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Jun 23, 2017 | Backlit Cabinet Sign, Banners, Etched Vinyl, Wall Graphics

Starting a new business requires good signage to introduce themselves to the community.  New businesses and franchises are what people want to know about it.

Make sure your new custom business signs provide your information with attractive signage that draws attention to your business.  There’s a new fitness business in town that you will be hearing a lot about and the new signs are going to be a part of that.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory is one of the fastest growing fitness franchises around.  Locations are in 44 states and 13 countries and revenue is up over 100% since 2015.  Members wear heart monitors in classes led by trainers who move them through three types of workouts – rowing machines, weights, and treadmills.  Large screens show your stats (heart rate) and what zone you are in – green (easy), orange (target) and red (hard).  Read more

One of their latest locations opened in June in Fort Collins, Co.  Connecting Signs has been working with the owners since early in the year to get ready for the opening.   Doing signs for a franchise involves a lot of work and coordination with the owners and the franchise corporation – correct colors, elements of the logo, sizes, interior signs, exterior signs and getting the approval from the marketing department for all signs at this specific location.

Opening Banners

We started with adding four 4’ x 16’ bright orange banners with information about the opening and a phone number to call.  This is the most important part of this blog so read carefully – the owner immediately started getting calls and signed up over 200 new members 6 weeks before the official opening!  Banners are very good for advertising and getting your information out there!


splat  Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a good logo.  OT has awesome branding – great orange color.  The “O” in orange is called a “splat”, the word “theory” (meaning heart rate monitored training), and the word “fitness” lets you know that it is a gym/exercise type business.  When you see the splat somewhere, you will immediately know what the business is!



There are two exterior signs for each side of the building.  The illuminated custom sign cabinets have many LED lights inside.  The cabinets were installed standing off a mesh aluminum backer panel.  This creates the light coming out of the back side of the sign.  The acrylic letters are pushed into the openings on the cabinet.  The translucent vinyl on the letters are lit from the front creating a “halo effect”.

Window on the entry door has vinyl applied which show the hours of operations.  Specialty etched vinyl is applied to various windows around the facility.  The vinyl is cut on our plotter creating the “splat” logo.  Got lots of windows in your facility?  Spruce them up with your logo or something that would compliment your business.


Printed wall and cut vinyl wall graphics installed in different locations with company quotes and motivational sayings.  Take advantage of all that wall space.  Make sure it is legible with a good font, size and color contrast.

Work out cards for the treadmill workout with the different zones are made from rigid styrene, which will stand up to a lot of wear and tear and sweat!



If you work out, starting a work out routine, or want something new and different with great results, this impressive place should be checked out!  We think the signs are impressive, too.  If four banners can bring in new business, imagine what the new permanent signs will bring in!   Got a new business, or need to spruce up an old, outdated sign?  Whether it’s family owned, small or large business, or a franchise, we can help make the phones ring!!  Give us a call 970-493-0133.  

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