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Vehicle Decals – A Great Choice

box truck decals

When you use a vehicle for company business and you haven’t added any advertising or marketing to it because of the cost of a vehicle wrap, consider vehicle decals! Custom vehicle decals are a great choice and available in many different colors and varieties for lettering and graphics. Vehicle decals come in two main categories: Calendered & Cast. Calendered vinyl (or intermediate) film is intended for long-term use and works great for flat or slightly curved surfaces. Cast vinyl film is manufactured differently than calendered vinyl creating a thinner product that can conform to dramatic vehicle curves and body lines. Both calendered and cast films come in a variety of pre-made colors directly from the manufacturer.

Cut vinyl (limited color matching)

  • Solid Colors
    • Choose your cut vinyl colors from swatch books provided from the vinyl manufacturers
  • Cut out simple designs
    • Make it simple, but significant
  • Reflective
    • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Metallic
    • Available in different colors
  • Translucent
    • Perfect for backlit signs and cabinet signs!
  • Fourecent
    • Bright and bold for maximum visibility
  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Chalkboard Vinyl

Premium wrap vinyl (matching color)

  • Print and Cut Graphics (best for complex logos)
  • Reflective
  • Color Change
  • Glossy or matte finish

Benefits of Vehicle Decals

  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting form of advertising
  • A unique way of showcasing your brand
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to read (simple is better)

Examples of great looking vehicles that advertise with vinyl decals:

Commuter Cars - Fleet Graphics - Connecting Signs

Commuter Cars – Fleet Graphics


KUV Truck Graphics - Connecting Signs

KUV Truck Graphics


van decals fort collins

Electric Company – Van Decals

Want to increase business and stand-out with a classy, memorable look?

Vehicle decals are a great option to advertise on your vehicle – affordable, efficient, and creative to get attention!  Call us at 970-493-0133 or request a free estimate here. We not only provide service and our products in northern Colorado; but across the nation.

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How to Increase Brand Awareness with a Vehicle Wrap

Vance Cover Photo

Vehicle wraps for brand awareness

Vehicle wraps are a unique and interesting way to showcase your brand, elevate your company’s prestige, and increase your brand’s awareness. Vehicle wraps, generally, have the same benefits that billboard advertising does, however, there are some major differences that set them apart from standard billboard advertising. A vehicle wrap that is intentionally designed with the thought-out placement of graphics and professionally installed can generate tons of buzz and awareness about your brand. With standard billboard advertising, there are placement restrictions and no guarantee that your advertisement will be noticed. A vehicle wrap allows your ad to be seen by thousands on the road with no permitting or placement restrictions. Understanding your target audience is important and with a branded vehicle you can park in a strategic location to ensure that the intended audience is seeing your brand. A well-kept vehicle wrap can last for years and are easily removed when you want to re-brand your vehicle.

Custom partial radio station vehicle wrap

Designing a Vehicle Wrap

Creating an effective vehicle wrap design can be challenging. To start, you need to make sure that you are using an accurate template to design from and that all the graphics in the vehicle wrap design on the computer are high-resolution or, even better, vector-based. A simple, clean design is usually the most effective way to make a lasting impression. Minimizing the amount of copy and call-to-action is also important when you’re designing a commercial vehicle wrap. Only feature the most important message because the vehicle wrap will be viewed very quickly, and a busy design will not be read or noticed!

Service Van Wrap

Printing and Installing a Vehicle Wrap

The next important phases of a vehicle wrap project are the printing and installation phases. If you’re taking this project on all by yourself and you’re new to vehicle wraps, it might be a good idea to partner with a credible sign company to ensure that your vehicle wrap is printed and laminated correctly. Locating an experienced installer will also save you lots of frustrations and re-prints. The wrap installation process can take up to three days, longer depending on how detailed you want your vehicle wrap to be. Properly caring for your newly branded vehicle is also important and ongoing. A maintained vehicle wrap can provide years of effective, impressionable advertising!

Contact Connecting Signs today to get started on your vehicle wrap project! Call 970.493.0133 or click here to request a quote

Fort Collins Local Business, The Feet Delivery Service and Logistics, New Ford Transit Van Fleet Graphics

The working relationship we have with The Feet, Inc. as well as many other businesses with fleet vehicles is always very good partnerships.

Fleet Vehicle Graphics

When The Feet calls for installation of vehicle decals, it’s never just one vehicle – it’s many!  Recently we got a call to help out with installation of their company graphics on 10 Ford Transits.  The back of our shop has a great parking lot that is perfect for the 10 vehicles.

We like to do things fast here at Connecting Signs, so we tried to get in as many vehicles that the inside of our shop would hold to do the installation.

The vehicle graphics used for The Feet are cut vinyl decals that are applied to the vehicles.  When we do work for The Feet, everyone in the shop helps out because of the amount vehicles they bring in at one time and the process used to create the decal.  Their logo is cut out of 3M premium vinyl royal purple and sunflower yellow and applied by layering the logo on top of each other.  When the purple graphics is laid on top of the yellow, it makes the finished logo as seen below:

The layered logo and text is then applied by using transfer tape.

Their fleet is made up of multiple vehicle types depending on the delivery – getting the work done more efficiently for their customers.  We have installed graphics to Ford Transits, Toyota Corollas and Tacoma, Ford E250s, Ford Focus, Ford Ranger, and a Nissan!

Does your business need a company vehicle for making deliveries like The Feet or do you need multiple vehicles for salespeople, carrying equipment or traveling to construction sites?  If you do decide that fleets will be a value to your business, there are many things to keep in mind like what type of vehicle (van, passenger car), to lease or buy.  Read more here to find out about lots of information for leasing.  Of course, don’t forget about identifying your fleet with a full vehicle wrap, partial vehicle wrap or vehicle decals.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be consistent with your design (wording, graphics, color) on all vehicles
  • Keep it simple
  • State what you do and how you can be contacted (website, phone number)
  • Add your tagline
  • If you add a new vehicle, schedule it for installation of decals or wrap as soon as possible

The Feet’s fleet vehicle graphics does all of these things with their vehicle decals.  Give them a call for delivery service from Casper, Wyoming to Castle Rock, Colorado.  Connecting Signs uses them for many of our deliveries of banners, posters and other signage.  It’s a great partnership!  Give us a call 970-493-0133.  We would love to partner with you and park your fleet in our huge parking lot!




truck graphics from Conneting Signs in Fort Collins

Snap-on Tools Truck Graphics Fort Collins

We just finished installing graphics on the back lift gate of a local Fort Collins Snap-on Tools truck operated by Jon Kunz. We got the call from him in the morning, and they needed it installed that same day for the Snap-On Tools Championship Night at Colorado National Speedway the very next day. As you can see, the graphics really grab the attention and help promote the Snap-On brand!

Vehicle Graphics and Truck Graphics are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your company’s brand and create a rolling billboard for your services. They are not governed by city sign codes, so you dont need to worry about how big the sign is. Eye-catching vehicle graphics are seen by more people than any other form of advertising on the road today – they really do get your phones ringing!

If you need the best tools around Fort Collins – contact Jon and he’ll get you setup with tools that will last a lifetime. And if you’re looking for installation, design, or advice on turning your company vehicle in to an advertising machine, give Connecting Signs Vehicle Graphics a call at 970.493.0133. We are your choice for vehicle graphics in Northern Colorado!

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Car Wraps Fort Collins

A car wrap is the most effective form of advertising in the market today. One car wrap will get between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day. That’s huge from a small business marketing standpoint.

In competitive environments like here in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, it isn’t easy to create customer awareness by using traditional advertising like yellow pages. You have to “stand above the crowd” and be out-of-the-ordinary to be seen in today’s market. You also want your brand to be in front of your potential clients daily if you want your brand to be recognized and be at the top of people’s minds when they are in need of your product or services.

We finished off this eye-catching car wrap for Ken’s Muffler in Fort Collins. Car wraps like this partial wrap get noticed! Ken’s Muffler is serious about expanding their business to include the growing market of green vehicles. We’ve done a truck wrap for them in the past, and Scott, the owner of Ken’s Muffler knows full-well the benefits of advertising on company vehicles while out on deliveries, driving from home and work, and even sitting in a highly visible parking space in old-town Fort Collins during lunch!

Car wraps boast the lowest cost-per-impression rate compared to any other form of advertising media. Large brands like Walmart, McDonalds, and Pepsi use vehicle graphics as a large part of their marketing strategy – Small businesses should do the same! No one can “shut off” the message on a vehicle like you can on a TV or radio, it is displaying your message and providing valuable advertising 24/7.

Check out some facts about vehicle wraps from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • Mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising.
  • More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.
  • The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past 7 days.
  • One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.
  • Federal Highway Administration study forecasts a sharp increase in the amount of time spent in personal vehicles and the number of trips per household


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K99.9 The Point Van Graphics

We recently had a lot of fun partnering with a radio station here in Northern Colorado – K99.9 The Point in designing a new van wrap for the station’s fleet. Working with their marketing team, we designed, printed, and installed new graphics and a brand identity for their van. K99.9 The Point is just a radio station playing great music. They are also very involved in community events, fundraisers, and have a fantastic web presence that provides tons of news and other helpful information for the community.

Our graphic design team worked with the radio station’s folks to incorporate their new logo and branding into a colorful van wrap. The process included several design concepts and proofing, all of which led to the final design that really stands out!

We then proceeded to remove the existing wrap vinyl, which included their old logo and branding – cleaned it all up, and installed the new wrap. CS Wraps has Northern Colorado’s only 3M Preferred and Lowen Certified Expert Graphics Installer so we know how to do it correctly, giving our clients the best product for their marketing investment.

We all see radio station vehicles parked at sporting events, concerts, and fundraisers. It’s an undeniable fact that vehicle graphics and effective vehicle wraps promote brand identity and just plain “get noticed”! Many studies show that vehicle graphics are the most effective form of advertising.

Connecting Signs and CS Wraps look forward to continuing to partner with K99.9 The Point, and other businesses that want to grow their brand awareness through effective vehicle graphics!

Vehicle Graphics Printer and Installer Certifications

You invest your marketing and advertising dollars in a sign company to produce the very best graphics and large format print vinyl. When talking about high performance print vinyl used in products like vehicle graphics, vehicle wraps, and textured wall graphics, certifications are a factor for consideration when choosing a sign company for printing and/or installation of the graphics. Sign companies that invest in proper training of their employees by obtaining a preferred status show they are serious about providing the very best quality solutions to their customers.

Be sure to find local shops with accredited installers for making educated choices in trusting your vehicle graphics to. The following are two of the main certifications available in the vehicle wrap industry and vinyl graphics applications in general:

3M Commercial Graphics

3M, in conjunction with other providers, offers professional graphics training to improve the skills and prepare for testing for Certified, Preferred or Endorsed installation training. Typical training consists of a rigorous three day program taught by 3M Preferred Graphics installers. The training contents covers hands on training in vehicle wraps, discussions and demonstrations for fleet graphics, boat wraps and wall graphics as well as floor graphics and other printed vinyl applications. Upon completion of the training or based on the applicant’s previous experience in the industry, the participant can then enroll in a two day testing program during which they can achieve the status of 3M Preferred Graphics Installer. Find 3M Preferred Installers in your area.

Lowen Certified Installer

Lowen Certified is a graphic installer testing and certification program designed by Lowen Corporation and 3M to give individual graphic installers a portable, industry recognized certification that proves they have taken and passed the industry’s most demanding graphic installation testing. This program consists of training and testing on vehicle graphics, fleet graphics, rough wall graphics, window graphics, and floor graphics. Becoming Lowen Certified allows the installer to have access to some of the biggest brands in the country with their fleet graphics.

Fleet Vehicle Graphics for The Feet, Inc.

The Feet, Inc. provides courier and logistics services for a large area from Casper, WY to Castle Rock, CO. They continue to expand with new routes being established regularly due to customer demand.  Due to great customer service and attention to their needs, they have an impressive growing list of customers – many of which have outsourced their fleets to The Feet.

Connecting Signs has been partnering with The Feet in providing their fleet graphics and vehicle decals since early 2012. The Feet recognizes the effectiveness of using premium 3M vinyl on vehicle graphics. Study after study shows that having clear, easy to read truck lettering and van lettering leads to potential customers seeing their brand and eventually contacting them for their services.

One testament to The Feet’s understanding of the effectiveness of fleet graphics branding is that we get contacted before they even take delivery of a new vehicle. They don’t want any of their fleet vehicles driving on the roads in Fort Collins, Cheyenne, or Denver without “The Feet” branding proudly displayed!

We’ve created and installed fleet graphics for a number of different types of vehicles for The Feet, including cars, pickups, sprinter vans, and full size vans. If you’re on the roads around Colorado and Wyoming’s front range you no doubt have seen them out on the job.

We look forward to continue partnering with them to help grow brand awareness through fleet graphics!