Tips to make vehicle graphics more effective

Feb 2, 2015 | Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Vehicle wraps work effectively to advertise any business but are particularly important for businesses that dispatch vehicles as part of their service. Repeatedly seeing a vehicle from a particular company shows that company’s service area extend to the vicinity where the vehicle was seen and, if seen often enough, that the business is successful. To receive maximize results when utilizing vehicle wraps keep these tips in mind.

yellow and black truck graphics

Sell the Brand

The point of branding is to create a shortcut into the consumer’s subconscious and a positive emotional response. Nowhere is this more important than when dealing with vehicle graphics design. Unless you are the only one selling a particular product or service, you most concentrate on selling the brand and not the product.

Logo’s Yes, Photo’s… maybe not.

A logo identifies your business; a photo attempts to identify the product but is not always successful. Vehicle wrap design featuring a picture of a dog might indicate vehicles owned by a veterinary service, dog breeders or dog groomers. While a picture might be worth a thousand words, what good does that do an advertiser if the thousand words are misleading.
landscape fleet vehicle graphics

Keep the Message Simple

Good vehicle graphics design says only what is necessary. Although van wraps & truck wraps offer more space than do Car wraps they do not give drivers much more time to absorb the message and the added space is better utilized making the message bigger and not more complex.

hvac company van wrap

Stand Out, Do Not Overwhelm

Bright colors are good but diamond plate, carbon fiber, bevels, and glows, while striking, can distract from the message. Remember you want drivers to absorb the message and not be overwhelmed by the vehicle wrap design.

Final design thoughts on vehicle graphics:

  • Make message simple and direct
  • Don’t neglect the back of the vehicle
  • Make van, truck, or car wraps grab attention without overwhelming the senses




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