Surprising Ways to Use Banners

Jan 20, 2021 | Banners, Digital Printing

Surprising Ways to Use Banners

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Banners are well-known signs that are pretty affordable, fast to produce, and durable enough for temporary use indoors and outdoors. You’re probably used to seeing banners with big lettering advertising a “NOW OPEN” message or something similar. Banners are basic in every way, but you might be surprised by the different ways to use them.

Improve Your Virtual Meetings with a Backdrop Banner

Working from home and participating in virtual meetings have become much more popular in recent times. Presenting yourself in a professional way on a virtual platform can be tricky but it’s possible with an effective backdrop banner. With a tension frame that holds the fabric banner tight and wrinkle-free, your online presence will have an appealing backdrop that will effectively conceal your cluttered home office (no judgment!).

virtual meeting backdrop banner

Tension Frames to Take Care of Wrinkles

One issue that affects banner signs is the effort to keep the sign tight and wrinkle-free. A solution to this problem is utilizing simple aluminum tension frames that hold the edges of the vinyl banner taught and secure. This results in a banner that doesn’t really look like a banner which helps your message stand out and gives your organization a professional appearance.

Mesh Fence Screen for Work Site Privacy

Another type of banner that can be useful for many applications is mesh banner. Mesh banners displayed along chain-link fencing are great for not only advertising but also for privacy. Mesh banner materials come in various levels of coverage (visibility ratio). The mesh material also allows for air to pass through the material which really helps with the longevity of the fence screen.

trade show banners

Effective and Budget-Friendly Tradeshow Graphics

Tradeshow and events of all kinds are important places for businesses to present their offerings. An outdoor event like a 5K race, for example, will have lots of booths set up for participants and visitors to mingle after or during the race. With heavy-duty banner stands to display graphics, an exhibitor can establish a presence where they’re most likely to reach their target market of consumers.

Pole Banners, Tent Graphics, and Step-and-repeat Backdrops

Sometimes it can be surprising to learn about the many applications that banners can be used. Pole banners can be used in many indoor and outdoor applications. Simple vinyl banners can be utilized as “walls” in a canopy tent for a variety of events. Step-and-repeat banners can be used as photo backdrops to reinforce your brand image. There are limits to what banners can achieve, of course, but they are still some of the most versatile and easy signs to produce.

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