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Oct 25, 2016 | Custom Signs, Directional Signs, Exterior Signs

Redeemer Outdoor Directional Signs

Directional and wayfinding signs are a must for many types of businesses and public buildings.  When you enter a new building, you want clear, understandable directions for where you need to go.  Just as important, are the exterior or outdoor directions of the building assisting where you need to enter.  This type of sign is not just another job, it is a project.  It requires a lot of thought, communication and involvement from the client and the sign company.  The following lists indicate topics that we think should be talked about before starting production of the signs:

Outdoor directional signs should be:

  • Easy, fast and clear directions
  • Good contrast in color usage
  • Simple – only a few lines of information
  • A good first impression
  • Located correctly

The design of an effective, outdoor directional sign needs:

  • Design through the eye of the visitor
  • Ties both outdoors and indoor locations together
  • Understand the building, sidewalks, parking lot
  • Include as many people needed in the organization for input
  • Include branded elements
  • Incorporate any logos and company colors
  • Understand the client’s objectives and goals
  • Understand code reviews, plans and reviews, site visits
  • Design with future changes and expansion in mind
  • Consider illumination
  • Need for a double-sided sign

A good example of exterior or outdoor directional signs is for a church.  Churches get many first-time and returning visitors and they also get supplies from many different types of delivery services.  For a church, these 2 types of “callers” are the main purpose for a good exterior or outdoor directional sign system.

Redeemer Lutheran Church, located in Fort Collins, Co is a growing beautiful church!  The staff at Redeemer was in the market for new outdoor directional signs.  The before pictures below shows the existing signs.  They wanted new updated signs – double sided, better locations, sturdy and durable, attractive, incorporating colors and logo used on the interior of the church, and illumination (for early and late services).



After many meetings and discussions, the new, custom outdoor directional signs were installed.

They were fabricated using extruded aluminum with reverse-routed faces. The faces are backed with white acrylic to allow the LED-powered illumination to shine through and giving direction in low light and dark. Entire cabinet has a baked-on painted finish in PMS-match color.  The signs are set in concrete and we added a “mow strip” around the base of the signs to prevent damage from the lawn maintenance folks.  The faces are removable if service is ever needed to the signs.

We worked with the church to simplify which wayfinding directions the signs should have on them (minimize the amount of information).  We also helped the church emphasize on what the first-time visitors, and delivery people would need directions to.

The finished product seen below shows a huge difference between the old and new and will make finding the correct entrance a lot easier for visitors of all kinds.

Truly beautiful signs that incorporate many good features producing an overall well thought-out sign system!  Good work by both teams – our client and our designers!

Look outside your business or building.  Are your customers finding you???  Invest in a good directional sign that your customers will thank you for – what’s better than that?!  Remember the interior of your building needs the same type of attention to assist your customers and visitors through the building.  We can help with that, too!  CALL US 970-493-0133

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