Repurposed Shipping Container Wrap

Repurposing and reusing shipping containers has become very popular in the last few years. Why is this? They have many uses -inexpensive, safe, easy to install, move around easily, and are reused or repurposed. All these reasons are attractive to many different types of industries – commercial, industrial, construction sites, onsite offices, school and classrooms, housing, and hotel rooms. Reusing and repurposing them is another trendy way to extend the life of old shipping containers. To use something in a different way keeps a lot of stuff out of our landfills and the ideas that come out of the trend are endless and amazing!

used shipping container

How to Transform Your Shipping Container

With the popularity growing, we can expect to see repurposed shipping containers more and more. The containers are made of heavy-duty, corrugated steel which stands up to weather and pests. But how do you make these containers look more attractive and noticeable? Just like a vehicle wrap with your business information, the same thing can be done for a corrugated steel shipping container. A digitally printed design can transform an ugly shipping container into an effective advertisement for your brand. Or maybe you just want to make a statement and have a piece of modern art that compliments or juxtaposes the surrounding environment.

repurposed shipping container office wrap graphics

The Wrapping Process

The wrap is done on all sides of the modular building using premium wrap vinyl and protective laminate film to properly adhere to the deeply corrugated surface. If you’re not sure what to do for the design, you can work with a skilled graphic designer to create something that will scale up to the full size and not be pixelated or blurry. Unlike a vehicle wrap, don’t worry about bringing the steel container to us, we will come to you! Our team has all the tools they need to get the job done onsite.

repurposed shipping container office

Get the Experts on the Job

If repurposing a used shipping container is something you’re interested in, good for you! The decision to use something that is considered “trash” by other people is not easy but you’re doing a huge favor to our planet’s fragile ecosystem. Transforming your shipping container into a striking advertisement or a work of art is another task that we can most definitely help with! Connecting Signs can assist in the design, printing, laminating, and installation of your shipping container wrap and we’re happy to answer your questions or to provide a quote for what you need.

repurposed shipping container wrap

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