Donor Recognition Sign Styles

May 4, 2021 | Donor Wall, Lobby Signs, Reception Area Signs

Donor Recognition Sign Styles Guaranteed to Show Your Appreciation

Donor recognition is used to honor specific groups or individuals that have contributed to nonprofit organizations helping them to achieve their goals and to support their mission. As an organization that gets support from your fans, you might want to show your appreciation to your dedicated supporters through a stunning interior display. Donor recognition signs fall into the category of interior signs like reception area and lobby signs. Because there are so many options when putting together a donor recognition display, we wanted to go over the general types of recognition signs.

Donor recognition signs come in three styles:

  • Donor recognition walls
  • Donor recognition signs
  • Donor recognition plaques

Donor Recognition Walls

sports team donor wall graphics by connecting signs colorado

Thick acrylic frosted vinyl with black lettering and logo mounted directly on the wall with standoffs.

Names are displayed of all the donors and are displayed on an entrance or lobby wall. These can be made and installed to add more donors if needed.

Donor Recognition Signs

sign with metal letters and wood background

Blue stain pinewood with aluminum lettering and hung with French cleats.

Individual or a list of names can be added to a sign and made from many types of materials and different designs. Wood, aluminum, acrylic, glass, and much more.
aluminum lettering sign

Aluminum lettering mounted directly to the wall.

aluminum lettering on rustic corrugated steel sign

Aluminum lettering mounted to composite aluminum installed on a corrugated steel wall.

Donor Recognition Plaques

Usually, an individual or organization is displayed on acrylic, glass, or wood. Plaques are installed on walls or buildings but can also be given to the donor.
bronze plaque

Multiple elements – bronze sculpture, acrylic with black lettering stood off plaque. Lettering on the wall above donor plaque.

donor wall dimensional letters

Acrylic with black lettering and stood off wall mounted beside the donation

Call Connecting Signs for Your Donor Recognition Display

Clearly, there are many ways to represent donor recognition signs. Use different substrates and other materials to display the donor information. Many different shapes, sizes, and locations of where the signs are used. Donor plaques have improved in style in recent years just like all signs. Designs are eye-catching, appealing, and interesting. That’s what makes our job fun and exciting – no job is alike and everything is very custom.  Give us a call at 970-493-0133 with your ideas for whatever kind of sign you are looking for. From donor recognition signs to tradeshow displays, we’ll take care of you!

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