Colorado Construction Signs

Feb 13, 2015 | Construction Site Signs, Road Construction Signs

Windy roads and snow covered highways make driving in Colorado treacherous for even the most experienced drivers.  However, when normal traffic conditions are combined with road construction, safety becomes even more important.  For construction companies, proper signage warning of the upcoming obstacle or work being done is crucial.  Not only do construction traffic signs prepare motorists to drive cautiously, but also they help keep workers safe.

Importance of Construction Signs Colorado:

Given that roadside construction sites are home to numerous heavy machines, areas of debris and many workers it is important to have roadside signs warning motorists of work being done. Signs should be placed close enough to the construction work so that drivers have time to slow down, but not so far away that motorists continue to drive too fast.  In addition to signs, construction barricades can be utilized to warn drivers that a lane change is needed. Whether it is a sign, barricade or cone these items are usually a bright orange and have text that alert drivers of “men at work” or “construction zone ahead.”

The Function of Roadside Construction Signs:

Roadside construction signs give important information to drivers.  These signs serve to warn drivers of construction zones, upcoming hazards and other pertinent information.  Here are some of the functions that these signs provide motorists:

  • Warn drivers to decrease speed
  • Alert motorists to any lane closures or detours
  • Signify the presence of a work zone to motorists
  • Prepare drivers for any road defects and driving hazards
Work Zone Safety Statistics:

In 2010, the Department of Transportation reported that there were 87,606 crashes in work zones.  Although the majority of these accidents do not result in fatalities, many motorists and construction workers are injured on a yearly basis.  Given that nearly 50% of the accidents were rear-end collisions, this implies that drivers either do not have adequate notice of an upcoming construction site or fail to pay attention to the vehicle in front of them. Regardless of the cause of the accident, these incidents only further the importance of having adequate placement of roadside construction signs.

Colorado Floods of 2013:

The catastrophic flooding along Colorado’s Front Range has resulted in a lot of road construction.  Signs needed for the road repairs are crucial to motorists and the safety of construction workers as this work goes on for the next several months.  Call us at Connecting Signs for any type of construction traffic signs for Colorado road work.

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