All about Environmental Graphics for Schools and Universities

Jan 31, 2020 | Environmental Graphics

The next time you’re in a public space or building, take a look around you. Notice the ways that people are interacting with the interior space and how the interior environmental design aids them while they get to where they need to be. Signage is a major component of environmental design because it’s necessary for guiding the public to their desired destinations. Educational institutions like schools and universities are a good example of an industry that needs effective environmental design. The following will detail the reasons why this is and how to achieve an effective signage plan for the education sector.

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 Suggested Sign Types for a Large Campus

A school or college is a great example of a type of firm that absolutely needs interior signs to help guide foot traffic. A multitude of people will interact with the physical space, so directional (wayfinding) signs are a necessity. ADA room signs including restroom identification signs with braille and tactile lettering are required as well as signs that designate a stairwell or elevator. An overhead sign (suspended from the ceiling) designating important areas of the building could be useful as well when the hallways are packed with students and visibility is low.

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Why Schools Need Effective Signage

Schools are a prime example of a space that is heavily utilized by people who are walking to their next class or appointment. Effective signage is needed to help new people unfamiliar with the building navigate and helps to remind people of where they are in the building. In the unfortunate case of an emergency, signage is extremely important to guide people to safety. If you’re in the planning stages of creating a comprehensive sign schedule, the best way to ensure that the signs will be effective is to keep the wording and designs simple and to-the-point.

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Signage and Environmental Graphics

So far, we’ve gone over the ways that functional and regulatory signage impacts and assists in navigation and informational purposes. However, signage can also be used to showcase and increase brand awareness and recognition with lobby signs and reception area signs. With the numerous options in materials, finishes, textures, and illumination, you’re bound to find something that fits your brand perfectly. Donor recognition wall displays are a very popular way to show your organization’s supporters how much you appreciate their support. Again, there are many options and ways to do this and it’s intuitive enough to realize that the more complex your display is, the more expensive it will be.

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How to Get Started

A great way to get the creative and planning process started for implementing environmental graphics is to contact Connecting Signs, a nationwide, full-service sign company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We love working with local businesses, big and small, as well as general contractors. Click here to request a free consultation and estimate on environmental graphics of all kinds. From ADA-compliant room identification signage to oversized wall graphics, we do it all!

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