How to Use Outdoor Sign Frames

Mar 23, 2017 | Exterior Signs, Yard Signs

The most commonly used outdoor sign stands are wire H-Stakes and use coroplast material that the wires slide into.  The need is usually temporary, very easy to set up and transport, and are very inexpensive.  They are great for many applications: yard, garage, and estate sales, directional, information, elections, real estate, open houses, events of all kinds, and more.

But, if you are wanting something more stable and need it to last longer, here are just a few affordable options that might interest you.


Stepper Stake

46” and 48” high

Black or white

Best with currogated plastic

Works with signs 24” and 30” tall

Made of iron steel

Outdoor durability

Coated to prevent rusting extending use

Foot push for easy insertion in the ground

Single sided signage


Metal Sign Frames

H Frames bolt in or slide in

Double or single sided signs

Double or single riders

Durable and long lasting

Easy to change sign

1/4-inch substrate thickness

Standard 24 inch by 18 inch signs

Pointed legs for ground insertion


Vinyl Frames

Includes two 4 inch square posts, 6 to 8 feet in length with top and bottom rails, and caps.  It is important to know that the frames are priced by panel size, and the panel size and the visual space are not the same. The visual space of your sign will slide in to rails, covering about 3 inches from the height and 4 inches from the width.

Easy to change out signs

Comes in white or tan

Optional groundbreaker stakes

Use coroplast or metal substrates

Eight different cap styles to choose from

The frames can be routed for different substrate thicknesses


The outdoor sign stand is a great addition to your marketing plan because there are so many options to fit your budget, to fit your business, and to fit your application.  It doesn’t have to be boring – boring just doesn’t get noticed and remembered!  Give us a call for more information about this versatile sign for all your outdoor needs!  970-493-0133

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