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Vehicle Decals – A Great Choice

box truck decals

When you use a vehicle for company business and you haven’t added any advertising or marketing to it because of the cost of a vehicle wrap, consider vehicle decals! Custom vehicle decals are a great choice and available in many different colors and varieties for lettering and graphics. Vehicle decals come in two main categories: Calendered & Cast. Calendered vinyl (or intermediate) film is intended for long-term use and works great for flat or slightly curved surfaces. Cast vinyl film is manufactured differently than calendered vinyl creating a thinner product that can conform to dramatic vehicle curves and body lines. Both calendered and cast films come in a variety of pre-made colors directly from the manufacturer.

Cut vinyl (limited color matching)

  • Solid Colors
    • Choose your cut vinyl colors from swatch books provided from the vinyl manufacturers
  • Cut out simple designs
    • Make it simple, but significant
  • Reflective
    • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Metallic
    • Available in different colors
  • Translucent
    • Perfect for backlit signs and cabinet signs!
  • Fourecent
    • Bright and bold for maximum visibility
  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Chalkboard Vinyl

Premium wrap vinyl (matching color)

  • Print and Cut Graphics (best for complex logos)
  • Reflective
  • Color Change
  • Glossy or matte finish

Benefits of Vehicle Decals

  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting form of advertising
  • A unique way of showcasing your brand
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to read (simple is better)

Examples of great looking vehicles that advertise with vinyl decals:

Commuter Cars - Fleet Graphics - Connecting Signs

Commuter Cars – Fleet Graphics


KUV Truck Graphics - Connecting Signs

KUV Truck Graphics


van decals fort collins

Electric Company – Van Decals

Want to increase business and stand-out with a classy, memorable look?

Vehicle decals are a great option to advertise on your vehicle – affordable, efficient, and creative to get attention!  Call us at 970-493-0133 or request a free estimate here. We not only provide service and our products in northern Colorado; but across the nation.

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What to Know About Advertising Wraps

Advertising wraps are one of the most effective tools for getting your brand or message out into the world! Whether it’s a car wrap, truck wrap, trailer wrap, or van wrap; there’s arguably no better way to reach your audience. Here are some interesting facts about advertising wraps:

Stats about Vehicle Wraps:

  • According to ARD Ventures, advertising wraps generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.
  • According to perception research, advertising wraps generate 2.5 times more attention than roadside billboards.
  • According to a study by the American Trucking Association, 30% of people who viewed advertising wraps indicated that they would base a buying decision on the ads they see
  • Messages on advertising wraps have a 97% recall rate, according to a study by RYP & Becker Group

Vehicle Wrap Connecting Signs

Radio station car wrap

Tips for Designing a Wrap

If you’re designing a vehicle wrap, make sure that you’re creating the design in some sort of computer application that can handle large file sizes and supports vector file formats. Consider your audience and how they will be viewing your advertising wrap by keeping the design as simple as possible. Be aware of any features that will impede the wrap design like door handles, windows, lights, and gas caps. Here’s another useful blog about sign design that also has good pointers on designing an advertising wrap.

custom partial van wrap

Custom partial van wrap

How to Make a Wrap Work

Think like your target audience and make sure that your wrap is viewable to the right kind of people. This may require you to do extensive research into how your target market behaves, but the best way to get a high ROI on an advertising wrap is to be seen at the right time, in the right place, by the right kind of people. For example, a service van wrap for a plumbing business might work more effectively if parked at a home improvement store’s parking lot. There, the people shopping for products related to the home improvement might need a plumber. If they see the van wrap advertising services that they’re in need of, they will be more inclined to become a customer!

Shuttle Van Wrap

Shuttle van wrap

How to Take Care of Your Wrap

A vehicle wrap is essentially a giant, printed sticker that is laminated to help protect it from fading and minor scratches. A well-maintained vehicle wrap that is kept in a garage or a shady area when not in use will last up to five years. A wrapped car can go through the car wash but should not be cleaned up close with a power washer. Regularly inspect your wrap for any minor lifting in the deep curves and contact your wrap installer right away if you notice a part of the wrap lifting.

Removing a Vehicle Wrap

After you’ve gotten the most use out of your vehicle wrap, you might be thinking about removal.  The first thing to know about removing a wrap is that the longer the wrap has been on the vehicle, the harder it will be to remove the film and leftover adhesive. Use a heat gun to help soften the vinyl and slowly pull the film away. The hardest part of removing a wrap is dealing with the adhesive that is left once the vinyl film is removed. Consider purchasing some heavy-duty adhesive remover to help clean off the sticky residue.

Vehicle Wrap - Connecting Signs

How to Increase Brand Awareness with a Vehicle Wrap

Vance Cover Photo

Vehicle wraps for brand awareness

Vehicle wraps are a unique and interesting way to showcase your brand, elevate your company’s prestige, and increase your brand’s awareness. Vehicle wraps, generally, have the same benefits that billboard advertising does, however, there are some major differences that set them apart from standard billboard advertising. A vehicle wrap that is intentionally designed with the thought-out placement of graphics and professionally installed can generate tons of buzz and awareness about your brand. With standard billboard advertising, there are placement restrictions and no guarantee that your advertisement will be noticed. A vehicle wrap allows your ad to be seen by thousands on the road with no permitting or placement restrictions. Understanding your target audience is important and with a branded vehicle you can park in a strategic location to ensure that the intended audience is seeing your brand. A well-kept vehicle wrap can last for years and are easily removed when you want to re-brand your vehicle.

Custom partial radio station vehicle wrap

Designing a Vehicle Wrap

Creating an effective vehicle wrap design can be challenging. To start, you need to make sure that you are using an accurate template to design from and that all the graphics in the vehicle wrap design on the computer are high-resolution or, even better, vector-based. A simple, clean design is usually the most effective way to make a lasting impression. Minimizing the amount of copy and call-to-action is also important when you’re designing a commercial vehicle wrap. Only feature the most important message because the vehicle wrap will be viewed very quickly, and a busy design will not be read or noticed!

Service Van Wrap

Printing and Installing a Vehicle Wrap

The next important phases of a vehicle wrap project are the printing and installation phases. If you’re taking this project on all by yourself and you’re new to vehicle wraps, it might be a good idea to partner with a credible sign company to ensure that your vehicle wrap is printed and laminated correctly. Locating an experienced installer will also save you lots of frustrations and re-prints. The wrap installation process can take up to three days, longer depending on how detailed you want your vehicle wrap to be. Properly caring for your newly branded vehicle is also important and ongoing. A maintained vehicle wrap can provide years of effective, impressionable advertising!

Contact Connecting Signs today to get started on your vehicle wrap project! Call 970.493.0133 or click here to request a quote

Vehicle Decals from a Fort Collins Sign Company - Connecting Signs

Vehicle Decals Fort Collins

Vehicle Wraps are the best advertising method for many types of businesses (big and small), but can be very expensive.  Vehicle Decals with your logo and information are just as effective and much less expensive.  

Vehicle Wraps - Connecting Signs

Fleet vehicle graphics for HVAC companies

Fort Collins fleet graphics

We’ve worked with lots of great businesses all around Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. We’d love to work with businesses all over the country, though! One of those great businesses is the locally owned (to Colorado) and operated Heating and Air company, IMS Heating and Air. They are known all around Colorado for their awesome customer service and knowledgeable technicians. We were excited to partner with them for the design and production of their fleet of service vehicle graphics. We have the unique perspective and privilege to have re-designed our own fleet design!

Fort Collins fleet graphics for HVAC companies

The first design of the fleet van graphics for IMS was simple, but bold enough to stand out on the road and at job sites. The concept was, red on the driver’s side representing heating and blue on the passenger’s side representing cooling. Along with the important information, the design was an effective advertising tool considering the amount of traveling they need to do in-order to provide their award-winning service their customers. With dozens of vehicles in their fleet, the graphics also needed to be cost-effective. We were able to design a custom partial wrap for their vans. The graphics fade to white towards the front of the van, so there is no material going over the hood or front fenders. This cut down on, not only material but also installation time.

Fleet graphics

In recent times, though, the van design became a little dated and after IMS over-hauled their marketing strategies and slightly updated their logo, it was time to re-visit the van graphics for an update to accommodate their evolving brand. We took apart their logo and re-designed the placement of the tagline text, “A World of Possibilities in Home Comfort Systems”. The phone number and website were updated with a modern font and enlarged for greater visibility. The concept of the cool and hot colors on the sides did make it to the new design, though! This new look also showcases their achievements in customer service and integrity as a company with the logos of the awards they’ve won over the years. We were also able to keep the material usage to the same as the old vans, which was very important to the owners at IMS.

Fleet graphics for businesses

They were so happy with the new vans, that they asked us to wrap one of their pick-up trucks and compact cars with the new “look”.  It took some revisions to successfully transition the design elements from a van to a truck and car, but we were able to nail down a design. We wrapped the truck and car right after the other.  This project was such a success that we set up a photoshoot at the IMS headquarters in Berthoud, Colorado to showcase the car, truck and van designs!

Fort Collins fleet graphics


HHR Vehicle Wrap

Custom Matte Truck Wrap and Boat Wrap Graphics

Heads will turn to get a better look at this Custom Matte Truck wrap with matching bass fishing boat wrap!  We wrapped this sweet package so the client could travel in style to participate in professional bass tournaments.

The client wanted his 2015 F150 truck and 2015 25 ft. Ranger Bass Fishing boat to match in a crazy digital camo pattern to be noticed and he wanted his sponsors’ brands to get some exposure. A Camo Truck Wrap is more popular than ever, and we really enjoyed designing this particular one!

This was a totally custom designed project from start to finish.  Our team at Connecting Signs worked closely with the client in the initial design phase guaranteeing that his most important concepts would be met.  The digitally printed design used 3M premium IJ180 vinyl wrap and 3M 8915 Ultra Matte was used to laminate.   The Matte Truck Wrap and Custom Boat Wrap also involved wrapping the truck topper, the trailer, and the inside of the boat including the windshield and the motor.   The sponsorships are big, bold and stand out getting them noticed for their support.

Vinyl boat wraps can help protect from minor scratches, and the laminate acts as a barrier against water and UV rays, maintaining the integrity of your vessel’s hull. We use top quality 3M vinyl films that come with up to 7 years lifespan, so you can be sure your boat wrap will last at least as long as a normal paint finish.

We couldn’t be happier with the final product and the reaction from the client, “The boat and truck graphics turned out so much greater than what I expected when I was working the design and approving the proofs!”

Connecting Signs has the experts to get you noticed with custom graphics for any vehicle anywhere! Parked, traveling on a busy highway or floating, contact us to get started and together we will create a vehicle wrap that stands out – 970.493.0133


Colorado Gun Fighter's custom matte truck wrap

Custom Matte Truck Wrap

It’s big, bold, and badass! The more you look at this matte truck wrap design the more you see all the unique features. There’s the ultra-matte finish, the many logo design elements, a transition from solid gray color up front to a subtle camo pattern further back, and the cool custom skull on the hood that paves the way!

The team here at Connecting Signs was thrilled to help Colorado Gun Fighter get their brand noticed with this totally custom vehicle wrap. Colorado Gun Fighter is a veteran owned company that provides quality firearms training at all levels. NRA certified instructors that teach CCW, basic and advanced pistol and rifle classes including precision rifle marksmanship. They also offer Youth Firearms Education and Safety.

The Connecting Signs / CS Wraps graphic design team knows how to make your company’s brand work effectively, and they understand the importance of a cohesive and consistent marketing message. For JJ, the president of Colorado Gun Fighter, he had a message and presence that he wanted his matte truck wrap to convey. And from the positive feedback he’s been getting after just a few days of this truck being on the road, it looks like it all came together perfectly!

Let our team of professionals get your company’s brand noticed with vehicle graphics, whether your truck, car, or van is parked in Old Town Fort Collins or driving up and down I-25. Give us a call at 970.493.0133 and let’s get an awesome design worked up for you!