Why Floor Graphics Can Help Your Business

COVID-19 has no doubt transformed our lives in many ways. The practice of social distancing has become something that we’re all encouraged to do to stop and slow the spread of COVID-19. One way that businesses and organizations can encourage guests to keep their distance from others is through floor graphics. However, there are many other uses for floor graphics that can help your business advertise and inform customers. The main reason why floor graphics (and any other physical sign) can help your business is that it can help your guests have a better experience.

social distancing floor decalFloor Decals for Social Distancing

Floor decals are perfect for encouraging social distancing because they’re hard to miss! Premium adhesive decals can adhere to just about any surface and, when laminated with textured laminate, can be used in indoor and outdoor settings. Using contrasting colors in the design of social distancing floor decals ensures that they stand out and will be seen by guests.

Directional Floor Graphics for Guiding Visitors and Customers

Supermarkets and grocery stores have narrow isles that make it hard to keep your distance from other shoppers, so many stores have employed the use of directional floor graphics. Simple arrow decals can be installed on the floor to help keep congestion down. Effective floor graphics are laminated with a special non-slip laminate to protect the print from daily cleaning and to ensure that shoppers don’t slip and fall.

Floor Graphics Make Noticeable Advertisements

Floor graphics can be designed as optical illusions which makes them stand out in a big way. If you’re able to get your audience’s attention with a fun illusion like a sinkhole that’s opened up in the middle of a Walmart, then you have a perfect opportunity to make an impression with your brand. Reminder advertisements are all over supermarkets, so achieving a lasting impression with eye-catching floor graphics can help your brand to stand out.

Get Your Floor Graphics from Connecting Signs

If you’re searching for a sign partner to produce your custom floor graphics for directing foot traffic, encouraging social distancing, or for unique advertisements give Connecting Signs a call today at 970-493-0133 or click here to request a fast quote. Connecting Signs is a full-service sign company serving businesses and organizations throughout the nation with high-quality sign products

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