Pole Banners Reach New Heights

Apr 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

What is so special about pole banners? At Connecting Signs, we think pole banners are a good choice for any business because they stand out! Pole banners are displayed high on light poles and can add color and eye-catching designs to an outdoor location. One of the main things we focus on with any sign is can it be seen and understood. If a pole banner is designed good it can be seen from a distance, whether driving or walking. What you add to the banner is important so that the information is useful. Our team of designers can help with this part of purchasing pole banners. Keep wording simple and short. For example, use the name of an event and the date only. Pole banners can also be designed only with graphics. For example, use season or holiday graphics.


  • Last for years
  • Durable material will not fade or get damaged
  • Easily seen from a distance
  • Add aesthetics to any location
  • Custom design


  • Outdoor
  • Advertising
  • Direction
  • Information
  • Holidays
  • Seasons
  • Events

Who should use pole banners

  • Small towns (main street)
  • Outdoor malls
  • Churches (parking lots)
  • Hospitals
  • Universities


  • Connecting Signs recommends long lasting vinyl banners which have many different options. Common weights used are 10oz, 12, oz, 13 oz, 15oz and 18oz. The heavier the weight, the more opaque, durable and wind resistant the banner. Blockout banners can be printed on both sides. Our printer prints high quality, full color images producing great results on this material.

Hardware for Install (Not always needed, but we can get it)

  • Poles – These are inserted in 2 “pole pockets hemmed on the top and bottom of the pole banner. The poles are made of fiberglass to withstand long-term use and have end caps to prevent the banner from getting blown off.
  • Brackets – These are a pair of rust-resistant mounting hardware with pins and screws to secure the poles and zip ties.
  • Steel Bands – These are two pairs of rust-resistant bands used to attach the brackets to the street pole.

Pole Banners

  • The average heights of light poles are 12′, 16′ or 20′
  • Small decorative light poles are 18” x 36” size banners
  • Standard commercial light poles and/or utility poles are 24” x 48” up to 30” x 96” size banners
  • Our company bucket truck has no problem installing this high signage

This is the time of the year where we spend more time outside in our communities. Pole banners will get the attention of lots of people. Call us with all your questions about this unique banner. Our team can help with every step when purchasing this signage.

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