Trade Shows – The Best Face-To-Face Meeting

Feb 13, 2015 | Trade Show Displays

One of the best and most meaningful ways to connect is a little old fashion:  FACE-TO-FACE

Would you rather do this:

Or this:

In business, one of the best face-to-face interactions is at a trade show. According to surveys from leading business publications, involvement in trade shows and other “in-person” gatherings is very important for increasing sales, maintaining current customers and getting new customers. In this world of connecting with each other through technology (email, tweeter, facebook, etc.), there still is nothing like meeting face to face with someone.  Not only for generating more business, but your interaction with business partners and co-workers.  Things get accomplished, problems get solved, and quicker; who wouldn’t want that???

According to the Wall Street Journal, even in tough economic times, participating in trade shows is one of the smartest things a business owner can do.  The newspaper goes on to say that trade shows provide critical exposure to potential buyers and are essential for learning about unfamiliar markets, building personal relationships and getting an up-close look at the competition.Corporate executives and business travelers surveyed estimate that 28% of current business would be loss without face-to-face meetings.  And, 5-20% of their new customers were from trade show involvement.  If you work at home, it is even more important to get out and be face-to-face with others.
There are many reasons why trade shows have been effective for companies of all sizes for the past 80 years. Face-to-face marketing accelerates the sales cycle and still represents the best dollar-for-dollar value versus other competing media/marketing vehicles.20 Reasons Why Tradeshow displays work for the Exhibitor: Trade shows provide Exhibitors with the opportunity to meet clients & prospects & decision makers face-to-face to:

  1. Generate leads & drive incremental sales
  2. Solidify relationships with current customers
  3. Establish relationships with prospects, key target markets & the media
  4. Shorten the sales cycle
  5. Introduce & promote new products to a new or existing market
  6. Enhance brand & product visibility
  7. Educate & demonstrate new uses for existing products
  8. Obtain feedback on new & existing products
  9. Learn the latest industry trends
  10. Gain competitors insight
  11. Conduct competitor & market research
  12. Network with key industry contacts and key opinion leaders
  13. Learn more about the industry they support
  14. Have a presence in the industry
  15. Gain exposure in new markets
  16. Find personnel to grow your company
  17. Build sales force moral & foster camaraderie
  18. Demonstrate your commitment to a marketplace and your clients
  19. Identify new business opportunities
  20. Reinforce and test marketing strategies
10 Reasons Why Tradeshows Work for the Attendee:
Tradeshows provide Attendees with the opportunity to:
  1. Purchase products at discounted prices
  2. Conduct research to ensure you make the best purchase decision
  3. Establish relationships with key vendors
  4. Learn latest industry trends & technologies
  5. Gain insight into what others in your industry are purchasing & why
  6. Learn from industry key opinion leaders
  7. Discover new products
  8. Compare competitive products side by side
  9. Meet the people only known previously via phone/email
  10. Have the chance to use a product before purchase

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