Jumpstart your new business with a great sign!

Feb 2, 2015 | Custom Signs

If you’re starting a new business in Fort Collins, and have been thinking, “I need a sign,” you really should get on it right away. Business signs are among the simplest, most effective and cheapest forms of advertising that you can do, from monument signs to channel letters, having company signs created and displayed are essential to your company’s future. They offer unobtrusive advertising for your business, day-in and day-out. Best of all, the sign will last for years to come.

Once you’ve found your business a home of its own, the first thing you need to do–even before you open your doors–is to place advertisement signs outside to alert Fort Collins residents of your presence. You can add an “opening soon” banner to your permanent company sign, to let people know when you’ll open, and to build anticipation.

Tips for Designing Your Business Signs

Let your presence be known to the Fort Collins community with these tips for designing your company sign:

  • Keep the Design Simple- You want to draw people in, not turn them off. A sign that’s too busy or cluttered will reflect poorly on your business. Limit your business signs to your company’s name, tag line, hours of business, phone number and website address.
  • Use Color Wisely- Try to limit your signs–even your lobby signs and reception area signs–to just two or three colors. Using high contrast, yet complementary colors will make them look professional and still allow people to read them from afar. Some colors to consider using are white and blue; yellow and black; and black and white.
  • Keep the Fonts Simple- Keep the letters large and bold so that they can be easily read from a distance. Limit your business signs to just one or two fonts that are legible to those driving past. Script and decorative fonts are generally not a good choice for outdoor company signs.

We know you’re a busy professional, working hard to get your business up and on its feet, so let us help you with your advertisement signs. In addition to signs for the outside of your business, we can do interior lobby signs and reception area signs for your Fort Collins business as well.




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