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Maximizing Advertising with Business Vehicle Wraps

To generate leads and engage your customers, you need a solid marketing strategy with multiple forms of advertising. There are many options available and, of course, each one is suited to a specific field. Advertising to the public continues to evolve and change. You can maximize your advertising and target your audience better with multiple forms of advertising. A combination of digital advertising (like a social media campaign), an ad in a daily newspaper or magazine, a billboard, and a vehicle wrap is a great start! Digitally printed vehicle wraps (or graphics) continue to be a strong form of advertising for many forms of businesses. Vehicle wraps are perfect for advertising because they are versatile, cost efficient and they stand out!

busniess vehicle wraps in Loveland Colorado


If you do choose to wrap your vehicle to advertise your services, there are some important things to consider. Know that there are some limitations and if you expect your wrap to look like a piece of art, expect to pay for a piece of art. Each vehicle is different and each wrap job is unique. A graphic designer will work with you very closely to finalize the design of your wrap. A graphic designer with experience in designing vehicle wraps will be honest with you and listen to any concern you might have.

Lovlenad Colorado business vehicle wraps

Printing the wrap is the one thing that is totally out of your hands, so you will want to make sure you choose a reliable and established sign company. Here at Connecting Signs, we’ve got over 5 years of experience in designing, printing and installing custom wraps for our awesome customers. There are many years ahead of us, but you can rest assured that your vehicle wrap is in good hands here.

Recently we got the opportunity to work with an awesome company; JDog Junk Removal. They needed their work vehicle and trailer wrapped in matching military themed designs. This was a great and fun experience working with Chris, the owner, who needed a quick turn to get a jump start on his advertising. From the first call to the final touches on the wrap, the total time to complete this project was under a week! How can we help you reach your customers? Give us a call at 970-493-0133 or request a quote here to get started.

Radio Station Custom Vehicle Wrap

Recently, a local radio station in Northern Colorado came to us to help them re-design their 2015 Nissan Pathfinder to reflect their new branded logo. We were lucky enough to work with them on their first wrap. They changed their logo quite a bit to reflect their new sound. We wanted to help them keep to their budget as well, so this new wrap needed to be a custom partial vehicle wrap.


Tri 102.5 full vehicle wrap

The color scheme to be used in the wrap was changed to a simple blue, and red based design. We decided to design this with the logo in mind. It’s highlighted by the angled lines with the blue and red sampled from the darkest blues and darkest reds. The website address and corporate logos also needed to be clearly shown on the wrap. We also installed perforated window vinyl on the side and rear windows for additional coverage. But, the best part about perforated vinyl is that you can see out of it from inside the vehicle.

Previous logo design and full vehicle wrap

Previous logo design and wrap

Even custom partial vehicle wraps can be versatile and can increase your visibility to your audience. You can also think of vehicle wraps as a moving billboard! If you are on the road, driving your company van or truck around, you can take all those views you’re getting on the highway or parked as a way to engage potential customers. Small businesses can benefit greatly from vehicle wraps, especially if your business is new in town. The cost saved by shifting your marketing budget to include a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics (like side door decals, or rear window graphics) is great after you look at the cost of an actual billboard.

Are you interested in a vehicle wrap? Do you want to see the difference between a quarter, half or full vehicle wrap? Give us a call today or click here to request a quote!

utilty trailer wraps and graphics will make your business stand out

Utility Trailer Wraps and Graphics

We all know how important it is to advertise your business on your vehicle.  Advertising on vehicles through logos and posters and signs is nothing new, but vehicle graphics and utility trailer wraps are a new iteration of on-vehicle advertising, and it allows for much, bigger, more noticeable graphics as well as much more creativity in the way these things are presented. The entire appearance of the vehicle can now be changed as well as transforming it into a mobile marketing platform.

It has become more and more popular as you can see if you travel on the busy streets of a city or the highways and interstate.   In fact, estimates are being made that within the next 5 to 7 years, the vehicle wrapping trend will explode from being utilized on only one percent of cars to up to nearly 40 percent.

The types of business vehicles being wrapped are  cars, trucks, vans, semi-trucks, buses, fleet vehicles, food trucks, box trucks, limos, shuttles for hotels and car repair businesses.   Here at Connecting Signs we have added enclosed utility trailers to that list.

If your business is advertised on your truck or van, consider the same type of advertising for your enclosed trailer.

There are many different ways to do this:

  • Full or partial wrap
  • Decals of your logo
  • Graphics
  • Lettering with your name and contact information
  • Stripes
  • Reflective

The benefits of doing this:

  • Will not be constrained by city sign codes
  • Moving bill board
  • Indicates who you are if parked in a neighborhood
  • Trailer can be left at a work site or parked near a busy highway – advertising for you while you do other important things

Benefits of wrapping versus painting:

  • Protects the paint
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Any color, graphics available
  • Less expensive than paint
  • Vinyl does not fade
  • Lasts 3-5 years
  • 3M premium wrap vinyl used and laminated
Call us for all your vehicle wraps and don’t forget about the trailer that can do more than carry equipment.  Use it to advertise!  Now that’s an investment!  Utility trailers used for fun and recreation is another option.Our team is here to help you with your trailer wraps and graphics questions.  CALL 970-493-0133
Utility trailer graphics for a satisfied client

Vehicle Graphics for Utility Trailers in Fort Collins

Connecting Signs designs, prints, and installs graphics for any size trailers. This includes Hauler Trailers, Utility Trailers, 5th Wheel Trailers, Semi-Truck Trailers, any type of vehicle graphics, and more. While not being constrained by local city sign codes, you can choose the size of utility trailer graphics advertisement that best suits your needs.

You will be creating a mobile, rolling billboard that will get your brand and services noticed. While your trailer is parked at a job site or next to a busy highway, your company’s advertisement will be seen by everyone that drives by – without the high cost of leasing space on a roadside billboard.

Here’s pics of a recent project we finished for Raising Sails in Fort Collins. This enclosed utility trailer advertises Raising Sails client’s company’s brand with simple, yet effective vinyl print graphics.

Give Connecting Signs a call at 970.493.0133 for your utility trailer graphics needs! Here’s a list of trailer advertising we can help you with:

  • Trailer Decals
  • Trailer Logos
  • Trailer Graphics
  • Trailer Stripes
  • Trailer Lettering
  • Trailer Advertising
  • Full Trailer Wrap
  • Partial Trailer Wrap