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Jan 25, 2017 | Construction Fence Wraps, Exterior Signs, Fence Signs

There is always a lot going on in a busy city like Denver and the surrounding suburbs and construction seems to be the busiest.  It’s everywhere – new buildings, remodeling, home developments, retail, road, schools, restaurants, hotels and more.  New construction is good.  It has a huge impact on the economy by creating many jobs.  New construction also causes a lot of interest in the community.  People want to know what is being built or tore down or information regarding road closures.  People also enjoy knowing that their favorite club, eating place or movie theater is starting construction and when it is scheduled to open.  Using good signage is one way to keep the public informed on construction – site signs, yard signs, and fence signs.

Construction fence signs for large construction areas are one of the best kind of signs to use for these reasons and benefits:

  • Advertise your construction company name and brand. Use a good logo that will be remembered.  Use good colors that contrast well.
  • Advertise other business involved in the build (architect, electricians, engineers, etc.).
  • Give the information about what is being built and a picture of the future building or project.
  • Provides and improves construction site safety; reducing distractions, trespassing, and theft. Keeps debris inside the work site.
  • Good location to use signage (seen by a lot of people, seen often, and uses a large area).
  • Construction can last a long time – make sure your sign is in good condition and the fence. This shows a well-organized and clean company.

Our recommendation to turn an ordinary fence into an attractive, informative sign:

  • 70/30 vinyl mesh is most popular for indoor and outdoor (70% material and 30% holes)
  • 70/30 mesh is durable, lightweight and allows airflow
  • The 30 percent holes are invisible to the naked eye
  • From a few feet, you will see clear, bright custom graphics
  • 30/70 vinyl mesh is recommended only in very windy areas


The mesh material on the left is a “small hole” mesh that offers better image quality because there is more surface area available for printing.

The mesh material on the right is a “standard hole” mesh material that allows more air flow through the material, which puts less stress on your banner.

  • We reinforce hems by double stitching.
  • Grommets are placed every 15 – 18 inches, which secure your banner to the fence with consistent tension – not too saggy – not too tight.
  • Use heavy duty zip ties – easy!

Fence banners, fence wraps or fence covers are a great investment! No matter the size, shape or graphics, we can get your fence looking good, improving your business and getting you more business!

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