Vehicle Graphics Printer and Installer Certifications

You invest your marketing and advertising dollars in a sign company to produce the very best graphics and large format print vinyl. When talking about high performance print vinyl used in products like vehicle graphics, vehicle wraps, and textured wall graphics, certifications are a factor for consideration when choosing a sign company for printing and/or installation of the graphics. Sign companies that invest in proper training of their employees by obtaining a preferred status show they are serious about providing the very best quality solutions to their customers.

Be sure to find local shops with accredited installers for making educated choices in trusting your vehicle graphics to. The following are two of the main certifications available in the vehicle wrap industry and vinyl graphics applications in general:

3M Commercial Graphics

3M, in conjunction with other providers, offers professional graphics training to improve the skills and prepare for testing for Certified, Preferred or Endorsed installation training. Typical training consists of a rigorous three day program taught by 3M Preferred Graphics installers. The training contents covers hands on training in vehicle wraps, discussions and demonstrations for fleet graphics, boat wraps and wall graphics as well as floor graphics and other printed vinyl applications. Upon completion of the training or based on the applicant’s previous experience in the industry, the participant can then enroll in a two day testing program during which they can achieve the status of 3M Preferred Graphics Installer. Find 3M Preferred Installers in your area.

Lowen Certified Installer

Lowen Certified is a graphic installer testing and certification program designed by Lowen Corporation and 3M to give individual graphic installers a portable, industry recognized certification that proves they have taken and passed the industry’s most demanding graphic installation testing. This program consists of training and testing on vehicle graphics, fleet graphics, rough wall graphics, window graphics, and floor graphics. Becoming Lowen Certified allows the installer to have access to some of the biggest brands in the country with their fleet graphics.