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Sep 16, 2016 | Fleet Vehicle Graphics, Transit Van Graphics, Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

The working relationship we have with The Feet, Inc. as well as many other businesses with fleet vehicles is always very good partnerships.

Fleet customers are the ones you work with the most – installing, removing, traveling to their facility, getting vehicle decals or wraps ready for a new and different vehicle and list goes on!  The Feet has a huge fleet of delivery vehicles including: compact cars, transit vans, cargo vans, and box trucks. It’s vital to their business to been seen on the road because their main form of advertising is through vehicle graphics. To keep their message clear, they have a simple design with their basic contact information (phone number, website), as well as their branding. Branding involves many things; (obviously) the logo, the font choice, and colors. Their brand’s color scheme is a very effective one too! Purple and yellow are two contrasting colors that, when placed next to each other, actually make the other one brighter and more noticeable.

For a fleet of vehicles, if you want to solidify your brand’s message and engage your potential customers, it’s very important to have simple, clear and effective graphics on your vehicles. For longevity, it’s best to apply the design to the actual body of the vehicle. Having graphics on windows is not a bad thing, though! A great approach is to actually have graphics on both the vehicle body and windows. The window vinyl might not last as long as the vinyl on the body.

Whether you have one company vehicle or a fleet of a hundred vans, you will want the world to know you’re out there and that you provide a needed service. We can attest to the effectiveness of our own business vehicles wraps and graphics because we get calls and emails, at least once a week, from people who want to know more.  Want to get more calls and emails for your business?  Just give us a call 970-493-0133!



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