Branded Freestanding Hand Sanitizer Stands

Dec 4, 2020 | Covid-19 Signs, hand sanitizer stands

Branded Freestanding Hand Sanitizer Stands

Keeping employees and guests informed of company protocol when it comes to general hygiene and keeping the shared environment safe has never been more important. Physical signage is a great way to remind everyone to stay on top of keeping their hands washed. However, having guests actually wash their hands with soap and water is not practical in many situations. Freestanding hand sanitizer stands placed in the entrance or lobby area of your business can help to resolve this problem. Ensuring that they’re noticeable and/or reinforce your brand image is another issue that may come up. With branded freestanding hand sanitizer dispensers, these problems become easier to tackle. These hand sanitizer stands are a part of our efforts to promote our line of covid-19 sign solutions.

branded freestanding sanitizer stand

Hands-free Sanitizer Dispenser for Indoor and Outdoor Environments

It’s important that the sanitizer stand is placed in an obvious place where it will be noticed by people entering your building. Your day-to-day needs may change and sometimes the sanitizer stand will need to be placed outdoors as well as indoors. Luckily, these sanitizer stands are built to last in any environment.

Well-designed Printed Graphics Inserts Allow the Message to be Seen

An issue that causes many messages to not be read by the intended audience is that the message does not stand out well enough. Understanding good graphic design principles are important when you’re planning on getting signage made. For hand sanitizer stands that have changeable printed graphics included in the stand, that issue can lead to lots of people not following your company’s disinfecting protocols.

Various Customizable Options for an Ever-changing World

In these wild times, it seems like “best practices” are shifting day by day. Businesses are doing their best to keep up and to keep customers informed of changes. With a customizable changeable insert accessory on your sanitizing stand, you can easily adapt your sign in real-time if needed. For an outdoor solution, the sanitizing stand must be heavy-duty to withstand inclement weather.

salon sanitizing stand

How to Order Your Sanitizer Stand

If you’re looking to get a freestanding hand sanitizer stand for your organization or just have questions about pricing and quantity discounts, give Connecting Signs a call today or click here to request a quote. Click here for a downloadable brochure with more information.

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