The Role of Signs in the Age of COVID-19

With all the changes being enacted because of COVID-19, the role of signs will undoubtedly become much more important as businesses and schools reopen and events (that were postponed) happen. It will take a while for things to go back to “normal”, but until then businesses and organizations will have to take responsibility for informing guests of the various safety precautions being implemented. The following list goes over some of the temporary sign solutions organizations and businesses can utilize to remind their customers to adhere to new guidelines in the age of COVID-19.

wayfinding floor decalFloor Decals to Promote Social Distancing

Since everyone is using their phones and looking down anyway, signs have moved to the floor in the form of floor decals. To promote social distancing, floor decals can be placed in high-traffic areas where guests might wait in line or gather in crowds. Just like any other sign, floor decals must be designed intentionally to ensure that people actually notice them. Selecting easy-to-read typefaces and highly contrasting foreground and background colors is the best way to get a guest’s attention.

Retractable Banners to Designate Important Areas

Retractable banners (usually used for trade show signs) are incredibly useful when you need to get and hold people’s attention. They come in various sizes, but most of them are about three feet wide and go from floor to eye level (or even higher depending on your specific needs). Retractable banners are best used indoors because the banners used in them do not allow for airflow. Retail locations need to clearly designate waiting areas or where a check-out line begins, and retractable banners are the perfect tools to get a guest’s attention.

sanitizing station retractable banner

Be Seen with Outdoor Mesh Banners and Flags

Being located near a busy road presents a challenge when you’re trying to get people to see that your business is open. Outdoor signage like mesh banners and flags are great ways to visually communicate to passing traffic. Whether you’re reopening soon or are trying to encourage customers to order take-out online, big and bold lettering is the way to go. Mesh banners work best when attached to fencing and outdoor flags – or feather flags – provide the most eye-catching “look” because they’re so tall and move elegantly in the wind.

outdoor flags - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

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If you are looking for signs for your business to help direct, inform, and be compliant with local and regional COVID-19 regulations, give Connecting Signs a call at 970-493-0133. We are here to help businesses, big and small, with all their signage needs. Whether you are looking for floor decals to promote social distancing, retractable banners to designate important areas, or to get noticed from the outside with mesh banners and flags, we can do it all!

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Vehicle Graphics – Partial or Full?

// // // // // // Vehicle Graphics – Partial or Full?// //

Vehicle graphics are an incredibly effective way to get your business noticed. However, we’ve had clients come in excited about getting a full wrap on their van, then suffer from “sticker shock” when they hear the price range for a full wrap. Many times the first reaction is to ratchet back to just getting a vehicle magnet or “just some lettering on the doors”.

An economical solution to the full wrap is a partial car wrap to get the look and feel without completely covering every square inch. It’s a great compromise and at a fraction of the cost can be just as impactful as a full wrap. The marketing message you are conveying will be incorporated by our design professionals using the color of your vehicle along with spot graphics or decals strategically placed to finalize your design. With a partial wrap, anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of the vehicle is wrapped.

So how do you decide how much of your vehicle to wrap? Many times, cars and smaller vehicles are better suited for full wraps. However on large work vans and trucks, partial wraps are very easy and look great. One example of a partial, is a ‘back wrap’ on a cargo van which works well since there’s a lot of surface area, and you can do a cool visual effect like walking into a showroom.

Another idea is to just get the back window wrapped with window perf. Just think, every stoplight you’re at the person behind you is “stuck” reading your marketing message about your company. There’s no way to do that with the old-fashioned Fort Collins yellow pages ad!

Lastly, unless the wrap is going to be temporary (like for a one-time promotional event), make sure the highest quality vehicle wrap materials are used. Any trade-offs made here will certainly lead to disappointment later!