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How to Impress with a Trade Show Display

A trade show is an event held for a specific industry that brings various businesses together to show off their products and services, generate leads, network, and to increase brand awareness. Trade shows have been around for a long time and have grown exponentially over the years. Currently the largest trade show in the world is CES with over 182,000 attendees and over 4,000 exhibiting companies participating in their 2018 annual trade show. Trade shows, expos, conventions, and similar events allows for businesses, large and small, to speak directly to a receptive and more targeted audience. This is why trade shows are such an effective marketing tool for companies.

Trade Show Booth Essentials

Trade shows require a lot of preparation and consideration weeks, or even months, in advance. Being in the same room as tons of competing exhibitors means that to find success from a trade show, your booth will need to stand out. To nail the visual impact of your trade show booth, enlist the assistance of an experienced graphic designer to help you with the design and mockups of your booth. From there, partner with a professional vendor to manufacture your booth display.

Trade Show Booth Signs

While there are extravagant and lavish exhibit booths that are completely custom and interactive, they tend to be very pricey. Below are a few effective signage options that are more reasonable in cost.

Step and Repeat Display

Step and repeat banners can be made from fabric or vinyl banner material. They usually feature a logo in a repeating pattern and work great as the backdrop to a trade show booth.

backdrop fabric banner


Stretched Fabric Display

A stretched fabric display is a perfect option for a fun photo backdrop. These displays come with a lightweight aluminum frame that stretches the fabric and holds it taut for a nice smooth display. Stretched fabric displays come in many different sizing options to satisfy your unique needs.

stretch fabric display

Pop Up Display

Pop up displays are reinforced with a lightweight aluminum frame that is collapsible and portable. These displays are usually made from expo fabric and wrap around the edges of the frame for a 3D effect.

pop up fabric banner

Retractable Banner Stand

Retractable banner stands are tall, pillar-like displays that retract back into a solid aluminum banner stand. These are available in various sizes to fit your needs and are great for drawing attention to your booth without taking up too much space. Retractable banners are also easy to take down and put up which makes them great to travel with.

Trade Show Banners Connecting Signs

Retractable banners

Fabric Table Throw

Trade show booths typically have a table or multiple tables for displaying promotions and other company information. Digitally printed fabric table throws are fully custom and can feature your full-color logo or another fun design!

trade show display


Fabric Banner Backdrop - Connecting Signs

All About Event Signs & Banners

Do you want your business to stand out at your next event?

Trade shows and expos continue to prove their value. Events like these help exhibitors and businesses raise awareness of their brands in a big way! However, standing out in a sea of competition is not easy. The best way to visually make a good first impression is with effective event signs and banners. So then what kinds of event signs and banners will work best for you? There’s lots of different options, so the following list is just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re still lost after reading this article, contact us by clicking here or give us a call at 970-493-0133 to get your event signs and banners started today.


Retractable banners

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are the perfect type of event sign because of how professional they look and how travel-friendly they are. Another benefit is how cost-effective they are. Have a budget you need to stay within? No problem! There are also many kinds of retractable banners. Some are made specifically for outdoor events while others are made for indoor events. Some can be made with a telescoping pole that reaches over 12 feet tall and some are made for table tops and are 12 inches tall. Retractable banners are easily broken down which makes it easy to travel to your next event. Another nice feature that retractable banners have is that they are made so that you can change out the banner graphics when you want to change up your message.





Fabric backwall display

Back wall Banners

Back wall banners provide a backdrop to your booth display and gives your booth a more complete “look” with your logo and brand repeated throughout your display. Back wall banners can also be used as step-and-repeat banners for a fun photo backdrop. A simple vinyl banner with grommets will be the most cost-effective option, while a high-quality fabric banner installed in a collapsible frame will give you the most visual impact. Back wall banner displays are perfect for expos and trade shows because, like retractable banners, these items are also easy to break down and put up for when you need to exhibit at multiple shows.






trade show display

Complete Trade Show Expo Display

Table Throws

Usually (but not always) you will have a table or podium display in your booth exhibit where you might place brochures, business cards or other kinds of swag to give away to people passing by. Digitally printed fabric table throws can be another effective opportunity to showcase your brand. Fabric table throws are very versatile and can be made to custom-fit your needs whether you have a six-foot-long table or an eight-foot-long table, a round or square table, or need a four-sided table throw or a three-sided table throw. The most cost-effective table throws are one- or two-color vinyl graphics with a solid fabric background. However, to help your booth display stand out a digitally printed fabric table throw allows for any image you want to be featured on your table throw. Fabric table throws are washable and easily foldable for ease of transport.

Outdoor Yard Signs! Road Signs! Lawn Signs! Banners!

Currently, we are deep into a presidential election, and we all know what that means… Lots and lots of advertisements on the radio and television as well as tons of signage! This time of year can be really fun/stressful/frustrating for everyone. Don’t hate on us though, we are just the sign company! Lawn signs are heavily used during political campaigns. If you are annoyed by them, well, then that just means that they are doing their job. Business owners can utilize the same methods to get their brand or message. Outdoor yard signs and banners are cost effective and quickly produced.



There are lots of effective opportunities to display your logo and contact information. In the case of house painters, roofers, remodeling companies, and landscapers you can put a yard sign with your information on it in your client’s yard (of course these are temporary and you need to get permission). That way, you are visible to prospective clients who may be in need of your services! The other great perk of these small signs is that you do not need a sign permit from the city, and you can (pretty much) put them anywhere in the ground.

outdoor yard signs

Yard signs can be made single-sided or double-sided and will always come with H-stakes. H-stakes are H-shaped aluminum stakes that go into the yard sign (which is made of corrugated plastic) and into the ground, about 12”-18”. There are other options for displaying yard signs. Some of the higher-end stakes come in a variety of colors and materials. The standard size for these signs are 24” wide by 18” tall. Don’t let that size fool you, we can produce yard signs in a variety of sizes! We can even make custom shaped yard signs!

Funny outdoor yard sign signs

The one thing to remember about this time of year, is that in November it will all be over and we can all go back to our regular lives! But, it’s important to remember how effective yard signs can be. How can they help you? Get new customers, meet new people, make your statement! Give us a call or click here to request a quick quote!

Banners Fort Collins

Banners Fort Collins

Just about everyone needs a banner at some time.  Whether it’s for personal use or for your business, banners are such a great way to get your message out and be seen!    Banners are inexpensive, can last long with the right kind of care, indoor or outdoor uses, portable and easy to display, any size, […]

Event Banner

Sponsorship Fort Collins

School Wall Graphics for Colorado State University

Wall Graphics, Large Banners and Logo

vinyl banner

Large indoor banners featuring athletes

Colorado State University has a great indoor practice facility that was built in 2009, and they called on us to spruce it up with large format school wall graphics, hanging sports banners, and other custom signage. Schools, colleges, and universities are always looking for ways to show their school spirit, and with the latest technology large format printers they can do it in ways never before possible. Whether it’s impressing prospective student-athletes or making the current students proud to be a part of the school, vibrant wall graphics are great way to go!

oversize banner

UV printed banners in production

Things to consider for a school, college, or university that’s thinking about adding graphics:

  • Budget – It’s very important to have a budget planned out for a project like this. The two main cost components will be the type of graphics (e.g. vinyl wall graphics, window graphics, dimensional letters/logos, and other things such as donor walls, etc.) and the size and type of coverage areas.
  • Placement – High traffic areas are a great place to start, but you might want to make sure certain elements such as vinyl wall graphics aren’t susceptible to damage from prying and picking fingers! Large blank wall spaces in the should be looked at for adding large school logos, which can be accomplished with large oversize banners, vinyl wall graphics,, or dimensional materials.
  • Future updates – Do you want to be able to update school records, victories, or championships? There are many ways to accomplish this with changeable banners, low-tack vinyl patches, or replacement panels.
  • Graphics company – Choosing the right graphics company to partner with is the most important thing to consider before undertaking a large project like this. Here at Connecting Signs, we’ve successfully completed numerous projects for schools and universities, and would be willing to show you examples of everything we’ve done.


    Oversize vinyl banners

It’s always a good time to show your school spirit with large format graphics, whether its the inside of  your school’s gymnasium, atrium, classroom, or a main hallway an existing building – give Connecting Signs a call at 970.481.6175 for a free on-site consultation.  Our staff of graphic designers and project managers are willing to help you every step of the way!

New Business Signs for Travel Group

Hot Spots Travel Group located in Windsor, CO is a full service agency specializing in honeymoons, destination weddings and vacation travel.  As their name and logo implies, their travel specialty is usually located on some beach with a lot of sun shine!  Oh Yea!  To make a long story short, our family will be spending thanksgiving in Hawaii.

Now, back to business…while I was booking the trip, the owner ordered new signs for their business!  What a great partnership!  The business recently changed their name and logo.  Changing your business name and/or logo can happen for many different reasons, but if you do; you’ll also need to change your marketing materials especially your sign.  It does cost money but it also has advantages:

  • Change is always good
  • Give your business a new, updated look
  • If your sign is old, you need to change it anyway
  • Motivational for the business

The signage that was needed – retractable banner and stand, new window and door vinyl, and replacing the sign face for their illuminated cabinet sign.

Retractable banners are so versatile and handy for a business.  The owners not only take their retractable banner to trade shows or other events to promote their business, but they have it displayed all the time in their office.

The location for this business is in a busy shopping plaza with other different businesses.  Window and door vinyl is essential to get their message out to the public walking through the area or driving in the parking lot.  They weren’t real happy with how their old window and door looked so this was the perfect time to change that along with their new logo and business name.  Everything they want to be known about their business is clearly shown on the window and door.

Since their location is near a busy street but not right on the street, a high wall mounted illuminated cabinet sign has always been used.  These types of signs are really easy to change without replacing the whole sign simply by sliding out the old and sliding in the new sign face.  Look at the difference in the old brown one with new light and bright new one, the results are awesome!  Read more about illuminated cabinet signs that we have done.

Making a change to your business name and logo?  Do it right and get all your business signs changed; it is definitely worth the investment!  Call Connecting Signs 970-493-0133 for help in this process.  Signs – Wraps – Graphics!!

Connecting Signs outdoor canopy tents are perfect for summer festivals, sporting events, golf tournaments or just to protect you from the elements

Outdoor Canopy Tents

With summer in full swing, how about getting your message outside?  There are many warm weather events where you might want to bring your business outdoors – trade shows, fundraising, golf tournaments, sports events, craft and arts festivals, running events, music festivals, and more.  Without a doubt, the best way to display your business is with outdoor canopy tents.  They are strong, durable, wind-resistant and stable.  The polyester canopies and sidewalls are water and UV-resistant, providing lots of protection from the sun.  Think of all the places on a tent you can add your logo and other graphics!  Add your logo to the peak of a tent and you will be seen from a long distance.  What could be better?  Just like the canopy, the graphics added to a tent can endure exposure to the outdoor elements.

Outdoor canopy tents last long so you get many uses.  Your money is well spent!

  • Opens to a base size of 9.6’x9.6′
  • Shades 5 people comfortably or enough room for a 6′ table
  • Rust resistant aluminum extrusion frame is completely self-contained with no loose parts
  • Outdoor Canopy Tents come in 5 standard colors (black, blue, grey, white, red)
  • Add your logo and/or lettering using imprinting method. Which means color options are limited and no complex graphics or fonts should be used (See pink tent example above)
  • A custom printed tent is another option which means you have an unlimited option for color and any graphics or lettering can be used (See the first tent example above)
  • Hardware only is available which includes frame, stakes, guy lines and rolling carrying bag
  • Canopy kit includes canopy, hardware frame, stakes, guy lines, and rolling carrying bag
  • Folds nicely into portable rolling carry bag
  • Backwalls, sidewalls, and rail skirts also available in the standard colors and custom prints
  • One year warranty
  • Video and pdf instructions available

Want something different, want to add more to your outdoor display?  Check out the other products available for your outdoor events.  They come with the same benefits that the canopy tent offers. Warranties are from 90 days to one year.  Flags can be used indoors or outdoors.  Single or double sided graphics.  Different types of bases are available for weight and stability.

 Promotional umbrellas are almost 9 feet in diameter and can be imprinted or custom printed.

The spring banner stand is an awesome stand for those outdoor events.  It has a tension pole system.  It can be used as a single sided or double sided display with a base for weight and stability.             Double sided retractable banner stands have large swivel-out,twist lock feet.  Pegs included to secure to the ground.

Take a look at this outdoor tent with a full, digitally printed backwall we did for a customer to display her business at an outdoor golf event.   She certainly was noticed and she will be able to use the tent many more times!

Summer will be gone before you know it, act soon–GET NOTICED OUTSIDE!   Contact or call us for your outdoor sign display!

Floor graphics and banners for indoor football team

Colorado ICE is Colorado’s premier indoor arena football team, and we are partnering with them to help promote all of their corporate sponsors at their games. Sporting events are great places for companies to advertise, and nothing beats temporary signage like banners and vinyl graphics to get local brands in front of hundreds of sets of eyes in a short amount of time!

Besides the electronic media that shows the sponsor’s ad occasionally during the game, Banners and Floor graphics are visible non-stop. So even if a potential client missed the 20sec ad on the scoreboard, during the course of the game will take notice of the banner or field logo.

Banner advertising has always been a popular choice and are one of the most versatile and inexpensive forms of advertising available. A great thing about banners is that they can be used over and over again, and can move around easily. This is especially true for the Budweiser Center, where the Colorado ICE play, since they need to take down everything between games for other events like concerts, hockey, and basketball games.

There is a whole range of materials used in banner printing such as vinyl, mesh, and nylon. Banners can be attached to surfaces by pole pockets, grommets, Velcro, pole pockets, double sided tape, and more.

Floor graphics and custom ground ads are another great form of advertising. As you can see, the turf logos we created for the field are very effective in this particular setting. We worked closely with 3M in choosing the right vinyl that would stay down on the synthetic turf field. Additionally, a non-skid laminate was used so the players wouldn’t slip on the surface.

With the increasing popularity in floor graphics, the materials that can on the ground are developing rapidly. We have products that can be used both indoors and outside – on tile, concrete, wood, carpet, and of course, synthetic grass! Our durable materials and high quality custom printing create floor graphics you’ll be proud to display in the company lobby, museum entryway or the foyer of every building on the university campus.

Give us a call at 970.493.0133 for more information about advertising on banners or using floor graphics to get your message noticed. Our design team can consult with you on the perfect solution and determine the best material for your specific need!


Greeley Stampede - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Sign Company Fort Collins at Greeley Stampede

// // Sign Company Fort Collins at Greeley Stampede//

Connecting Signs was a very proud sponsor of the 2013 Greeley Stampede, donating custom signs across the Cuff Catcher Hospitality Building, along with six “2013 Greeley Stampede Proud Sponsor” custom designed banners displayed at several locations across Loveland, Fort Collins, and Windsor. We also helped by installing ATV decals to promote local business in Northern Colorado. Of course it was awesome to get the word out about our fast-growing one year old business, but most importantly it made us feel good just to be a part of this great event here in Northern Colorado. The Cuff Catcher Hospitality area was fantastic – 14 area restaurants graciously served awesome meals throughout the 11 day event, and the only feedback that we heard was 100% positive! We look forward to working with the Greeley Stampede in the future, helping them with custom banners, vehicle graphics, vehicle decals or any other types of signage. Sincere thanks from the team at Connecting Signs!