Durable Outdoor Signs

Oct 13, 2017 | Exterior Signs

Durable outdoor signs in fort colllins colorado

When your outdoor sign needs to be durable, long lasting, no fading, weather resistant, and “graffiti proof”, you need to call us!  We will recommend a remarkable material called Custom High Pressure Laminate for super durable outdoor signs.

One of our services that we offer our customers (new and old) is excellent consultation regarding the type of sign they need and what will work best for their needs.  Learning all we can about durable outdoor sign helps us get you the best solution and help you save money.

  • How long will the sign be needed?
    • If it is only temporary, we will use less expensive material
  • Where will it be located outdoors
    • Weather conditions
    • High traffic
    • Does the sign meet city codes
  • What is on the sign (your message) and will it change
    • Legible (short message, good font, contact information, and what you do should be understood and clear)
    • Will it need to be seen at night (back lit, etc.)
  • How durable will the sign need to be
    • There are many options for good, sturdy signs
  • What is your budget
    • It helps us get you exactly what you need
    • Helps us know you are serious and builds trust

Redeemer Lutheran Church located in Fort Collins, Co constructed a columbarium a few years ago and needed some nice signs for the prayer garden.  The main requirement of the signs would be durability, permanent, and needed to endure all kinds of weather conditions.  The need was for six 8” x 10” signs that would be displayed on pedestals placed throughout the garden.  Our customer’s requirements gave us the information we needed to build the signs.  Custom High Pressure Laminate are panels made with advanced graphic imaging and very durable laminate – perfect for the customer’s durable outdoor signs.  The ½” thick panels for the prayer garden printed beautifully with the church logo and bible verses.

Many other applications for this type of outdoor sign:

  • City, state, and national parks
  • Bike paths
  • Trails
  • Recreation facilities
  • Zoos & amusement parks
  • Murals
  • Outdoor malls

We are here to consult and educate you on the right sign at the right price to meet your needs.  Please call us, (970) 493-0133 for all your outdoor sign solutions.  Or visit our website for a look at other products and services.




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