Best Types of Signs for Large Construction Sites

Feb 15, 2021 | Construction Site Signs, Mesh Banners, Property Development Signs

Best Types of Signs for Large Construction Sites

If your community is growing and changing, then there’s no doubt that there are lots of large construction sites popping up all around town. It’s exciting to learn that there will be new homes or a new shopping center being constructed which helps the local economy, but while the land is being prepared for these new buildings the public may be confused as to what exactly is going on. For builders who want to ensure that they’re doing their due diligence in informing the public of the project, informative signage is a necessity. Here are some suggestions on the best types of signs for large and busy construction sites to advertise and inform.

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Mesh Banners for Perimeter Fencing

Vinyl banners come in various thicknesses and can be manufactured to fit a variety of purposes. For example, vertical banners with pole pockets on the top and bottom edges of the banner are perfectly suited for parking lot lamps. On a construction site, there will most likely be surrounded by chain-link fencing and a great way to increase privacy and awareness of the project is to wrap the perimeter fencing in mesh banner. Mesh banner allows for effective advertising as well as pretty good airflow to ensure that the banners and fencing don’t blow away in inclement weather.

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Post-and-panel Construction Site Signs

Land development for homes is booming in certain areas of the country and the effort needed to generate interest and attention from future homeowners is of the utmost importance. To compliment paid advertisements and digital mediums, effective signage can aid this effort in a big way. Post-and-panel site signs are the most straight-forward types of site signs yet are necessary to have on the build-site to advertise or direct visitors.

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Feather Flags to Get Attention

Temporary signage is all around us and if you intentionally seek them out (especially in a busy shopping area) you will immediately notice feather flags. Feather flags are great types of signs that get noticed right away because they move and dance in the wind. The fabric flags can be printed in a variety of bright colors (with digital printing we can print literally anything) and with good design choices, your message will be seen in a sea of competition.

Custom Construction Signage to Order

Not all signage (not just construction signage) is easy to get made and with the many changing needs of various situations, lots of situations call for custom solutions. Of course, it’s not easy to move around a solid post-and-panel sign to accommodate your changing needs, so get creative and do your research to see what custom sign options are out there. You can start by contacting us here at Connecting Signs! We will work with you to understand your needs and come up with realistic solutions for your construction site!

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