The Versatility of Magnetic Glass Boards

Apr 17, 2020 | Environmental Graphics, Uncategorized

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We are all familiar with the many uses of a whiteboard. They are the perfect tool to jot down notes, sketch quick diagrams, list out objectives, and many other uses. In fact, every school, hospital, shared office space, and conference room should have a magnetic whiteboard to better enhance class sessions and meetings all over the world! The following list goes over some of the ways that whiteboards have changed since the old-school green chalkboard as well as how to enhance a glass whiteboard for functionality. If you’re looking for high quality, professional, a custom magnetic glass board for your team meetings or class sessions, click here to request a free and fast quote! Connecting Signs has provided high quality signs and graphics for universities and corporate offices across the nation and we’d love to connect with you on your next sign project!

The Evolution of the Whiteboard

When you think of a classic drawing board, you might be reminded of a blackboard or chalkboard. These wall-mounted drawing boards were originally used in classrooms and universities. The great thing about the classic blackboard is that a professor or teacher could teach their lesson and simultaneously write their main points on the board behind them while students could easily take notes and listen with ease. However, the classic chalkboard does have some disadvantages like the dust produced by chalk sticks and the fact that the chalk sticks shrink over time and become difficult to use. The whiteboard became widely used by schools in the 1990s due to concerns about chalk dust allergies. These sleek, optimally smooth, versatile tools became a necessary component to meeting rooms, classrooms, and offices around the country. Original whiteboards were heavy boards of enameled steel. With the development of modern acrylic and tempered glass, magnetic glass whiteboards have become a standalone accent of the modern collaboration space. 

Ways to Customize Magnetic Glass Boards

Magnetic glass boards stand out from the classic whiteboard in a few important ways. The tempered glass that is used for these office accessories creates a sleek and professional aspect. Magnetic glass boards differ from whiteboards in that they do not have to be white! With digital printing capabilities, an attractive design can be printed on the steel backer which can provide the space with a striking focal point. Functionality can also be the focus with magnetic glass boards when printed with a calendar template or a grid for consistent note taking. Some whiteboards, over a period of time, will begin to retain marker marks even after they’ve been erased over and over again. However, with magnetic glass boards, the smooth tempered glass allows for indefinite use.

Where to Use Magnetic Glass Boards

There are lots of industries that could benefit greatly from the use of custom magnetic glass boards. In corporate settings, magnetic glass boards printed with encouraging words or even the company mission statement is a great way to showcase company values. Doctors offices and dentist offices could use a custom calendar dry-erase board for managing client appointments. In retail settings, an inventory list printed on a magnetic glass board could assist team meetings before the work day starts. In the education sector, custom magnetic glass boards with the school logo or mascot bolsters school pride. Wherever there is collaboration, there is a need for notes to be captured on the fly. Scraps of paper tend to quickly become disorganized and confusing to review after a meeting. With magnetic glass boards, a meeting becomes more meaningful and easier for the participants to process. 

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