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Wall Wraps

Endless Possibilities with Wall Wraps

The concept of wrapping a vehicle can be applied to virtually almost any flat surface. An advantage of wrapping versus painting is that it is not a long-term commitment. As long as your wrap is taken care of, you can look forward to about ten years of effective advertising (less if your wrap is exposed to the weather or sun). Wall wraps offer a unique opportunity to advertise your brand or message. Premium wrap film technology allows for us to wrap over textured surfaces like CMU or brick walls. Wall wraps can add interest to a boring space or they can inform your audience.

Wall wraps can be laid on any textured surface

Wall mural project

Modern vinyl manufacturing has progressed so far and quickly from where it began. Textured vinyl film is a very classy and elegant example of what is possible today. Architectural films are made purely for interior design purposes. With finishes like: marble, brushed metal, wood, carbon fiber, dry-erase, stone, silk, leather, and much more, you’re sure to find the perfect wall wrap vinyl for your project. Seriously, these are simple and amazing alternatives to expensive materials that might not fit within your budget. It’s shocking how well these architectural films can transform a space!

Digital printing technology allows for virtually anything to be displayed on your walls, desks, or windows. It’s important to work with a graphic designer who knows how to create good vector art. A professional photographer can also be a vital resource to your wall wrap design if you’re interested in displaying photographs or photo-realistic illustrations. The other element to a successful wall wrap is to partner with a professional installer. There’s nothing more frustrating then having yards and yards of vinyl ready to install and then an unforeseen issue arises at the last second! All in all, it’s best to always have a good team to work with.

Wall Wraps from Connecting Signs in Fort Collins, CO

Meeting room wall mural

If you’re stuck looking for a professional and experienced partner to help get your project off the ground, then look no further! Connecting Signs is equipped to help guide you through all of your wall wrap needs. Give us a call today or click here to get started!

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Brushed Metal Door Wrap

Brushed Metal Door Wrap Tuft Construction & Development is in Denver, Colorado.  The company provides preconstruction, construction management, general contracting, and design services to ground-up residential and commercial projects.  Visit their website and as you browse through pictures of their projects, you will be impressed with their creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking. 

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Interior Design Improvement Using Professional Signage

The interior design of a space, whether it’s for a place that people wait, dine or just relax is so important to the efficiency of a business. There are many published studies about how the design of a space can psychologically impact a person.

When you have an inviting place that serves your customer’s subconscious mental needs, the day goes by nice and smooth. Considering how you want customers to feel while they wait or eat is the first step. Innovations in digital printing and vinyl technology have helped maximize the creative potential of a space. Along with printing whatever image you could possibly think of, vinyl comes in a variety of colors, transparencies, and textures allowing for endless options.



Frosted vinyl is less expensive and easier to install than actual etched glass and, sometimes, looks better than etched glass (which is a very difficult medium to work with). Frosted vinyl graphics can have intricate designs die-cut into the vinyl for a unique custom “look”. Frosted vinyl comes in many different finishes. Dusted crystal is a popular finish because it has glitter embedded into the vinyl.

A lobby or a reception area where guests check-in is a great opportunity to showcase your logo in a creative way. Usually these signs are referred to as: Lobby Signs. Colored acrylic is routed into any simple shape or letter and secured using a template directly to the wall. Mixing and matching colors can create an effective effect. LED lights can be installed into the sign and illuminate your brand.

Without a focal point, a space can seem empty and unfinished try interior design with signs. Bold, digitally printed graphics can be printed directly to vinyl, which is then installed onto an interior wall. You can dramatically improve blank wall with vinyl wall graphics. Printed wall graphics are always laminated to ensure longevity and durability. Environmental concerns can be address with non-PVC vinyl, ensuring peace of mind knowing that you’re not polluting the air.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at (970) 493-0133 or via our contact form.

Indoor Signs for Fort Collins Businesses


custom door wraps

Effective signage doesn’t need to be crazy or loud. But when it is, it sure does make a statement! Not all businesses can be cray-cray, but if your business is very social like a bar or brewery, you can let your creative juices flow! If you can imagine it, we can print it! You do have to put a lot of thought into what statement you want to make. With wall graphics or wall murals (especially interior graphics), you have to be aware of how your graphics affect the “look” and “feel” of the space. When designing an interior space, professional designers have a lot to consider. Choosing the furniture, lighting, carpet and many other things really determines how comfortable people feel in the space. Will customers be eating, drinking or relaxing?  Those are also great questions to ask before designing an interior space.

Interior Wall Graphics and business signs in Fort Colllins

custom aluminum letters

Once you’ve got your concept revised and finalized, it’s time to get the ball rolling! Wall graphics and murals are a part of the latest and greatest trends in interior signage. As a sign company with a team of designers and installers, we are the ones who can answer your questions and guide you through the process of designing wall graphics. Even if you don’t have us design your wall graphics, it’s important for us to be included in the conversation. We can help you realize the potential of a space, as well as creating mockups and proofs.

Interior sign graphics

hallway wall murals

Intersect Brewing, the newest craft brewery to open in Fort Collins, came to us to print and install their interior wall graphics. We also had the opportunity to manufacture their interior dimensional letters. They had a great design already ready for printing, so this project was a great success from start to finish. A simple color scheme and a gorgeous typographical layout made for a very effective “look”. Our favorite parts of this project are the creative door wraps with song lyrics on their bathroom doors! If you’re in Fort Collins, make sure you check them out and order their MILK CHOCOLATE STOUT!

Do you need interior signage for your walls? Our team is here to answer your questions! Shoot us an email at or request a quote online here!

Interior Wall Graphics for Sporting Arena


School is officially back in session! We’ve worked with some great schools; from Elementary schools to Collegiate institutions. Colorado State University is one that we’ve established a great relationship with. We were really excited to help them with the new wall and window graphics in the Moby Arena. This arena is where CSU holds their indoor sporting events. It’s also a hub of activity in the Summer. Plenty of eyes are on the athletes, but the walls needed a refreshment of eye-catching graphics!


Digitally printed wall graphics have become more popular over the years, as well as a less expensive alternative to hand-painted murals. The freedom to print whatever you want is also an advantage of digitally printed graphics. The possibilities are endless, but we still have to be aware of the issues involved with wall graphics. The wall itself being one major variables in the process.

When you apply vinyl to painted surfaces, you need to know that some paint dries and cures differently across the spectrum of finishes and brands. Some finishes are not ideal to apply vinyl to, while some assist in the adhesion of the graphic to the surface. Drywall also comes in a variety of textures. If the wall has any texture (an example of this is the “orange peel” finish that is a feature of most indoor walls), then premium vinyl is the only option for ensuring longevity. But, even then, the painted surface below the vinyl needs to have been out-gassed and fully cured. Enamel paint is the best kind of paint for wall graphics, while latex paint needs a lot of time to fully cure. These are the problems that we must always consider when we’re contacted for wall graphics.


There’s also many finishing options for the actual vinyl. The best and most popular finish for wall graphics, is matte or non-gloss. You can apply glossy graphics to an interior wall, but you will have a major glare problem. Unless you specifically request a gloss finish, your graphics will have a matte finish. For a unique look, you can mix the vinyl finishes! There’s so many different options that are available for wall graphics. Contact us today to get your walls customized!


School Wall Graphics for Colorado State University

Wall Graphics, Large Banners and Logo

vinyl banner

Large indoor banners featuring athletes

Colorado State University has a great indoor practice facility that was built in 2009, and they called on us to spruce it up with large format school wall graphics, hanging sports banners, and other custom signage. Schools, colleges, and universities are always looking for ways to show their school spirit, and with the latest technology large format printers they can do it in ways never before possible. Whether it’s impressing prospective student-athletes or making the current students proud to be a part of the school, vibrant wall graphics are great way to go!

oversize banner

UV printed banners in production

Things to consider for a school, college, or university that’s thinking about adding graphics:

  • Budget – It’s very important to have a budget planned out for a project like this. The two main cost components will be the type of graphics (e.g. vinyl wall graphics, window graphics, dimensional letters/logos, and other things such as donor walls, etc.) and the size and type of coverage areas.
  • Placement – High traffic areas are a great place to start, but you might want to make sure certain elements such as vinyl wall graphics aren’t susceptible to damage from prying and picking fingers! Large blank wall spaces in the should be looked at for adding large school logos, which can be accomplished with large oversize banners, vinyl wall graphics,, or dimensional materials.
  • Future updates – Do you want to be able to update school records, victories, or championships? There are many ways to accomplish this with changeable banners, low-tack vinyl patches, or replacement panels.
  • Graphics company – Choosing the right graphics company to partner with is the most important thing to consider before undertaking a large project like this. Here at Connecting Signs, we’ve successfully completed numerous projects for schools and universities, and would be willing to show you examples of everything we’ve done.


    Oversize vinyl banners

It’s always a good time to show your school spirit with large format graphics, whether its the inside of  your school’s gymnasium, atrium, classroom, or a main hallway an existing building – give Connecting Signs a call at 970.481.6175 for a free on-site consultation.  Our staff of graphic designers and project managers are willing to help you every step of the way!

Reception and lobby signs can say a lot about your business

Reception Signs – What do you want your customer to see?

Reception and lobby – The entrance or the first look at a business where the customer or visitor is greeted.  Most businesses have a lobby or reception area.  It is usually where someone waits until their appointment.  Your lobby or reception area can say a lot about your business.

So you’ve got your outdoor sign to your business and it looks awesome and you get loads of compliments and you’re easy to find and that’s all you need – right?  Nope.  Your customers walk in to your business and what do they see?  Or a better question is “What do you want them to see?”

They are already impressed with your outdoor sign.  Bring that impression indoors as well!  We all use first impressions.  When meeting someone for the first time we automatically make a first impression.  Sometimes the impression will make or break a future friendship.  The first impression is something that cannot be changed once it is made.  The same is true for an office, store, reception, or lobby environment.   Give your customers a positive and welcoming feeling when they walk in.

The lobby should reflect a clear and unmistakable image of your company’s specific brand identity.  There are many different and creative ways to create bold, custom graphics for your lobby.  They can be contemporary, rustic, industrial, signs for small spaces or very open spaces.  Whatever your lobby looks like, you must have your business name and logo.  A well designed office or lobby has the same type of theme and color scheme.  Make sure your sign fits in with the rest of the office décor.  Let your lobby work as marketing tool!

There are so many types of indoor lobby signs to choose from.

  • Dimensional letters and logos can be made from aluminum, metal, plastic and are available in any color.
  • Acrylic panels that stand off the wall can be done in clear, etched or frosted or in any color.
  • Wall murals, decals and lettering can be used in many different kinds of reception area and are easy to install.
  • Directional office signs and wayfinding signs are very useful in a lobby.  The designs for these types of signs are endless.  Try using a digital sign to display your information.
  • Indoor routed signs or engraved signs using wood or acrylic look very nice and are usually used for ADA signage.
  • Or make a huge impression with a back-lit sign of your logo and business name!

What do you want your customer to see and feel when they walk into your business? 

  • Welcomed when they do business with a hotel
  • Comfortable when they enter the doctor office or hospital
  • Informed when they walk into a busy office complex
  • Pride when they walk into their kids’ school or day care facility
  • Impressed and ready to do business with you


donor wall display - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Wall Graphics and Donor Wall for Resurrection Christian School in Northern Colorado

donor wall graphics

Show Appreciation with a Donor Wall

Connecting Signs is proud to have partnered with Jonathan Turner and Resurrection Christian School to create a one-of-a-kind donor wall and surrounding wall graphics. The wall graphics are larger than life images of a sampling of sports that the school offers, and the donor wall is in appreciation of the generosity of individuals in the community.

Resurrection Christian School is a college preparatory, private Christian school in Northern Colorado, serving families and students from preschool through 12th grade. They are the largest private school in northern Colorado, and their calling is to train students socially, relationally, and physically.

Wall Graphics to Make a Lasting Impression

As you can tell in the pictures, the wall graphics were applied to concrete block walls. We specialize in designing, printing, and installation for nearly any type of wall, and utilize the latest technology print equipment and 3M vinyl such as IJ480, which is made specifically for this particular application. Wall graphics are exploding in popularity in schools, universities, museums, corporations, and even homes. There’s always plenty of wall space, and whether it’s indoors or outdoors, we’ve got a wall graphics solution for you!

On to the awesome donor wall… It features a custom-fabricated aluminum back panel with a brushed finish. The donor names are accented with frosted vinyl applied 2nd-surface to clear acrylic, and mounted with brushed aluminum standoffs.

The installation was during school hours, so we had many comments from faculty and students on how cool everything looked! The school also held an unveiling event for the wall and uncovered it with a curtain in front of many invited guests. A comment from the RCS Marketing Director afterward was:

It was AMAZING! They were absolutely blown away! A huge hit, great job!!!! Thank you!

Give us a call at 970.493.0133 – we’ll work with you to come up with a custom solution for any wall graphics and/or donor wall project you can think of!

Wall Graphics at Connected Chiropractic

We’ve done several wall vinyl projects, and we thought one of our more recent ones was worth pointing out – especially given some of the comments the company’s customers made.

It’s always cool to be able to make a positive impact on local businesses here in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado!

Connected Chiropractic is located in Johnstown, Colorado. Dr. Brad and his staff offer their customers all the services and benefits of the big-city chiropractic practices, but with a small-town touch. They truly believe in helping keep their customers healthy – as they say “Your Wellness is Our Passion!”

We have done a few projects for Connected Chiropractic, but this was the first one inside their office. They wanted something in their reception area to greet customers when they enter – the simple wall vinyl lettering did the trick! One customer noted on their FB page “This is such a peaceful & beautiful sight to see when we walk in… I love it!”.

One of the tricks was the heavy textured surface, and with all wall vinyl and wall graphics, you always need to expect every job to be unique. With a little extra care (and heat) the wall vinyl went on great – and Tracy (Dr. Brad’s wife) noted: “We so love our new vinyl letters – they really center the clients and remind everyone what they’re in our office to do! Thanks so much”

Wall vinyl is very versatile in any decorating scheme – let the team at Connecting Signs help design, print, cut, and install your business or home custom wall graphics!  Check out some other ideas for your walls at your business, office, home, lobby and more!