Why You Should Renovate Your Storefront with Digital Signs

Aug 10, 2020 | Digital Signs

Why You Should Renovate Your Storefront with Digital Signs

Traditional printed signage has a place and purpose in a storefront, however, there are lots of reasons why businesses are choosing to go with digital signs. Printed signs and posters are not easily changed and it’s nearly impossible to change your signs up if you need to update guests and customers multiple times throughout the day. The appeal of printed signs is also beginning to trend downwards because they are not easily recyclable or reusable. With digital signs, you can create a custom message to be displayed to guests and they are made to last for years! Here are some examples of digital signs that can be used to upgrade an outdated storefront:

electronic message center monument sign

Streamline the Buying Experience at Convenience Stores

Convenience stores serve around 58 billion customers every year, so the need for dynamic signage within stores is completely necessary. Traditional, printed, signage is not always ideal in a convenience store setting because it’s static and costly to get new signs printed on the fly. The time that customers spend in these stores is not long at all, most want to get in and get out quickly. Digital menus and message boards can display different messages or advertisements at different times during the day so you can stimulate impulse purchases.

convenience store customer

Create an Interactive Retail Experience

Retail buying experiences have always been highly interactive and engaging, but consumer behavior has changed over the years so the retail experience must cater to these new expectations. Customers are highly educated and in a rush to get what they need. Digital signage in a retail setting can attract customers effectively with engaging video walls and creates a streamlined buying experience when it comes time to check-out. Retailers can also provide real-time updates to educate customers on promotions and product information with dynamic digital signage.

retail shopper

Enhance the Environmental Design in Educational Settings

The environmental design of universities and schools need to be conducive to learning and be a comfortable place to work. Communication is key when it comes to helping staff and students navigate the campus. With digital displays, you can create and display messages without any delay. Traditional print media takes some time to design, produce, and install so lots of colleges are updating their environmental signs from static to dynamic and digital.

university college lecture hall

How to Order Your Digital Signs

Making the decision to overhaul your storefront’s signage is a big one, but once you do you will know that you made the right investment. Digital signage can transform your customer’s buying experience into something that they will remember as being simple and easy. After you’ve decided on what kinds of signs you want, give Connecting Signs a call or fill out our quote request form here. When you work with us, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a reputable and trustworthy sign company.

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