Connecting Signs produces the highest possible quality at competitive prices. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction through the entire process. Although, we understand that things can go wrong, we are committed to working with our customers with any problems that arise. Our most common signs have specific warranties which are listed below. Products such as banners stands, outdoor stands, trade show displays come with the vendor warranty and are available per request. Do not hesitate to contact us about any sign warranty or policy question.


Outdoor banners do not have a warranty because they are usually a temporary sign. They will last for 3 to 24 months if outside 24/7 and will last longer if outdoor use is limited. Indoor banners will last indefinitely if cared for properly. Ask us for our procedure document describing how to care and store banners. CoroPlast, FoamCore, temporary job site signs, styrene are also temporary signs.


We laminate all digital printed signage and are warranted against fading for five years. No warranty for prints not laminated.


Warranty – one year for exterior and two years for interior for the following:

  • Paint peeling from backgrounds, edges, lettering, framing, supports and all visible surfaces
  • Fading colors
  • Vinyl peeling, curling, shrinking or cracking
  • Letters/graphics detaching from surfaces
  • Substrates cracking or de-laminating
  • Breaking welds on metal framing, structures and supports when properly installed


(decals & lettering – die-cut vinyl applied to windows or painted surfaces)

  • Two-year warranty with normal use. Covers peeling, excessive fading and cracking
  • Contact us immediately if you notice any cracking, peeling with in the first year
  • One-year warranty with abnormal use (race cars, etc.)
  • Some shrinkage is normal
  • No warranty on metalized film
  • No warranty for improper care. See our document for caring for vehicle wraps


  • Film warranted against excessive fading and discoloration for 1-year on non-vertical surfaces and 2-years on vertical surfaces.
  • 1-year warranty on installation and workmanship (bubbles, peeling, or lifting). Damaged areas will be trimmed back, patched in, or replaced if needed.
  • A typical life expectancy for a vehicle wrap is 3-5 years for vertical exposure, 1-3 years for non-vertical exposure.
  • No warranty for improper care – Click here for care recommendations 
  • No warranty for coverage inside the wheel well, grills or mirrors.
  • No warranty on non-OEM painted surfaces.
  • No warranty for customer-supplied vinyl or materials.
  • No warranty on graphics applied to any low energy plastic (bumpers, fenders, etc)
  • Note: Remove graphic immediately if you notice a rapid color change, darkening, or hairline cracking


  • One-year warranty with proper care
  • Covers fading and peeling
  • The use of flexible magnetic signs on your vehicles should be limited to no more than (2) weeks at a time.
  • You should remove the signs weekly, wash the vehicle and the back of the sign, dry well and re-install completely flat against the surface
  • We are not responsible for the misuse of magnetic signs
  • Magnets should be stored on a flat smooth surface when not in use on your vehicle. See our document for caring for vehicle magnets


  • One-year warranty with proper care
  • Covers peeling, fading, and cracking
  • No warranty on window perf applied to windows that move or slide
  • No warranty on window perf applied to window that has wipers


  • One-year warranty for outdoor signs with proper care
  • Must inspect and periodically reseal or repaint surface and exposed ends of posts or boards
  • No warranty once deterioration starts
  • Five-year warranty for indoor signs with proper care


  • Damage from vandalism or outdoor elements is not covered
  • Graphics installed by the customer are not covered
  • Altering or tampering graphics is not covered

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