Unique Event Flags and Banners That Get Noticed

May 18, 2021 | backdrop display, Banner Stands, Banners, Event Signage, Event signs

Being able to stand out in a busy event like a fundraising race or a music festival is the key to having a successful event where your brand makes an impression upon hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Getting the signage right can be tricky because there are so many effective options out there, so we’re going to highlight some of our favorite types of event flags and banners that might be exactly what you’re looking for!

outdoor event flag

The Basic Event Flag is Anything but Basic

The basic flag that you might imagine is a rectangle-sharped piece of fabric fastened by one side to a pole sticking out of the ground. However basic they might seem, these types of environmental signs can sometimes be a huge factor affecting your patrons’ perception of the space. Enhance everyone’s experience by installing multiple tall, brightly-colored flags along both sides of a walkway or install them on light posts in a parking lot to help designate important areas. With digital printing and dye-sublimation printing techniques, you can have your brand logo or pun patterns printed on your flags.

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 Tension-Fabric Flags Elevate Your Presence

You might be looking for a unique flag that holds some tension so that when the wind blows it around it doesn’t distort your printed branding. That’s completely understandable and there’s a simple solution! Tension flags come in striking shapes that are attached to a flexible post that holds the flag’s shape. They come in custom shapes and sizes, so do some research on what will work for you.

Outdoor Event Tent - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Custom Printed Canopy Tents for Functional Branding

Canopy tents are one of the most versatile types of event signs as they function as a collapsible and portable tent as well as a striking printed graphic. Canopy tents might not be at the forefront of your mind when you think of event flags and banners, but they can function as such if you have limited space. Need a back wall to go with the tent? Vinyl banners attached with grommets work perfectly for that!

Fabric step-and-repeat banner and stand - Connecting Signs

Step-and-repeat Banners Do it All

Nowadays everyone documents what they’re doing and where they are by taking pictures and posting them to social media. If you’re anticipating lots of people to attend your event, you can be pretty assured that they’ll want to have some nice background images for their selfies. Step-and-repeat banners literally do it all because they can act as a backdrop for photos and anything else that will have lots of eyes on it (i.e.: presentations, guest speakers, orientation stage, etc.…).

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