How to Improve Construction Site Signs

Dec 29, 2020 | construction signs, Safety Signs, site signs

How to Improve Construction Site Signs

Land development and construction sites are popping up in and around Northern Colorado. It’s an exciting thing to know that your community is growing and thriving, but construction sites need effective site signs just like any other business or public space. While there are many ways that contractors and builders are continually improving processes at land development sites, determining the right signs for these building sites can be tricky. Here are some types of signs that are well-suited for the complex needs of a bustling construction site.

Mesh Banner Fence Wrap - Connecting Signs

Surround the Perimeter with Mesh Fence Banners

Construction sites often are surrounded by chain-link fencing which establishes the perimeter of the site and effectively keeps pedestrians from wandering into danger. The fence also acts as an effective way to display safety signs and banners. Regular scrim banners, however, do not allow for air to flow through which can lead to a ruined fencing perimeter. With mesh banners, in even the windiest conditions, you can have effective site signage denoting important communication to your neighbors.

Truck Graphics to Identify Approved Workers

Land development sites usually have lots of work trucks and vehicles that drive around throughout the site performing various jobs. For lots of reasons, construction sites need to be closed to the public so if there is an unmarked vehicle within the worksite, it can cause confusion. Vinyl decals can be utilized to easily brand these vehicles which helps to identify work vehicles as well. You don’t need to go all out with a vehicle wrap (unless you want to!), just simple fleet decals will get the job done.

construction site lot sign

Utilize Durable Temporary Signs for Safety Protocols

Building sites can be unsafe and dangerous for people who are not aware of what is going on. This is especially true for construction sites in large cities where there are almost always people walking around. Along with completing the numerous projects on time and correctly, ensuring a safe working environment is at the top of the list for most general contractors. Obviously, you can’t control other people and whether or not they read safety signage displayed onsite but providing that communication at least shows that your organization is serious about safety.

Dynamic Directional Signs for Last-minute Decisions

This will echo the last paragraph, but building sites are confusing and change every day. There are many deliveries that are being made and unique people who are not familiar with the site visiting every day. With these changing needs, the site signs need to be dynamic and clear when providing directional cues. With magnetic directional arrows and lightweight sign panels, they can be easily moved and rearranged to accommodate whatever direction you need people to follow.

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