How to make an impact with a lobby sign

Apr 5, 2018 | Interior Signs, Lobby Signs

How to Make an Impact with a Lobby Sign

For any business that has an area for customers and employees to relax or wait or even work, the space in which these things occur should be well-thought-out and intentionally designed. The lighting, furniture, wall color, background noise, and signage are all important ingredients that are necessary to achieve the ultimate waiting area. A lobby sign is an element to this mix that is vitally important; it is the focal point of the space. There are many instances where a successful reception area sign becomes the background to a group photo. A photo with your sign in the background is like free publicity when it’s circulated around social media. How do you make something like a lobby sign stand out? Here are some ideas that will hopefully inspire your creative lobby sign:

InteriorLobbySign Interior Lobby Signs

Layered Lobby Sign

Layering contrasting materials is a unique way to showcase your brand. Substrates that contrast in color and texture are the best to use. Keep in mind the kinds of colors that help each other “stand out”. Smooth acrylic letters mounted with stand-offs are a fun way to add extra depth with the shadow that is cast from the standoff letters. Don’t be afraid to go to extremes!

Brushed Metal Letters & Logo Sign Brushed Metal Letters & Logo Sign

Standalone letters or logo

This is the simplest way to create a lasting impact. Letters can be routed out and installed directly to a wall. A paper template is used for final placement and then the pieces are mounted to the wall. Want to make an even bigger impact? LED lighting can be installed within the returns of acrylic letters for an illuminated halo effect.

Brushed Metal Lobby Desk Sign Brushed Metal Lobby Desk Sign

Reception Desk Sign

Sometimes the back wall is not the best for a lobby sign. Take advantage of a large reception area desk and install your sign on the face of it. Just because your lobby sign is installed on a desk doesn’t mean you can’t have the fun features of a wall-mounted lobby sign. LED lighting and layered materials can be installed on a reception desk too!

Obviously, there are a lot of different options and custom signs are always a big undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be! Partnering with a trustworthy and professional sign company is key. Send us an email or give us a call today to get your one-of-a-kind lobby sign project started today!


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