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Regulatory signs give information and safety precautions to keep people informed and safe.  These signs are necessary for buildings with public access including, businesses, schools, churches, hospitals, colleges, public areas and construction zones to help identify danger zones, parking spots and more.  ADA and way-finding signs are a part of regulatory signs.

Our team is familiar with safety and ADA regulations and will educate on the what you need to know to be compliant (sizes, locations, colors, matte and non-gloss finishes, etc.).  Way-finding refers to signs that guide people through buildings (maps, directories, etc.).  You must have these signs in your building but they don’t have to be boring.  There are many different options to make these signs attractive and match your current designs.

We use a CNC router to make ADA, way-finding and directional signs which produces consistent, high-quality results.  We will design, fabricate and coordinate the installation of your signs and graphics where ever you are located.

Types of material include:

  • wood
  • aluminum
  • steel
  • plastics/acrylics

Product Benefits

  • Guide people with easy-to-read directories that inform customers & improve traffic flow.
  • Make your business accessible to everyone & comply with ADA standards.
  • Direct traffic, control parking and point visitors in the right direction.
  • Improved quality of visitor and staff experience with a stress free navigation
  • Increased productivity & efficiency for your employees & your visitors.


Typical Uses For This Product

  • Education
    • schools
    • colleges
  • Health Care
    • hosptials
    • assisted living homes
    • memory care homes
  • Hospitality
    • retail
    • restaurants
    • logding
    • hotels
    • motels
    • inns
    • bars
    • bed & breakfasts
  • General Contractors
  • Property Managers

In need of something to help customers reach their destination but want to skip the lengthy direction lists and complicated maps? Enter Wayfinding Signs.

Wayfinding Signs Come In Many Styles

There are many styles you can pick from when deciding on a wayfinding sign that fits you and your company each with their own pros. Some of the styles we at Connecting Sign offer include: 

  • Modular Signs – Highly visible and useful, Modular signs provide easy to understand visual concepts that will let your customers know where to go and/or when they’ve arrived.
  • Cabinet Signs – Highly versatile, these signs can be single faced and mounted on a storefront wall or double sided to be installed on a pole for maximum exposure these are excellent signs for highway restaurants and stops. 
  • Monument Signs – A great way to show brand and image is with a monument sign. These signs are excellent for almost any setting and can be made with stone, wood, concrete and other sturdy materials to not only be highly visible and readable but also be able to endure any storm.

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