How to Get Attention With a Monument Sign

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A monument sign is one of the best types of signs intended to complement the existing exterior architecture of a building or property. If you’re making a plan for a monument sign, you might be wondering how you can bring attention to the sign to draw in visitors. Depending on your local sign ordinances there might be some limits to how big or bright your monument sign can be, so make sure you work with local governments to ensure you are within certain restrictions. The following list goes over some of the attributes of monument signs that help them to stand out.

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) to Inform

Electronic message centers (also called EMCs) are components of an exterior sign that allows for words, symbols, or even images to be displayed on the sign. An EMC can provide many ways to connect to your audience. Displaying local weather information or a fun message for a holiday are great ways to capture the interest of passing traffic. Older message centers that utilize fluorescent bulbs are now being converted to LEDs because they use less energy and last much longer. Many businesses are converting to LEDs because those benefits translate into major cost savings.

electronic message center monument sign

Illuminated Channel Letters to Stand Out 24/7

Illuminated channel letters ensure that the monument sign will be seen in daylight as well as at night. Channel letters have a minimum height of about 8”. They need to be that large for the interior electrical components that need space in order to function properly. Channel letters are best suited for standard fonts and typefaces, like sans-serif fonts. Although that point might deter you from considering illuminated channel letters, sans-serif fonts are actually much easier to read from a distance.

Faux Wood & Stone to Compliment Existing Structures and Save Costs

Traditionally, custom monument signs have been constructed from leftover materials from the main building construction or landscaping features. Leftover stone or brick from the building construction does look nice, but it’s heavy and hard to work with which results in a very expensive monument sign. As an alternative to this issue, faux finishes have become very popular because they can be fabricated to match existing finishes but are much less expensive.

faux stone monument sign

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Monument signs can be complex, costly, and time-consuming. If you’re looking for a monument sign build from scratch or looking to update an existing sign, give us a call at 970-493-0133. We have the resources you need to get your monument sign designed, fabricated, and installed so that you can focus on your business!

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Vehicle Graphics – Partial or Full?

// // // // // // Vehicle Graphics – Partial or Full?// //

Vehicle graphics are an incredibly effective way to get your business noticed. However, we’ve had clients come in excited about getting a full wrap on their van, then suffer from “sticker shock” when they hear the price range for a full wrap. Many times the first reaction is to ratchet back to just getting a vehicle magnet or “just some lettering on the doors”.

An economical solution to the full wrap is a partial car wrap to get the look and feel without completely covering every square inch. It’s a great compromise and at a fraction of the cost can be just as impactful as a full wrap. The marketing message you are conveying will be incorporated by our design professionals using the color of your vehicle along with spot graphics or decals strategically placed to finalize your design. With a partial wrap, anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of the vehicle is wrapped.

So how do you decide how much of your vehicle to wrap? Many times, cars and smaller vehicles are better suited for full wraps. However on large work vans and trucks, partial wraps are very easy and look great. One example of a partial, is a ‘back wrap’ on a cargo van which works well since there’s a lot of surface area, and you can do a cool visual effect like walking into a showroom.

Another idea is to just get the back window wrapped with window perf. Just think, every stoplight you’re at the person behind you is “stuck” reading your marketing message about your company. There’s no way to do that with the old-fashioned Fort Collins yellow pages ad!

Lastly, unless the wrap is going to be temporary (like for a one-time promotional event), make sure the highest quality vehicle wrap materials are used. Any trade-offs made here will certainly lead to disappointment later!