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Jul 20, 2016 | Vehicle Graphics and Wraps


Back when we first opened (June 2012!), STYLE magazine’s very own Lydia Dody contacted us to come up with a fun and eye-catching vehicle wrap for their 2008 HHR. We were very excited to have the opportunity to work with such a well-known magazine publisher in Fort Collins, CO! Well, as some things go in this industry, it was a very slow-moving process. This project was all but scrapped in the last year or two. Fast forward to spring 2016, Lydia called and wanted to re-visit the design and move forward with the HHR vehicle wrap! We were so excited to finally get this going! Our in-house designer, Lindsay took charge of the graphics and worked with their designers to come up with the design.

The awesome design team at STYLE made the process of finalizing a design really easy. They had already done their research and came up with a design that they really liked. This helps us so much when we are approached to come up with a custom design from scratch. They wanted the finished HHR vehicle wrap to showcase their brand with bright, vibrant colors. We dove right into the design, and we were able to get it finalized in just a few revisions!

The final design is simple, bright and eye-catching. It really does compliment the STYLE magazine brand. Since their first publication, STYLE magazine has been a staple in northern Colorado. With thousands of readers, they are a great company to pair up with for print advertising. However, recently they have branched out and created another magazine: NOCO Wellness. They wanted to showcase both magazines on each side of the vehicle. We took the logos from both publications and used them to create the background pattern with a bright and colorful gradient. The sides don’t have any other information on them other than the logos, which is a bold choice! The rear design, however, does have their website and tagline information.

The sign industry considers the Chevy HHR a very difficult vehicle to wrap. The unique curves around the front and rear fenders make the installation very challenging. The bumpers on the HHR are also one-of-a-kind and prove to be very hard to cover.  The installation was a little tricky for our installer, Josh. Lucky for us he had done a HHR vehicle wrap before and he knew what he was up against!

The original color of the vehicle was a metallic silver and we wrapped over all surfaces (not including the roof). The side and rear windows have perforated window vinyl applied to them. To make the bumpers easier, they were wrapped with 3M 1080 Gloss Black film. The sides were printed on 3M IJ180cV3 and laminated in gloss for a clean finish.  Our HP printer did a great job capturing the bright colors our customer was wanting!

We’ve wrapped a lot of vehicles since June of 2012, and we have learned a lot of tricks and techniques. Which makes us specialists in the industry – Connecting Signs is your first choice for vehicle wrapping!
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