a round or square table, or need a four-sided table throw or a three-sided table throw. The most cost-effective table throws are one- or two-color vinyl graphics with a solid fabric background. However, to help your booth display stand out a digitally printed fabric table throw allows for any image you want to be featured on your table throw. Fabric table throws are washable and easily foldable for ease of transport.

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Trade Show Booths Northern Colorado

Whatever industry you might work in, there’s always a big event at least once a year intended to draw in new clients or to show off new technology. Trade shows, conventions and expos are important opportunities to showcase your brand or business. There’s so many new and exciting ways to effectively present your business at a trade show and the bigger, the better your booth is, the more foot-traffic your booth will generate. Investing in a high-quality convention display guarantees new leads and helps your business stand out in a room full of competitors.

Trade Show Booth

10 x 20 Backdrop Booth

Effective trade show booths can consist of retractable banner stands. Banner stands come in many sizes from table-top (about 15” tall) size to almost 10 feet tall! If you want foot traffic to have room to walk around and interact with your display, then a modular exhibit is a great option to explore. Modular trade show displays are comprised of many parts and can be compact or huge. The great thing about these modular exhibits and banner stands is that they’re completely portable! Ensuring easy assembly and smooth break-down is an important aspect of trade show displays.

trade show booths from connecting signs

10 x 20 Convention Booth

With the plethora of options in exhibit displays, how do you decide what option is best for your business? Having a trusted partner who can make the process easy is important. That’s where we come in! Connecting Signs can handle every aspect of the process. From design to manufacturing to logistics, we’ve got your connections for your trade show booths. Our client’s absolute satisfaction in our services is our number one goal.  Give us a call or click here to request a quote to get started!

Trade Show Booths

10 x 20 Modular Trade Show Display

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Table Top Display

Fort Collins, CO is home to Colorado State University.  The current enrollment for the 2017 fall semester  is approximately 37,000 students and keeps increasing every year!   Improvements and additions to the campus are constantly being done and Fort Collins is a great town to live for young people making this a very popular place to […]

trade show banners

Finding Success at a Trade Show

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Sign Design – Raster vs. Vector Art & Resolution

Have you ever tried designing something on the computer? It’s not as easy as you would think! Graphic design has come so far from hand-drawn thumbnail sketches. Sketching out your ideas on a piece of paper is simple and un-constricting. However, if you want to transfer than design to the computer so you can further manipulate the artwork, you must understand the program you’re working in. The most basic way to get your design on the computer is to simply scan it or take a picture with your phone (smartphone) and upload it onto your computer. Modern sign design is like this, except the graphic designer needs to be able to edit and manipulate every element of the design. Customers who already have artwork (for example photos, logos, text) can send these files to the designer who can then use their skills and knowledge to adjust your artwork and design your sign or vehicle wrap.


Understanding Vector and Raster Artwork

Consider the size of a business card. Now think about the size of a billboard. There is a huge difference in size between those two products. The artwork (size) for the business card cannot possibly work for the billboard. That has everything to do with the format of the artwork in the file. Vector artwork (a term known very well by graphic designers) is the best to work within large-scale printing because it can be used for small-scale printing and large-scale printing. Vector artwork is created using special software programs. Vector art is made of points and lines; elements that scale to any size without losing clarity. Vector artwork is ideal and necessary for large-format printing. On the other hand, Raster artwork is made of tiny squares called pixels. Any image you look at on a screen (your phone, television or computer monitor) is a raster graphic. Raster graphics can absolutely work for large-format printing, but the image must be high resolution. Here’s a graphic to help understand vector vs. raster artwork:


Vector vs. Raster Graphics

Vector vs. Raster Graphics

Understanding Resolution

Raster artwork is made of tiny squares called pixels. Pixels are like puzzle pieces, that when arranged correctly and put together make a picture. You can see individual pixels if you zoom in as close as possible in an image. Resolution is the term used to explain how many pixels make up an image. Low resolution means that the image you’re looking at has fewer pixels per square inch. High resolution means that the image has more pixels per inch. It’s important to know, however, that you can’t simply convert a low-resolution image to a high-resolution image. Only high-resolution can be converted to low-resolution, not low to high. Low-resolution images are ideal for designing for a screen (like a website) or small-format printing (like business cards). High-resolution images mean a larger file, but they are necessary for large-format printing.

Vector vs. Raster

Image Zoomed in to show pixels

Save time and money by using our trade show rental displayss

Trade Show Rental Displays

We all know why we should exhibit at a trade show.  Doing a trade show gets you face-to-face with a lot of customers and potential customers in a short amount of time.   Most trade shows have 10,000 attendees and 1,000 companies with displays.   Imagine giving out your business card to 200 people in a day!  What could be better than being at a trade show where all the attendees are very interested in your business/product?  Except that the guys next to you and behind and across from you are selling the same thing.  So, you’ve got to stand out!  That means awesome, colorful, interesting displays.  Here is where a lot of business owners start worrying about the cost to do a trade show.  They are costly, no doubt.  Where do you cut expenses?  You still need to be noticed, so you can’t eliminate any banners or displays, but you could rent the display part of your exhibit.  This will definitely help with the cost of doing a trade show once or twice a year. Connecting Signs offers trade show rental displays to help you stand out in crowd!

Here are some benefits to renting:

  • Try before you buy (find out what works best for you)
  • Renting can save 50-70%
  • Flexibility to change your display for different trade shows
  • You can appear larger and more impressive than what your budget allows
  • Out-of-the-box inline and island rental exhibits are pre-built

Here are just some of the many different options:

  • Options available for 10’x10’, 10’x20’, and 20’x20’ spaces and larger island spaces
  • Tension fabric displays
  • Geometric displays
  • Modular displays
  • Double deck systems
  • Hanging structures
  • Architectural fabric structures
  • Tents and Flags
  • Lighting and much more!

All you have to do is send of us your design or we can help design something and we will print your graphics for the display you decide to use.  Leave all the hard work to us so you can work on other important details for the show.

Call us for information regarding the rental terms, logistics and services and any questions concerning renting your next display.  We want to help make this solution to your marketing budget simple and hassle-free!  970-493-0133

Connecting Signs outdoor canopy tents are perfect for summer festivals, sporting events, golf tournaments or just to protect you from the elements

Outdoor Canopy Tents

With summer in full swing, how about getting your message outside?  There are many warm weather events where you might want to bring your business outdoors – trade shows, fundraising, golf tournaments, sports events, craft and arts festivals, running events, music festivals, and more.  Without a doubt, the best way to display your business is with outdoor canopy tents.  They are strong, durable, wind-resistant and stable.  The polyester canopies and sidewalls are water and UV-resistant, providing lots of protection from the sun.  Think of all the places on a tent you can add your logo and other graphics!  Add your logo to the peak of a tent and you will be seen from a long distance.  What could be better?  Just like the canopy, the graphics added to a tent can endure exposure to the outdoor elements.

Outdoor canopy tents last long so you get many uses.  Your money is well spent!

  • Opens to a base size of 9.6’x9.6′
  • Shades 5 people comfortably or enough room for a 6′ table
  • Rust resistant aluminum extrusion frame is completely self-contained with no loose parts
  • Outdoor Canopy Tents come in 5 standard colors (black, blue, grey, white, red)
  • Add your logo and/or lettering using imprinting method. Which means color options are limited and no complex graphics or fonts should be used (See pink tent example above)
  • A custom printed tent is another option which means you have an unlimited option for color and any graphics or lettering can be used (See the first tent example above)
  • Hardware only is available which includes frame, stakes, guy lines and rolling carrying bag
  • Canopy kit includes canopy, hardware frame, stakes, guy lines, and rolling carrying bag
  • Folds nicely into portable rolling carry bag
  • Backwalls, sidewalls, and rail skirts also available in the standard colors and custom prints
  • One year warranty
  • Video and pdf instructions available

Want something different, want to add more to your outdoor display?  Check out the other products available for your outdoor events.  They come with the same benefits that the canopy tent offers. Warranties are from 90 days to one year.  Flags can be used indoors or outdoors.  Single or double sided graphics.  Different types of bases are available for weight and stability.

 Promotional umbrellas are almost 9 feet in diameter and can be imprinted or custom printed.

The spring banner stand is an awesome stand for those outdoor events.  It has a tension pole system.  It can be used as a single sided or double sided display with a base for weight and stability.             Double sided retractable banner stands have large swivel-out,twist lock feet.  Pegs included to secure to the ground.

Take a look at this outdoor tent with a full, digitally printed backwall we did for a customer to display her business at an outdoor golf event.   She certainly was noticed and she will be able to use the tent many more times!

Summer will be gone before you know it, act soon–GET NOTICED OUTSIDE!   Contact or call us for your outdoor sign display!

Trade Shows – The Best Face-To-Face Meeting

One of the best and most meaningful ways to connect is a little old fashion:  FACE-TO-FACE

Would you rather do this:

Or this:

In business, one of the best face-to-face interactions is at a trade show. According to surveys from leading business publications, involvement in trade shows and other “in-person” gatherings is very important for increasing sales, maintaining current customers and getting new customers. In this world of connecting with each other through technology (email, tweeter, facebook, etc.), there still is nothing like meeting face to face with someone.  Not only for generating more business, but your interaction with business partners and co-workers.  Things get accomplished, problems get solved, and quicker; who wouldn’t want that???

According to the Wall Street Journal, even in tough economic times, participating in trade shows is one of the smartest things a business owner can do.  The newspaper goes on to say that trade shows provide critical exposure to potential buyers and are essential for learning about unfamiliar markets, building personal relationships and getting an up-close look at the competition.Corporate executives and business travelers surveyed estimate that 28% of current business would be loss without face-to-face meetings.  And, 5-20% of their new customers were from trade show involvement.  If you work at home, it is even more important to get out and be face-to-face with others.
There are many reasons why trade shows have been effective for companies of all sizes for the past 80 years. Face-to-face marketing accelerates the sales cycle and still represents the best dollar-for-dollar value versus other competing media/marketing vehicles.20 Reasons Why Tradeshow displays work for the Exhibitor: Trade shows provide Exhibitors with the opportunity to meet clients & prospects & decision makers face-to-face to:

  1. Generate leads & drive incremental sales
  2. Solidify relationships with current customers
  3. Establish relationships with prospects, key target markets & the media
  4. Shorten the sales cycle
  5. Introduce & promote new products to a new or existing market
  6. Enhance brand & product visibility
  7. Educate & demonstrate new uses for existing products
  8. Obtain feedback on new & existing products
  9. Learn the latest industry trends
  10. Gain competitors insight
  11. Conduct competitor & market research
  12. Network with key industry contacts and key opinion leaders
  13. Learn more about the industry they support
  14. Have a presence in the industry
  15. Gain exposure in new markets
  16. Find personnel to grow your company
  17. Build sales force moral & foster camaraderie
  18. Demonstrate your commitment to a marketplace and your clients
  19. Identify new business opportunities
  20. Reinforce and test marketing strategies
10 Reasons Why Tradeshows Work for the Attendee:
Tradeshows provide Attendees with the opportunity to:
  1. Purchase products at discounted prices
  2. Conduct research to ensure you make the best purchase decision
  3. Establish relationships with key vendors
  4. Learn latest industry trends & technologies
  5. Gain insight into what others in your industry are purchasing & why
  6. Learn from industry key opinion leaders
  7. Discover new products
  8. Compare competitive products side by side
  9. Meet the people only known previously via phone/email
  10. Have the chance to use a product before purchase
Trade Show - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Trade Show Displays and Booths-Make it Count

Participating in a trade show is a great way to get noticed in front of a lot of current customers and potential customers.  Most trade shows last a day or two; that’s a lot of visitors!  Here’s what a trade show display can do for you:

  • Show your product
  • Describe your product or service
  • Creates first impressions
  • Specific to your type of product
  • Help get your foot in the door
  • Can have up to 200 visitors at your booth

You can spend a lot of money on a trade show, so make it a good return on your investment:

  • Let your current customers know-send out mailings
  • Why are you there (new company, introducing a new product)
  • Set your goals (what do you want to get out of the show)
  • Staff who will be at the show must be prepared and knowledgeable
  • Invest in good signage

As mentioned above, first impressions mean a lot when attracting a potential customer.  Having the best signage will be a huge advantage.  It’s not easy; your space is probably going to be about 10 feet wide and the average person will walk by in 8-10 seconds.

  • Signs should be visible and legible from the aisle of the showroom
  • Up-to-date (invest in something new)
  • Use logo, name of company, and your tag line
  • Tell what your company does (which field, what industry, what you can solve or do for the customer
  • Ask someone not in your industry if they can explain what your booth  is about just by looking at the sign(s)

Obviously these trade show display booths should be done a little better:

Here are some very good trade show display ideas:

These types of exhibits are easy to assemble and look impressive

Table coverings are also a nice booth display


Retractable banner stands are easy to use and transport


Up-to-date, modern display with room for a table and chair


Nice, bright color and good lighting

These are just a sample of the many different types of displays that are available for the trade show scene.  A lot of these displays can also be used again and again at future trade shows.  Or set them up in your own showroom or business.  Connecting Signs can help you pick out the best exhibit for your next trade show specific to your needs. Check out our trade show display catalog and give us a call and we’ll help you through the process.  Stand out from the regular trade show crowd with awesome signage!!