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How to Impress with a Trade Show Display

A trade show is an event held for a specific industry that brings various businesses together to show off their products and services, generate leads, network, and to increase brand awareness. Trade shows have been around for a long time and have grown exponentially over the years. Currently the largest trade show in the world is CES with over 182,000 attendees and over 4,000 exhibiting companies participating in their 2018 annual trade show. Trade shows, expos, conventions, and similar events allows for businesses, large and small, to speak directly to a receptive and more targeted audience. This is why trade shows are such an effective marketing tool for companies.

Trade Show Booth Essentials

Trade shows require a lot of preparation and consideration weeks, or even months, in advance. Being in the same room as tons of competing exhibitors means that to find success from a trade show, your booth will need to stand out. To nail the visual impact of your trade show booth, enlist the assistance of an experienced graphic designer to help you with the design and mockups of your booth. From there, partner with a professional vendor to manufacture your booth display.

Trade Show Booth Signs

While there are extravagant and lavish exhibit booths that are completely custom and interactive, they tend to be very pricey. Below are a few effective signage options that are more reasonable in cost.

Step and Repeat Display

Step and repeat banners can be made from fabric or vinyl banner material. They usually feature a logo in a repeating pattern and work great as the backdrop to a trade show booth.

backdrop fabric banner


Stretched Fabric Display

A stretched fabric display is a perfect option for a fun photo backdrop. These displays come with a lightweight aluminum frame that stretches the fabric and holds it taut for a nice smooth display. Stretched fabric displays come in many different sizing options to satisfy your unique needs.

stretch fabric display

Pop Up Display

Pop up displays are reinforced with a lightweight aluminum frame that is collapsible and portable. These displays are usually made from expo fabric and wrap around the edges of the frame for a 3D effect.

pop up fabric banner

Retractable Banner Stand

Retractable banner stands are tall, pillar-like displays that retract back into a solid aluminum banner stand. These are available in various sizes to fit your needs and are great for drawing attention to your booth without taking up too much space. Retractable banners are also easy to take down and put up which makes them great to travel with.

Trade Show Banners Connecting Signs

Retractable banners

Fabric Table Throw

Trade show booths typically have a table or multiple tables for displaying promotions and other company information. Digitally printed fabric table throws are fully custom and can feature your full-color logo or another fun design!

trade show display


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All About Event Signs & Banners

Do you want your business to stand out at your next event?

Trade shows and expos continue to prove their value. Events like these help exhibitors and businesses raise awareness of their brands in a big way! However, standing out in a sea of competition is not easy. The best way to visually make a good first impression is with effective event signs and banners. So then what kinds of event signs and banners will work best for you? There’s lots of different options, so the following list is just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re still lost after reading this article, contact us by clicking here or give us a call at 970-493-0133 to get your event signs and banners started today.


Retractable banners

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are the perfect type of event sign because of how professional they look and how travel-friendly they are. Another benefit is how cost-effective they are. Have a budget you need to stay within? No problem! There are also many kinds of retractable banners. Some are made specifically for outdoor events while others are made for indoor events. Some can be made with a telescoping pole that reaches over 12 feet tall and some are made for table tops and are 12 inches tall. Retractable banners are easily broken down which makes it easy to travel to your next event. Another nice feature that retractable banners have is that they are made so that you can change out the banner graphics when you want to change up your message.





Fabric backwall display

Back wall Banners

Back wall banners provide a backdrop to your booth display and gives your booth a more complete “look” with your logo and brand repeated throughout your display. Back wall banners can also be used as step-and-repeat banners for a fun photo backdrop. A simple vinyl banner with grommets will be the most cost-effective option, while a high-quality fabric banner installed in a collapsible frame will give you the most visual impact. Back wall banner displays are perfect for expos and trade shows because, like retractable banners, these items are also easy to break down and put up for when you need to exhibit at multiple shows.






trade show display

Complete Trade Show Expo Display

Table Throws

Usually (but not always) you will have a table or podium display in your booth exhibit where you might place brochures, business cards or other kinds of swag to give away to people passing by. Digitally printed fabric table throws can be another effective opportunity to showcase your brand. Fabric table throws are very versatile and can be made to custom-fit your needs whether you have a six-foot-long table or an eight-foot-long table, a round or square table, or need a four-sided table throw or a three-sided table throw. The most cost-effective table throws are one- or two-color vinyl graphics with a solid fabric background. However, to help your booth display stand out a digitally printed fabric table throw allows for any image you want to be featured on your table throw. Fabric table throws are washable and easily foldable for ease of transport.

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Trade Show Booths Northern Colorado

Whatever industry you might work in, there’s always a big event at least once a year intended to draw in new clients or to show off new technology. Trade shows, conventions and expos are important opportunities to showcase your brand or business. There’s so many new and exciting ways to effectively present your business at a trade show and the bigger, the better your booth is, the more foot-traffic your booth will generate. Investing in a high-quality convention display guarantees new leads and helps your business stand out in a room full of competitors.

Trade Show Booth

10 x 20 Backdrop Booth

Effective trade show booths can consist of retractable banner stands. Banner stands come in many sizes from table-top (about 15” tall) size to almost 10 feet tall! If you want foot traffic to have room to walk around and interact with your display, then a modular exhibit is a great option to explore. Modular trade show displays are comprised of many parts and can be compact or huge. The great thing about these modular exhibits and banner stands is that they’re completely portable! Ensuring easy assembly and smooth break-down is an important aspect of trade show displays.

trade show booths from connecting signs

10 x 20 Convention Booth

With the plethora of options in exhibit displays, how do you decide what option is best for your business? Having a trusted partner who can make the process easy is important. That’s where we come in! Connecting Signs can handle every aspect of the process. From design to manufacturing to logistics, we’ve got your connections for your trade show booths. Our client’s absolute satisfaction in our services is our number one goal.  Give us a call or click here to request a quote to get started!

Trade Show Booths

10 x 20 Modular Trade Show Display

trade show banners

Finding Success at a Trade Show