Without Directional and Wayfinding Signs, You’re Lost!

Feb 17, 2015 | Directional Signs, Wayfinding Signs

It’s easy to take wayfinding signs for granted, especially when you’re familiar with your surroundings. They seem to be just about everywhere. However, just because there are a lot of them, it doesn’t decrease the importance or impact of each.

Let’s take a light-hearted look at signs that starts with an imaginary flight landing in a city you’ve never been to, renting a car, and checking into your hotel room. On our imaginary trip, we will be going to Fort Collins, Colorado!

Wayfinding Signs On the Plane

We begin as you arrive at the Denver Airport. The first wayfinding signs you’ll probably notice will be to fasten your seat belt that will dim as the plane taxies to a stop. Next, you will be locating the exit sign.

Navigating Through the Airport

In the airport, you look for wayfinding signs that will tell you where to pick up your luggage, probably where the restroom is and where to get your rent-a-car. Even at the rent-a-car area there will be business signs with logos of multiple car companies and signs instructing you where to stand in line and where to get your car.

Directional Highway Signs

Once you receive your rent-a-car, you will locate the parking lot exit and the right way to Fort Collins signs. On the road, your eyes will be focused on wayfinding signs to Fort Collins. There will also be signs for restaurants, places to stay, and event banners promoting things to do in Ft. Collins. You’ll likely scan signs promoting sales in the area, and maybe even the time and temperature.

Wayfinding in the Hotel

Signs will direct you into the hotel parking lot and registration area. You will most likely find ADA signs along with a lobby sign. After checking in, you will locate the elevator or staircase sign, perhaps while you pass the sign for the pool and gym. Then there’s the sign directing you toward your room and finally the room number sign! Each sign connecting you from plane to car, to hotel.

Now imagine this same trip from the airport to the hotel, without signs.

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