Box Truck Graphics and Box Truck Wraps are Rolling Billboards

Feb 11, 2015 | Box Truck Graphics

Box Truck Graphics and Box Truck Wraps are Rolling Billboards

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What message does your box truck say to potential customers? There’s plenty of moving companies, contractors, service companies, rental agencies that utilize box trucks – but whether your fleet is a single truck or 50 trucks, you’d be crazy not to utilize that large potential advertisement space on each and every truck! I’ve heard folks say that they’re already spending plenty on Yellow Pages and other forms of marketing, and they just don’t have the budget to do much on their box trucks. Just think for a minute about how many of your potential clients pick up the Yellow Pages… One could say that if your target demographics are age 70+, you should continue to utilize Yellow Pages as a strategic marketing method.

Most small businesses would love to be able to afford a large billboard on a busy highway, but with costs upwards of $3000/mo on a relatively busy road, it probably doesn’t fit most budgets. However, for the same $3000 (probably less) you can create a rolling billboard with box truck graphics, and just like the traditional billboard, it’s working 24/7. And why stop there? Have box truck wraps applied to your entire fleet with an effective, targeted message that will make your brand the most widely recognized of your competition.

It’s time to differentiate yourself from your competitors by partnering with Connecting Signs to create eye-catching box truck graphics, wraps, and decals for your fleet. Whether it’s a logo to reinforce your brand or a full coverage wrap advertisement, box truck fleet graphics will transform your vehicles into mobile advertisements by simply utilizing the assets your business already has. You can be parked on the street or stuck in traffic and your box truck wrap will be noticed. According to a recent study by the American Trucking Association, an incredible 91% of people notice vehicle graphics.

Partnering with the team at Connecting Signs is simple and we’ll guide you through the entire process, making the best choices for your company. We have solutions for temporary promotional graphics, that you can get by with for less money, and multiple selections of premium wrap vinyl if you want the box truck graphics to be more permanent.

Give us a call today – let’s talk rolling billboards!

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