How to Grow Your Business with a Vehicle Wrap

Jan 13, 2021 | Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

How to Grow Your Business with a Vehicle Wrap

Any business can get their vehicles wrapped (and they should!), but the big question is: How to grow a business with a vehicle wrap? Yes, a wrap is an investment of money, but it needs to be a strategic decision for your business. Having a plan set in place on how you will make your vehicle wrap work for you is the first step. Look at your business’s marketing plan and understand your customer’s behavior. Go from there to best determine how to make your wrap work for you!

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Do Some Research About Vehicle Wraps

Before you take the step to get a vehicle wrapped, research as much as you can about advertising with a vehicle wrap. Shop around for price, experienced installers, and visit the sign companies’ website and look at reviews. Ask questions about the following:

  • Type of vinyl and laminate (cast or calendered)
  • What type of wrap – full, partial, decals, window perf
  • Condition of your vehicle and condition of the exterior body. There must be no rust showing on the wrappable area and a vehicle wrap will not cover up dents or scratches
  • Discounts for fleet vehicle wraps
  • Installation – Work with an experienced car wrap installer
  • Care of wrap – Do not wax or power wash your vehicle wrap
  • Best practices for longevity
  • Removal costs

Work with an Experienced Graphic Designer

Designing a vehicle wrap is no walk in the park. If you think you can prepare a design for a vehicle wrap in Microsoft Word, you’re going to have a very bad time. Take advantage of working with an experienced graphic designer or a professional sign company to ensure that your graphics are of the highest quality. This is obviously an additional cost that will need to be taken into account when you’re setting your vehicle wrap budget. The cost of a vehicle wrap design and file management varies, but don’t cut the corners on this aspect of a vehicle wrap project – otherwise, you could be paying twice for design services.

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Tips for Getting Your Wrap Noticed

After your vehicle has been wrapped, there are some things you can do to help the wrap do its job. Most of the time, the vehicle will be doing the job of advertising for you – one of the best things about vehicle wrapping!

  • Park in front of your business or in an area highly visible to traffic
  • Figure out where your intended audience shops at and/or spends time and park your wrapped vehicle there
  • Drive around busy cities or metropolitan areas
  • Drive on streets rather than highways or interstates (slower speed limit)

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