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salon channel letter signExterior dimensional lettering can be installed directly to your building facade and to self-standing signage structures, such as monument signs. Indoor dimensional letters and logos can be installed directly to the wall or mounted to acrylic. Connecting Signs has a variety of options for your custom sign. All of our dimensional options can be custom-made to match your logo shape and color. No matter your budget, your logo or your space, we have exactly what you need.

An Investment for a Brighter Future

Channel Letters are highly customizable and are a good fit for any business that would like to advertise outdoors. They are certainly an investment but they allow you to fulfill your advertising vision and have a maximum impact.

With channel letters, you will be able to show off and promote your brand outdoors day or night, through any weather or storm and do it in a dimensional and professional manner.

Product Benefits

  • Effective permanent signage
  • Front or back-lit illumination
  • Custom fonts or logos
  • Compliments professional branding
  • Adds value to building
  • Informs audience of business
  • Looks great in photos posted to social media


  • Acrylic/plastic
  • Wood
  • High-density foam
  • Aluminum
  • PVC
  • Metal
  • LED illuminated channel letters

Typical Uses For This Product

  • Directional Signs
  • Exterior & Interior Building Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Reception Lobbies
  • Wayfinding Signs

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