ADA Sign Installation Process

Oct 22, 2015 | ADA, Interior Signs

The new U.S. Army Reserve Readiness and Training Center is located in Windsor, Colorado just a few miles from Connecting Signs.  Last spring the construction was completed on the facility that will be used for a base for part-time soldiers’ once-a-month drills and two-week-long annual training.  The sign company that was hired to create the indoor and outdoor signs for the building is located in Pelham, Georgia.  Installing the signs was not an option for the Georgia-based company because of the distance.  When they called us to see if we would be interested in doing the installation, we accepted because it gives us more experience for indoor and outdoor signs and gets our name out there – more exposure!

Even though we are just doing the installation part of the project, it is still a lot of coordination to get on board of a complex project like this one for the US Army.

Involvement and project management included coordination with the general contractor, the sign company that produced all the signs, and finally the end customer – Army core of engineers.   The interior signs for the building were mostly ADA signs.  Read about the Americans with Disability Act.  When ADA signs are used for the interior of a building, not only are they made according to the ADA standards but they must be installed following the standards.  To be compliant with installation, standards must be followed for the height and location of signs.

The following interior signs were installed:

  • 112 total indoor ADA sign panels
  • Room signs, restroom, directional, exit, room identification, LEED
  • Directory cabinet
  • Rail mounted dimensional letters

The following exterior signs were installed:

  • Two sets – dimensional letters
  • LEED

It is very important to make sure our employees are safe when installing signs inside or outside buildings and especially if we are doing work for a government agency like this one.  Our employees are trained and certified by Osha – 10 which is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration 10 hour Construction Industry Outreach Training Program.  It is intended to provide an entry-level construction worker’s general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards on a construction site.  Our team also attended safety meetings at the site which covered specific safety concerns; mainly common sense be used.

If you’re needing installation of signs, this is another service that Connecting Signs provides.  As you have read, it takes a lot of knowledge, good teamwork and communication because of all the people and jobs involved.  Give us a call at 970-493-0133 and let’s talk about this additional service we offer – installation.

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