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Recycling Sign Scraps One of the first things we noticed about the sign industry when we opened Connecting Signs five years ago was all the scraps and waste from making signs and how to start recycling sign scraps.  The trash cans were full and emptied out every day – sometimes twice a day!

Flatbed Printing Fort Collins

Signs have been around for many, many years. Ever since people learned how to communicate and write words, they’ve been making signs. Even the first cave paintings could be considered, by some, to be the first forms of signage! Sign making started out with simple (but effective) hand painted letters and logos on flat pieces of wood or painted on the door of a work truck or directly on the side of a building.

Sign maker working in his shop

The technology evolved and times changed. Signs needed to be easier to produce and manufacture, stand out more. With the invention of the digital plotter, sign makers could cut letters from colored vinyl stickers and apply them directly to the sign panel or vehicle. This invention changed the whole industry and made it easier for anyone to produce and manufacture signs. Then came the large-format digital printer. It moved sign-making even more into the future with its ability to print on a variety of medias. With further advancements and improvements in the technology, large-format printing has become more and more impressive.

Flatbed Printers in Fort Collins

Custom prints produced with our flatbed printer

Flatbed printers provide us with the ability to print directly to rigid substrates. Simple yard signs can be printed, single or double-sided, ten to a sheet in bright, long-lasting colors. Using a flatbed printer in this way simplifies the process of producing these signs by eliminating 2-3 steps! Post-and-panel signs or site signs for construction sites and development projects are easily produced with a flatbed printer. Lobby signs or decorative interior signs are also simplified. Printing on clear or frosted acrylic is a breeze with a flatbed printer. The ink used in this printing method is UV ink. UV ink has the advantage of not requiring laminate to protect it. UV inks are also very fade-resistant and scratch-resistant! Printing directly to substrate with a flatbed printer also allows for direct printing to a variety of substrates. A cool example of this is printing to brushed metal. The image is clearly visible, but so is the brushed metal texture behind the ink.

flatbed printers in Fort collins


Here in our shop, we utilize a flatbed printer as well as our trusty large-format digital printer! We strive to provide the best products for our clients with the highest quality printed vehicle wraps and the most efficient and effective signs. What signs do you or your business need? Give us a call or request information here and let us make signs that work for you!

Pinterest for your Business

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Imagine a place where you could keep your concepts, ideas, and pictures of signs where you wouldn’t lose them.  A place where the collection would be organized and you could share it with others.  There is a place and it’s called Pinterest.

Wikipedia defines Pinterest as a pinboard style photosharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos.

Basically it is a social networking site like facebook where you create different “boards” of interest such as, decorating, recipes, travel, fashion, outdoors, holidays, etc.  When you see an image of something that “interests” you, you can save it or “pin it” to  one of your boards.  For example, create a board called “kitchen” for ideas on redecorating your kitchen.  Years ago, we would cut out pictures from magazines so we wouldn’t forget the idea.  Now when you see a picture you like for redecorating your kitchen, you pin it to your board.  You never lose it!  Yes, I’m a big fan of Pinterest.

In an article from socialmedia today, the rapid growth of Pinterest was one of the big social media stories of 2012, and by all accounts, the platform is continuing to see strong growth in the first half of 2013. What was originally a platform used by women is now expanding across wider demographics, and some businesses are even using the network in rather creative ways.

Connecting Signs has recently added Pinterest to our website.  We have boards such as:  Vehicle wraps/Graphics, Graphic Design, Vintage Signs, Modern Signs, Wall Graphics, Floor Graphics, Outdoor Signs, Indoor Signs, Banners for all Occasions, etc.   The different boards are collections of signs and designs that we think are very creative, different, and popular.  Check out our website, click the Pinterest icon (see below).  We think you will see a sign or design idea that is exactly what you have been dreaming about.  GET NOTICED!