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We call these kinds of signs “cabinet signs” because, similar to a kitchen cabinet, they’re basically four sidewalls with a top and bottom creating a three-dimensional structure. The hollow interior is ideal for housing electrical components. Cabinet signs are usually square but can also be manufactured into other simple shapes (oval, circle, etc…).

Cabinet signs can be installed on a standalone structure like a monument sign or tenant panel sign. They also work great as building signs, installed on the side of a building. The front face of your cabinet sign (or both faces for a double-sided sign). Our printing capabilities include printing on clear and translucent film to ensure that your cabinet sign’s actual graphics are bright, crisp, and stand out!

Product Benefits


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Cabinet Signs Provide Durability and Flexibility

There are many benefits to choosing Cabinet Signs as your choice of brand representation, the biggest among them are its durability and flexibility.  A highly durable rust-proof aluminum cabinet allows the sign to withstand the toughest of challenges. 

It can be single-faced if mounting it on your storefront was your choice of installation or double-sided and installed on a pole or even freestanding as a monument sign, providing you multiple options depending on what you and your brand desire.

Outshine Your Competitors Day or Night

Cabinet Signs use internal LED light systems for a longer and brighter image that is more likely to catch a customer’s eye as they are passing by. Whether it’s driving down the highway, or walking down the street both during the day and the night.

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